Implant Type – Advantages and Disadvantages

Before you do the implant, you’ll be looking for the type and price of the implant prices. I researched and found that there are many kinds of intestines. I think there are disadvantages, too.

 As it becomes a part of my body that transplants to the gum bone, I think it would be better to do it with the best fit rather than just looking for something cheap (implants are usually between 10 and 30 years old because they are not permanent). 

 Good implants can be determined by what materials are made of a screw, connecting column, and crown artificial teeth, how well the product is stable, and whether there are any side effects.

 The types of implants are largely divided into imported and domestic products.

 Imported products are not necessarily good, but first of all, they have longer clinical results than Korea, so they can be used for a long time due to high stability and have fewer side effects, but recently, dentists say that there is no big difference. When doctors say different things, they don’t know what to believe. Let’s find out together!

 Top 3 Implants in the World

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 The imported Brenemak, Strauman, and Astra are known as the world’s top three implants. This is because the products of Ostem, Dentium, Dio, Neo, and Magazine, which are time implant companies, are based on the base of these three companies.

 The price of implants is expensive, but it is a matter of consideration that they are good as they are expensive.

 Imported Implants

 Breneman implant

 The company that made implants for the first time in the world has the longest clinical results, which is said to be excellent in safety. It’s a Swedish company. Immediately after opening, it is said to be the most suitable implant for implantation. It’s a product that has a good fixation on soft bones.

 There are two methods: the external and the internal. The external method is a method that was used in the past, so it is very rare, but it is known that dentists are increasingly avoiding it because it is reported that gum bone loss is being reported in about 20 years. They rarely use it now, and now they’re using the Internal method.

 They say that they are somewhat shunned in Korea these days in terms of high prices and design.

 Strauman Implants

 The advantage of ‘Roxolid’, a Strauman implant, is that it is safe to have thin floss. It is produced by combining zirconium and titanium and has excellent biocompatibility and long-term stability. It is said to be more than 80% stronger than pure titanium. The surface is also known to be highly Osteo-convergent because it is manufactured in an SLA-active manner.

 If the interdental space is narrow or the width of the cistern bone is narrow, additional procedures such as osteotomy were needed before, but “Roxolid” is a product that improves these shortcomings.

 Astra implant

 It is said to be a luxury brand in Sweden, the home of implants. Astra implants prevent denticle loss by distributing fine screw pressure and maximize contact with the bone by forming nanometer-wise roughness, reducing the healing period to one-third. It also uses precision engineering to block bacterial infiltration.

Local Implants

 Ostem implant

 It’s a very familiar product from the company. It’s a product that’s been advertised so much that Koreans think of Ostem when they think of implants, and the price is about 1 million won per product.

 DIO Implants

 It is not known to the general public because it does not advertise much, but dentists use it a lot. The price is cheaper than Ostem, so it can be treated at around 800,000 won. D.O. recently applied 3D printing technology to ensure error-free implantation, enabling implantation at more precise locations and angles. This is called the “Dionabi” procedure, and the advantage is that the number of visits is much lower than the normal implant process.

 Implant beam from July 2016. The test has been lowered to 65 years old. That’s how much more people are interested in the treatment. Implants are one of the treatments that can be helpful if you receive them when you lose your teeth, such as front teeth or molars, or if you lose your dental function. Most of Korea has long preferred imported implants. In fact, imported implants used to be safer and more reliable than domestic implants, but these days, domestic implants are accumulated as much data and technology are not inferior to imports.

 Then what kind of implants are there in Korea? Today, I would like to tell you about the type of implant in Korea to help those who are worried about it.

 * Know and choose the type of implant in Korea

 1. Ostem implant

 This is Ostem Implant, which has the largest domestic implant market share. Ostem Implant, the first implant manufacturer in Korea, is Asia based on sales. It is the No. 1 company in the Pacific and No. 5 company in the world that specializes in implants, and it is used in more than 70 countries. Ostem has changed its status from importing implants to exporting ones, so I can be confident that its technology is reliable. Custom Implants have obtained strict quality certification from major countries as well as FDA and CE, and are designated by the Korean government as one of the world’s leading products and excellent technology research centers.

 2. D.O.

 D.O. implants, which are exported to 70 countries around the world, boast premium implants with 28 years of precision processing history and technology. Although D.O. implants are excellent, they have digital implant Dionaviran technology that introduces the process of 3D simulation, which plays a major role in choosing treatment with confidence. Especially among dentists.

 3. Dentium implant

 Dentium implants are considered one of the best in the Korean implant system along with Ostem implants. Revenue itself is only about a third of Ostem’s (as of 2016) but it is one of the most favored products among dentists due to its excellent quality and good results. It is the only place in Korea that has more than 10 years of long-term clinical data, so you can refer to it.


 4. Neo Implants

 This is Neo implant which was launched in February 2000. Neo Implants’ concept is to develop products that are simple, safer, and faster. I think it’s one of the Korean brands that Noh Joo-Hyun has gained recognition from many people while advertising these days.

 5. Megagen implant

 Megan Implants, the most popular implant in Europe, the final implant destination. It is exported to 90 countries around the world and is the number one brand in Europe among domestic implants. Kim Sang-Joong has been advertised in the advertisement lately, so it has gained a lot of recognition. Calcium, which makes bones, is deposited on the surface of implants with advanced technology, which is characterized by faster healing than ordinary implants.

 We’ve looked into the five types of domestic implants. As chewing and eating are some of the most important and enjoyable things in life, I hope you can carefully compare and weigh them and get implant treatment that suits you. Also, the dental choice is as important as implant brand selection, so I hope you don’t forget dental choice with a lot of experience and experience.