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Thursday, May 1, 2014

The "New" Bathroom on a Budget (Less Than $1000) | Before & After

Well, it's done. Well sorta. We didn't do the closet or laundry area... but the rest is finished and worthy of sharing! To recap on the progress, here are the previous posts... Planning for a new bathroomBathroom renovations part 1.

With an initial goal of $500, I quickly realized that wasn't going to be possible. So, I upped that to $750. Before I break down the final costs of what is completed to date... here's what the bathroom now looks like.

First we tore everything out (here). That always seems to be the easy part. Before I show you the good, here's a quick view of the bad. Shutter.

Everything... and I mean everything was horrible. The only thing that stayed was the paint colour... and that's only because we had actually painted it when we had moved in. Here's the original colour.

Dust is flying in this picture... likely because we were in the middle of renovating the whole upstairs of the house. It's pretty painful to look back through the pictures... I can't believe we saw what we have now underneath all of that paint and horribleness. 

But we did. And because we did, here's the bathroom now!

There's a place for towels to hang, toilet paper to roll... no more cracked and, did I mention, cold tile. It's perfect - to us. Anyways, here's the breakdown on costs.

Click Tile Floor - $260 (End of the Roll)
Vanity (dresser) - $50 (used - Kijiji)
Sink - $70 (Ikea)
Faucet - $50 (Ikea - sale price)
Toilet - $90 (Home Depot Canada)
Wainscotting/Trim (DIY coming soon) - Approx. $150 (Home Depot - Canada)
Pendant Lights - $52 for 2 (At Home Depot Canada)
Mirror - $30 (Lowes USA)
Paint - $50 (Lowes Canada)
Shower Curtain / Hooks - Approx. $50 - I lost the receipt (Target Canada)
Curtain Rod - $30 (Home Depot Canada)
Other (Plumbing, Electrical, Hooks) - $30

Drumroll Please.... That leaves the grand total of the makeover at $912! A bathroom renovation for under $1000! And, I only went over my $750 estimate by $162... not too bad, considering we did splurge in a few areas!

Well, that's it. I finally managed to get something share-worthy on the blog! ;)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Decision has Been Made!

Hey! Just a quick post to let you know that the backsplash has been purchased and we are going to install it tonight... Or at least start. I know, we are all over the place with renos... Weren't we just working on the bathroom? We were. And we still are slowly. But we're having Little P's baptism soon and I need the house whipped into shape.

excuse the poor quality courtesy of iphone.

So, what's it going to be? Check back soon and find out what we decided to do!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Our "Reno" List for 2013... What the Heck Did We Get Done?

Here it is... the list I posted last year. Let's see exactly how far we got.

- fireplace mantel in the current future formal living room
- redo the family room in the basement (so we can actually have a formal living room)
- finish putting new windows in throughout the house
- put backsplash up in the kitchen (so I can FINALLY reveal it)
- hire someone to paint all ceilings
- finish master ensuite / walk-in closet
- redo main floor bathroom
- redo / finish building basement bathroom
- redo two bedrooms in the basement
- rip apart backyard deck and make stone patio
- create an outdoor kitchen (this is not my idea!! can you guess who wants this?)
- put in a pool and possibly hot tub
- put a fireplace in, in the basement
- add storage shelves to the utility room
- add patio door in the foyer
- okay, put all new doors in the foyer
- landscape everywhere (this is definitely the hubby's job...)
- redo all house siding
- insulate garage


Alright it doesn't seem like we did too much from last year but we are half done a lot of those projects... Here's where we're at:

- finish putting new windows in throughout the house
- but backsplash in kitchen (does drawing on different sizes in pencil count? I'm still deciding on tile)
- hire someone to paint all ceilings
- finish master ensuite / walk-in closet (we are getting close to putting up walls and starting the bathroom, but it's really not on the radar right now)
- redo main floor bathroom - happening as we speak!
- redo two bedrooms in the basement (one more wall, closet and floor and they're finished)
- rip apart backyard deck and make stone patio  changed out mind - lower existing deck!
- create an outdoor kitchen (someday!)
- put a fireplace in the basement
- add storage shelves in utility room
- all new doors in foyer
- landscape everywhere - we started working on this last summer
- redo all house siding
- insulate the garage - this summer for sure - I hope!

