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Monday, January 27, 2014

Planning for a New Bathroom | Renovations

I'm going stir crazy being at home with a six week old scratch that... he's now seven weeks old and I'm still working on this post. So anyways, I've decided to think about some of the renovations that need to get done around the house and I'm settling on two. The trim and backsplash in the kitchen and the main bathroom overhaul.

I'm on a mission to redo the bathroom for $500 of less. What do you think... Is it possible? <--- I wrote this before this past weekend... when we bought our floor. So now I'm thinking a goal of $750?

Anyways, planning has been... well... surfing Pinterest.

Between these vanities:

simplified bee.

And these walls:

thrifty decor chick.

decor chick.

You can see all of my bathroom ideas on the bathrooms. and to build. pinterest boards.

Oh and of course, we bought our sink last week too. This one from Ikea.

And well, there's only one thing left... okay two... lighting and the laundry area. Check out my laundry rooms. board... it's full of ideas... I'm still stuck on which one to choose! I kinda like this one...

two inspire design.

Alright so $750 is the goal. Less is better. We've already bought the toilet, sink and floors. And, I must confess we started demolishing on Friday - pics coming soon!

So excited! :)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The "Formal" Living Room | Real Life

Welcome to real life at our house. The other day when I told you I was living with minimal furniture upstairs... Well here's the proof...

Oh hello vacuum. I think you need to collect some of that dust in the next picture...

Oh I lied... there's one... okay two pieces of furniture...

Our over-sized chair and an end table... enough for me to crash on when I get home and wait for the hubby. Oh and that partial wall in the first picture... that's where the fireplace mantel is going... remember? (The Future Mantel) And... that's all I have.

But, picture this... A white couch against the big wall. A leather bench under the window. Wood end tables made by the hubby. Oh and that wall you see... the little one beside the end table... I want the hubby to put a built in shelf/cabinet there... like yesterday's picture of one only not as wide.

Alright... that is it for now. Proof that I am normal like you... I don't keep things that tidy... I have a lack of furniture and I really need to sweep my floors. Oh and let's not forget... this is my second post this week... progress... YAY!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Progress in the Basement!

I so don't feel in blog mode this week. There's just so much going on. Job changes (not for me - darn it!), renovations, surprise shindigs (I will share the invites soon) and I'm debating taking on another business adventure in tea. That's right... you heard me right. Tea. Anyways, while I plough through another week in the cube, this is what we've been up to.

A quick before and after of rough plans... I didn't really feel like measuring it out or putting on all the details... but you get the idea.

As for the progress... excuse the pics... nobody said renos were pretty (even to capture)?

Before (Wood ceilings, dark walls... enough said.)

Destroy (Bye bye dungeon.)

Rebuild (Look how bright it is... yes those first pictures were taken in daylight too!)


Okay, no voila. We are trying to hire in a mudder (mudder not a word... as if?) to do the final coats and then it's paint, lights and floors. We will be in there by spring and then a whole lot of stuff will happen. Like furniture purchasing - hopefully? I'm dreaming of a white couch for upstairs. (I don't have kids... I can dream in white!)

That is it. I have so many posts waiting to be shared with you so I will do my best to get motivated and back on here again tomorrow night. Besides there's been a new addition to the etsy shoppe... take a peak if you'd like. I will definitely do a post about it soon.

Until then... I'm going to think about tea again.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Almost Before & After | Our New Kitchen

This post is image heavy. Enjoy.

Okay, I'm giving in... here's a sneak peak, hence, the "almost" before and after because we aren't quite finished and, with reno A.D.D., I'm not sure we'll ever get there. Oh and it's kind of a happy family day present to you (or President's day)... So here goes.

After you get through the shady, dark, red-walled, before pictures... you will see the beauty. I promise not to talk to much, just let the pictures do it for you. And... just to get this question out of the way, I designed it, we (hubby and I) put together the cabinets and the hubby did the rest, because this is in fact an Ikea Kitchen! And those are definitely some granite countertops (our splurge on the project, okay the appliances were kinda a splurge too). Anyways, here goes.


Not so beauty:

Almost there:

Hold tight:

Oh there it is, beauty:

And, here's about as much decor as there gets:

And here are the lights I kinda created for way less (here's the blog post - diy pendant lights).

