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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Just Some Rambling...

Today is one of those days. It's snowing and I'm bored. By the way, did you check out my new About Me page? More rambling... but it's worth it, I promise!

(Insert random picture of Hank.)
He loves his snow...

So, what else is new around the old town? The hubby and I debated becoming land lords for a mere three days, then we found out you need a whopping down payment on the house because it's for income. Damn you mortgage shenanigans... now we must save.

I had an epiphany the other day at work. Not a positive one... well it sorta is. Just depends on whether you're a half glass full type of person or a glass half empty. I'll tell you my thought and then you decide:
Working in the corporate world means your allowing someone else to live their dreams. They had a business idea and now I'm making it a reality for them. Boo corporate world! I want my dreams to come true not yours!
Okay, glass half full = I must work harder and harder and even harder than I am now to make my dreams a reality and have little laborers working for me, glass half empty = here I am making someone else's dream a reality - Nooooooooo! Rant. Over.

Oh, did I mention that I looked at how much it is to rent a store front. I know a real store. {dreaming}

Umm.. I think that is it. Well, besides that yesterday's winner still hasn't came forward. Where are you lucky number 5??  

Oh and did I mention it was snowing? But unfortunately the snow gods forgot to start early enough so I could have an adult snow day.

Yup that is it. Rambling over.

Happy err... Hump.... Day!