Mad Science Occasion Concepts

The ScientistMeet the Scientist is a element activity of LifeLab, an progressive educational intervention being piloted in Southampton, aiming to improve younger people’s health and inspire an curiosity in science. Why do ICAR has downgraded its own Scientists giving them lower designation (Scientist) than College & Universities’ Associate Professors (after sixth pay revision). ICAR Scientists shall be at loss of at least 3 years if they turns into eligible for PS serving three years in PB IV with RGP 9000/- after award of Ph.D. They may even develop into Junior to Affiliate Professors in case of lateral movement from UGC to ICAR system when both are ruled by UGC pay bundle. ICAR Scientists could get justice from the court in case ICAR doesn’t resolve the anomaly.

And talking of hairdos, the latest touchdown of the rover, Curiosity, on Mars has put one of the scientists at NASA in the highlight together with his curly mohawk. A preferred YouTube video of creative actors portrayed as NASA scientists celebrating the successful touchdown of Curiosity to the favored hit tune of LMFAO Sexy and I Know It”. The title of the video parody is We’re NASA and We Know It”. The video depicts how cool it is to be a scientist. Check it out.

The Developer, or translational, Scientist uses the data generated by others and transforms it into one thing that society can use. They is perhaps growing products or services, ideas that change behaviour, improvements in health care and medicines, or the appliance of current technology in new settings. I considered ecoming a scientist several occasions but I did not have sufficient school.

A narrative was in circulation during Rajiv Gandhi regime. Individuals tried to seize some advantages on account of Ph.D. However, Rajiv Gandhi (then PM) refused it saying it’ll demoralize Scientists and create discrimination. ZDuring Rajiv’s regime such ingredient could not succeed however they got it carried out after Rajiv’s loss of life. Nevertheless, this modification of coverage is alleged to hurt work culture in universities and ICAR both.

Nice lens – I’m a scientist and love the whole mad scientist theme. Critically, I have colleagues who are like this on a normal day. Suspenders are de riguer, as is the loopy hair. Dear Dr A K Singh, I’ve inserted to your comfort the round for increment above in this hub. Wires and tubing might be wrapped across the bottles to appear like an experiment in progress. Hardware stores carry clear plastic tubing that’s cheap.