Oh and here's what is left to do. (Besides paint the ceiling and trim around the window.)

Add subway tile like so, only with lighter grout:


And create some awesome artwork to put on each side of the range hood, because my decor kind of sucks right now and I really really want some. So, someday I'll post some and show you how to make them and they will hang like so:

Phew! Picture overload or what? What do you think of the sneak peak? I promise sometime this year we will have backsplash and I will share the actual finished kitchen. Until then, that was it. Our Ikea Kitchen designed by moi and built by the hubster. :o)

It's time to link it up :)

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Friday, January 18, 2013

The Ensuite Has Started...

It's not much to show you, but we have started. All of the pine has been removed and we have moved the clothes. Here's what it looks like for now... (I'm sort of pouting because I miss my shelves already!)

(See what it looked like before: Before and After - The Master Bedroom)

I drew up a plan for the layout:

And, here are some ideas of what things will look like...

I would like the shower to look like this one or no wood and just glass. The white subway tile would be perfect to keep the space light and airy.


The sink will look like this one... maybe. I'm still trying to decide if it is too minimal or just right for the size of the space. If we go with this design, I would like both pieces of wood extended to make a counter space area.


The closet will be a walk-in with lots of hanging space and built in storage. I would like some shelves and drawers, along with this great jewelry space:


The door between the bathroom and closet will be a pocket door - a must to save space. But, the door that enters the ensuite is currently a lot bigger than a regular door opening. Instead of framing it in, I really want a barn door - either like this one or one with just one big door.


Eek! So excited. Estimated date of completion... December 2013... {laughing out loud} Okay, seriously - hopefully by the summer. And, hopefully I don't stumble upon too many other ideas in the meantime to change my mind.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Before and After - The Master Bedroom

While we still finish a few details on the main floor at the new house, I think I can finally share the master bedroom before and after. We just got the curtains hung, which were nicely hemmed by my mother-in-law - they are from Ikea. :o) I will try and give you some details about where things are from and what not as we do the tour...

First up... this bed set is from Home Hardware Furniture. I believe it is the Bonneshire set?? Anyways, truthfully we hate it. For the amount we paid it hasn't been that good of a set and I don't think the hubby will let me buy another piece of furniture from HH as it has been nothing but problems. I won't bore you with the details, but maybe someday we'll have a homemade set that will make us a little happier.

Here's a first look at the before and after as you enter the Master - that little bed at the end is where Hank is supposed to sleep at night. Although he can sometimes be found on either side of the bed or even in the walk-in closet under the hanging clothes.

And here's a look from the end of the bed... as you can tell we still need to hang some pictures and get the ceiling painted.

This is a look from the bedroom into the master walk-in. And of course, Bailey joined us for this picture. One of the rare times I can seem to snap one of her as she seems to be camera shy.

Excuse the messy shelves & dirty laundry. :o)

And here's the before and after of the walk-in closet. Okay so not much was done. We only ripped down some of the wood panelling because the clothes were too heavy and pulled it away from the wall. The hubby decided to re-anchor the posts appropriately. I also wanted to let you see it as we may be turning it into an ensuite and walk-in. I'm still trying to figure out a layout that will work best... we want it to be a three piece ensuite with a shower only, but I also want a walk-in closet.

Pillows from Home Sense

Okay, back to the details. Here's a peak at one of the presents Santa dropped of this year. These pillows are from Home Sense... I'm slowly trying to make the house a home and get details in every room. One thing you'll notice everywhere in our house is that the walls are very empty.

I Love Hydrangeas

I scored this pottery from Joann Fabrics on sale plus an additional 50% off. You'll see a few of these through the house when I finally do the reveal. The throw was either a wedding gift or a first home gift - I have lots of these too. And, the hydrangeas are from our wedding. I've dried them and managed to get a few to make it from the cape cod. They are one of my favourite flowers.

Okay and since you could see into the closet and just one of my obsessions... clothes. Here's an even closer peak at one of my weaknesses - scarves. I scored four new ones over the holidays alone! Everyone who knows me knows I love scarves and I'm usually seen wearing one, especially during the colder months.

That is it. A peak inside the master bedroom and the future ensuite/walk-in. I guess we'll both have to wait and see what happens there. As for pictures, I hope you enjoyed them. I'm trying to do a better job and get better lighting as well as more creative than I did at the last place. :o)