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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Charleston, SC | Our Vacay Part 2

Oh Charleston... What can I say about you. I think I'm in love.

This city is absolutely beautiful, I wish we had planned to spend more time there. But, we did make it to the Charleston City Market and of course the beautiful houses... who wouldn't want one of those.

I really can't explain how much I loved this city...  But I can definitely give you an idea of why it was so amazing. (unedited of course)

Charleston, SC - Tourist Center & City Market on Market Street

Charleston, SC - Tourist Center
Charleston, SC - Ride the Trolley
Charleston, SC - City Market
Charleston, SC - Market Street
Charleston, SC - Inside City Market
Charleston, SC - City Market - The Fishin' Duck 
Charleston, SC - City Market Shops
Charleston, SC - Market Street City Market
Charleston, SC - City Market Shops

Charleston, SC - The Peanut Shop
Charleston, SC - Market Street Peanut Shop
Charleston, SC - It'Sugar
Charleston, SC - It'Sugar (This gummy bear is the size of Little P!!)
Charleston, SC - It'Sugar (NERDS!!)
Charleston, SC - It'Sugar Store on Market St
Charleston, SC - MoonPie General Store
Charleston, SC - Savannah's Candy Kitchen
Charleston, SC - Free Pralines at Savannah's Candy Kitchen
Charleston, SC - Savannah's Candy Kitchen on Market Street

Charleston, SC - Harbor & Homes

Charleston, SC - Harbor
Charleston, SC - Homes
Charleston, SC - Historic Home
Charleston, SC - Houses
Charleston, SC - Historic Houses

Isn't Charleston just beautiful? All of the little stores felt old fashioned... I could have spent all day in them! And of course the houses, if only I could have toured those as well!

(In case you missed it, here's Part 1 from our vacay)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lake Placid | Weekend Getaway

I call it heaven on earth. I absolutely love this place and after a really rough week last week at work, I packed our bags and asked the hubby to go for a drive. And there we went - Lake Placid, NY.

I don't know what it is about this place, it's the only place we can both totally relax and forget everything that's going on at home. We would totally move there in a heart beat if we could get the right jobs. I'm not sure it's that easy as a Canadian though.

Arriving on Friday, we spent the night walking down main street, shopping and eating some delicious food. Our hotel room overlooked the water - we scored big time checking in after 6 with a discount on the view!

The next morning, we got up and took the back roads to a ferry that landed us just outside Burlington, VT. We spent the day at farmers' markets, watching buskers, shopping, eating great food and just enjoying life. We were going to continue on to Stowe, VT, but we decided to head home.

It was the perfect mini vacay, even though we didn't continue on. I think we're going to save the adventure to Stowe, New Hampshire and Maine for the fall. We've always wanted to see it with all the color and it will be a perfect time to have a final getaway before the new one arrives.

Monday, March 26, 2012

I'm Back... from San Francisco!

Dear Blog, oh how I've missed you. We returned Wednesday at 2:00 am... only to turn around and wake up at 5:30 to go to work! It has been an exhausting and busy week. While away we had calls for the house, Ryan got a job interview in Alberta (which didn't turn out to be worth it) and I had a call for a new logo design! We both chuckled and said we need to go away more often... everything seems to happen.

Anyways, San Francisco was great. The weather wasn't the greatest - it rained a lot, but we enjoyed the time away together. We also discovered we're not the type to sit in one area for a whole week, we ended up renting a car to see Napa Valley and Pebble Beach... those were the best days of all... And I have to say our best meal was at The Cheesecake Factory - as some of you may know, we don't have those in Canada, it was absolutely delicious.

So, what did we do? Everything... Alcatraz, Street Cars, Cable Cars, Lombard Street, Outlet Shopping, Coast Driving, Wine Tasting... it was great. Oh and of course, I used to be a Ben & Jerry's Lover at heart, it is always a vacay treat & favorite, but now I'm hooked on Cold Stone Creamery!! Mmm... we visited twice and I'm still craving it! But, now we're back to reality and I've spent the last few days praying our house will sell so that we can buy the country charmer we found. We had a buyers come through our home yesterday, so my fingers are crossed.

Anyways, while we get ourselves back together, here are a few pics from the vacation! I hope to share more soon, but this is a good teaser.

 San Francisco Cable Car by martha.anne

San Francisco China Town by martha.anne

Pebble Beach by martha.anne

Have a great week out there! I'm hoping to have time to do a Pin attempt this week and more picture sharing!