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Thursday, March 13, 2014

DIY Rhino Head | Pin Attempt

If you haven't seen the nursery you must check it out. This rhino head was the perfect DIY project for our budget and now hangs above Little P's crib - and of course, it was a Pin Attempt.

First you need to grab the instruction from over here: (diy faux rhino mount).
Then all you need is a talented hubby, some paint and it's yours! Or a hubby who will let you in his workshop. ;)

It's that simple.

In fact, I've been thinking about creating other animals to sell in the etsy shop. I have some designs put together for different ones, I just need to have the hubs test them out. If all is good, we need to find a way to flat package them and create instructions for assembly. Oh, and figure out who should be doing the painting - me or the customer?

Of course, I have to finish the other Etsy projects I have on the go right now... slowly but surely it will all come together. :)

P.S. this pin attempt was a success!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Jalapeno Artichoke Dip Recipe | Pin Attempt

All I can say is yummy! So here's why I had to pin and attempt this recipe. Ever heard of Costco? (if you haven't, it's a membership type place where you can buy in bulk - I guess that's how you'd explain it?) Anyways, they have this dip. One that when I buy it - it's gone in a weekend and you're lucky if I share it with you. Honestly... stay away from the dip it's all mine.

But, there's a problem. The last two times we've gone to Costco... the dip gods decided to punish me and there was none of this goodness. Like seriously, who punishes a pregnant woman that just wants some good food? So, I decided to try and make it - this heavenly Jalapeno Artichoke Dip that I must have.

In all honesty, everyone knows you can't really knock off a good thing when you've got it. There's always going to be something a little different. But, I can tell you - this one comes close enough... or at least good enough for me and the baby - the heartburn, not so much. I followed this Artichoke and Jalapeno Dip Recipe at Shugary Sweets and kind of changed out the cheese. So here's my version:

Jalapeno Artichoke Dip Recipe

1 14 oz can artichoke hearts, drained
2 jalapenos, seeded
1/2 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
6 oz cream cheese
1/4 cup mayonnaise
1/2 tsp kosher salt
1/4 tsp ground black pepper
1/2 tsp garlic salt

In a food processor, add artichokes and pulse until chopped. Next add the jalapenos and pulse until desired consistency. Finally, add the remaining ingredients and pulse until fully blended. The original recipe says serve immediately but we found it way better after it sat overnight! And... I think I'd add the artichokes last next time so that they are a little thicker. Other than that... mmm mmm good! Oh, and even better - the original recipe says it stores up to one week, if you can let it last that long. ;)

Overall, pin attempt success! Of course, you should really take a look at the five foods I must try and make them for me... because we all know it could be an eternity before I get around to it and the many, many, MANY... other things I still want to do. Or my other recipes... oh and my food and drink. board. Hungry yet? Anyways, that's a wrap - happy eating!

party. party. party.
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Friday, September 27, 2013

It's "Favorites Friday" | Five Foods I Must Try

Wow, that week flew by. I had wanted to come on here earlier and give some updates but here we are at Friday.

So - what's new this week? Hmm... it was horrible. Those changes I mentioned in life has its ruts... well we're still making our way through them and will have news soon! [fingers crossed] For now, let's forget all those people and places that think it's so much fun to put stress on a pregnant woman and her husband!! And, let's move onto food. Because we all know retail therapy - which I'm limited to at the moment - and food, cure all! haha Okay not all, but pretty close.

That brings me to another Favorites Friday... this time five foods I've been dying to make off of my food & drink board on Pinterest (come follow me). Anyways, here goes!

I absolutely love blue cheese and hot stuff... these would be great this weekend!

fox news.

YUMMY! Need I say more?

amazing mexican recipes.

Umm... does this recipe say cream cheese! Yes please!

kraft canada.

Okay - this one's for the hubby!

top appetizer recipes.

Except you should totally use my Pumpkin Pie Recipe and miniaturize them!

weddings by lilly.

Nothing like a bunch of comfort food! I love fall... and my waistline right now could handle the extra goodness... I'm sure ;) Have a great weekend out there... today's the hubby's birthday so I've convinced him to at least go out for dinner (he's a no fuss, forget it's even happening type of birthday guy). Oh, and don't be afraid to share your favorite fall recipe or one you've been dying to make in the comments below - I'd love to hear from you!

Friday, September 13, 2013

It's "Favorites Friday" | My Dream Home Pinned

Wow it has been forever since I've done a Favorite's Friday... I guess that shows how lazy I've truly been... but I really am trying... so you must forgive me. :D

Oh and guess what? I know everything lately seems to be baby... well, not today! I've decided to share my dream home with you - the one I have on Pinterest. And, I can't say I'll only be sharing five pictures, we'll have to wait and see... because it's been forever and I've done a lot of pinning while I've been away.

Anyways, dream away. Here goes.