It doesn't seem like much, but we really did get quite a bit done last year. This year will be a little quieter though with a little guy running around and me on maternity leave. For sure, we will have the bathroom upstairs done, the backsplash hopefully tiled in the kitchen, the back deck lowered and some landscaping done. We'll just have to wait and see.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bath Renovations | Part 1

Before we left for vacay, we had destroyed the bathroom - literally. Right now I'm brushing my teeth in the kitchen sink and getting my face on in the bedroom. All that's left is the shower and toilet - thankfully!

While the hubs is off work for the next week or so, he plans on wrapping up most of the bathroom renovations. We're still trying to figure out exactly what we're going to do (here). I have a pretty good idea and only a little bit of time left. As soon as the floors are finished and the new toilet in - my time is up.

Anyways, here's the progress so far.

Before we started, it's hard to tell but the laundry is when you enter on the left with the shower next to it. On the right is the toilet, vanity and linen closet. If it weren't such a mess I'd be removing the closet and adding it above the laundry, but there is electrical and vents in the walls of it. :(

A view looking in from the hallway and of course,  the laundry area with the original paint colour from when we moved in. The holes in the wall are from changing out the water hookups. I want to remove the cupboard, put in a countertop and other shelving. When we moved in the closet doors were removed - I'm hoping to make it pretty so I can keep it that way.

The linen closet is on the opposite side of the laundry - no door again. I'm actually hoping to find something used with character for it - maybe even with glass? I really need to tidy up the space.

And then there's the vanity. I hate it! That's all I can say.

Don't get me started on the floors. They were laid so poorly they are breaking everywhere. The doorway is the main reason we are tackling this sooner than later. Once Little P starts crawling this can't be like this - he would slice his hands open for sure!

And let the demo begin. While the hubs was at work I removed the tile. When he came home he removed the subfloor they put in and the vanity. It's so nice not to have to step up to get into the bathroom. Oh and did I mention they built all of the subfloor and tile around the toilet instead of raising it? Let me tell you squatting that low sure was fun while pregnant - NOT!

The hubs hard at work and here's pretty much what it finished out like that night. We now have the vanity removed and the start of the floors put in.

That's it for now. Hopefully I'll have some more progress pics soon!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Little Blog & Shop Renovation!

Just a quick update to let you know that I'm doing some renovations around the blog and etsy shoppe lately. I have a whole list to get through... and to make sure it gets done I've moved the computer upstairs to the dining room table!

I'm officially getting down to business.

What does this mean? You might notice my picture and about has changed on the sidebar and I have a new newsletter sign up. That's because I've switched to MailChimp. So, if you haven't signed up already... go ahead and do so now. If you're already subscribed... you'll notice the new look:

Not only will you get my blog posts straight to your email, but I'll also be publishing a monthly newsletter with my shop updates, discount codes and more. You don't want to miss out.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Planning for a New Bathroom | Renovations

I'm going stir crazy being at home with a six week old scratch that... he's now seven weeks old and I'm still working on this post. So anyways, I've decided to think about some of the renovations that need to get done around the house and I'm settling on two. The trim and backsplash in the kitchen and the main bathroom overhaul.

I'm on a mission to redo the bathroom for $500 of less. What do you think... Is it possible? <--- I wrote this before this past weekend... when we bought our floor. So now I'm thinking a goal of $750?

Anyways, planning has been... well... surfing Pinterest.

Between these vanities:

simplified bee.

And these walls:

thrifty decor chick.

decor chick.

You can see all of my bathroom ideas on the bathrooms. and to build. pinterest boards.

Oh and of course, we bought our sink last week too. This one from Ikea.

And well, there's only one thing left... okay two... lighting and the laundry area. Check out my laundry rooms. board... it's full of ideas... I'm still stuck on which one to choose! I kinda like this one...

two inspire design.

Alright so $750 is the goal. Less is better. We've already bought the toilet, sink and floors. And, I must confess we started demolishing on Friday - pics coming soon!

So excited! :)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Progress, Progress, Progress!

It's everywhere... and I mean everywhere when I say it. We've been super busy these past couple of weeks getting ready for... well, everything!

I don't have pics yet, but the basement has been fully organized, one bedroom setup, the other partially. The storage room is organized! (Of course, we have lots of renos left down there... but it looks good for now!) All of my crafting stuff and office has been moved down and the nursery is well underway. Trust me - I spent a good hour the other day caulking all of the trim - BORING!!!

We've also started the furniture for the nursery - I know, about time! Here's a peak... I'm thinking of doing a dresser (we picked up a free one last year) painted like this... only I had the red and white paint purchased and now I'm thinking something else... I guess we'll both have to wait and see what I decide on.

design mom.

We also bought a little Ikea cabinet/wardrobe off of kijiji that is the perfect height for our little guy as he gets older... and I got to try my hand at milk paint for the first time. Let me tell you... my hubby HATES... and I mean HATES painting and he loved this stuff... Here's a sneak peak at the color.

miss mustard seeds milk paint.

Oh, and did I mention the mantel is well on its way to being finished! I came home from work last night and the b-i-l had been working away all day on it! Yes he knows how to break into our house... and I'm so thankful he does. The excitement to be able to decorate... I'm so simple sometimes! :)

night photos suck.

Well... that's pretty much it for now. Rumor is my mom is having a baby shower at my place this weekend for family... so we're going to be busy, busy, busy wrapping up all these projects in time!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

It's Finally Happening!

Before you say anything... I know what you're thinking. They haven't even finished the nursery and here they are building a fireplace mantel... (oh please don't remind me). Truth is, the mantel is a must before any baby showers or baby visits or Christmas (sorry I had to say the word) takes place. HA - my priorities are a little bonkers these day. But the hubby is on it so I'm not going to say no!

This beautiful mantel is from - sweet something designs.

Do you remember last year when I wrote about the future mantel? Yah, I think we had intentions of building it in the New Year... technically it's still the new year... right? Well, it's finally happening. Last night I taped out the outline to get an idea of size... (Please forgive the picture, I took it with my phone at night so I could get this post written ASAP!)

Anyways, I have to ask... is it too big? Here are a few photoshop attempts to get an idea... again, horrible pictures but you get the idea. (The original is at the top and then I have distorted it a bit to get different sizes.)

sweet something designs.

Okay, what's you're vote? Let me know how big you think the mantel should be and hopefully we can get it started this weekend! (Did you notice I said we... I really doubt I'll be doing any part of it other then painting...) Anyways, I think #1. I had it taped out that big but I was doubting it as I stared at it last night - but now I'm confident that the room can handle it.

For better lighting on where it will be, check out the "formal" living room post I did a while back. I just realized we have two other pieces of furniture in there and I've never shared the update. I'm starting to realize how lazy of a blogger I am in the summer. :)

Okay, comment away and hopefully I'll have a beauty to show you soon!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Progress in the Basement!

I so don't feel in blog mode this week. There's just so much going on. Job changes (not for me - darn it!), renovations, surprise shindigs (I will share the invites soon) and I'm debating taking on another business adventure in tea. That's right... you heard me right. Tea. Anyways, while I plough through another week in the cube, this is what we've been up to.

A quick before and after of rough plans... I didn't really feel like measuring it out or putting on all the details... but you get the idea.

As for the progress... excuse the pics... nobody said renos were pretty (even to capture)?

Before (Wood ceilings, dark walls... enough said.)

Destroy (Bye bye dungeon.)

Rebuild (Look how bright it is... yes those first pictures were taken in daylight too!)


Okay, no voila. We are trying to hire in a mudder (mudder not a word... as if?) to do the final coats and then it's paint, lights and floors. We will be in there by spring and then a whole lot of stuff will happen. Like furniture purchasing - hopefully? I'm dreaming of a white couch for upstairs. (I don't have kids... I can dream in white!)

That is it. I have so many posts waiting to be shared with you so I will do my best to get motivated and back on here again tomorrow night. Besides there's been a new addition to the etsy shoppe... take a peak if you'd like. I will definitely do a post about it soon.

Until then... I'm going to think about tea again.