I don't need a huge home, just one big enough for our soon to be little family. But, it must have a wrap around porch... and some character. I will take one of these please... (maybe in a different color though).
better homes and garden.

Or, if I manage to have an unlimited budget... I'll take this one. We actually have our eye on something like this one in a town close by. It's for sale and well, the hubby works there. If he gets the promotion he's supposed to get in the next year or two and it still happens to be for sale... maybe it will be ours?  


And well, if we don't get that house... I will keep dreaming. Like this. If this isn't the perfect dining room... then I don't know what is. Okay how about that water front view in the background... GAH!!! A girl can definitely dream.

the enchanted home.

And this. Nothing screams at me more than a nice white and neutral bathroom... I wish we could do ours over right now!

home & garden design ideas.

And while this may be a little overboard... this mudroom will do just fine with a little one on the way. I'm sure he'll be nice and muddy a lot of times in our next 18 years. 

john b. murray architect.

Oh and when you enter the front doors to our house... you'll definitely see this great hallway. These arches are absolutely amazing... and dream worthy.


And, for those cold days that are fast approaching... this will do. What a cozy fireplace... I've always wanted a real one that is open (no glass door)... the husband, for one, says insurance won't allow it, and two, the house would be filthy!

simon design blog.

Oh and in case you're in love with islands like this girl... I'm sure this one will be perfect. Is it just me or does it look they could actually have two islands in this kitchen??? Oh my... I guess a girl can never have too many islands??


That's it for now... oh, but you should really go follow me on Pinterest. And... of course, have an awesome weekend!!

Friday, June 7, 2013

It's "Favorites Friday" | My Latest Pins

Wow it's been a long time since I've done a "Favorites Friday"... I think I should really be a seasonal blogger. Every day this week I told myself I would take pics around the house... you know the real life ones... and I have yet to do it. LAZY - I blame the baby!

Anyways, I needed to get on here and say hi and show you a few of my favorite pins lately. I won't do the Nursery ones though, I have like a million (okay not really) and I really should do a whole post on the plans for the nursery! :o)

Anyways, it's Friday! YAY! The weekend has commenced and it's time to have some family/me time to do whatever. Before I do though, here are five out of some of my favorite pins lately. (Be sure to follow me on Pinterest).

1. This saying/surf board. Oh I wish I had a beach house... (text.)

crush cul de sac.

2. How to paint faux marble - say what?!? Ask my husband how badly I wanted Carrara Marble in every room of the house - okay just the kitchen and bathrooms. And I got a big no! Not because of price, but because every person we talked to professional or not kind of laughed and said it's not realistic. They won't stand up to the wear and tear and are just there to look good. I pleaded that all of the magazines have them and I'm still working on possibly getting them in the bathroom. If not... I'm definitely doing this! (feelin' crafty.)

in my own style.

3. This outfit... although I'm not sure I could keep it that white and well it probably isn't as cute on someone with a pregnant belly... even though my belly is non-existent still. (They tell me I will wake up one morning and wham! Four months... and still waiting.) (my style.)

matte & sequins.

4. Yum, Yum! Doesn't this look delish? I must make this soon... but perhaps with fresh raspberries? I think the hubs would be on board for this one too! (food & drink.)

cookin' for my captain.

5. This kitchen. Oh so white and lovely. The woods, the grey and the white are a perfect balance. And that sunlight... I picture a wall of glass french doors. (dream home.)


Now go party, relax... enjoy your Friday night! I think homemade pizza is on the menu and I'm not sure what else! Have a great weekend...

Monday, April 22, 2013

I'm Horrible at This...

I just can't seem to get back into the blogging groove. Err. I have my excuses... but I won't bore you with them. Instead, I'm giving a quick update... we have moved to the basement! YAY! That means more pictures coming very soon! And... an extreme lack of furniture upstairs...

As well, I sold another pair of earrings on Etsy to someone in California... woot! woot! Actually, it was kind of the kick in the butt that I need to get back at things.

Oh... and I'm still debating getting into another business. I can't remember if I shared details before I left or not? But, I'm going to decide not and carry on like it's a secret - you'll have to wait for the news!

In the meantime, while I get my groove back, here are a few pins I've been swooning over lately on my Pinterest.

Excuse me while I move in.
Orrick and Company.

And I'll be sure to bring this shirt with me.

And this chair... oh and white... I love white.
Proverb 31 Girl.

Isn't this perfect? I want to make it yesterday.
My Sweet Savannah.

Oh where were you when I was little?
RH Baby & Child

Okay enough day dreaming amongst pictures.

Happy Monday!
I will try - okay I will be - back on here again this week.

Friday, March 15, 2013

The Secret Pinterest Board | Favorites Friday

It's been forever since I've spoke the words "favorites friday" - I feel so proud of myself. {insert cheesy grin} Now, don't get too excited - or do. I'm going to expose my favorite pins on my "secret" Pinterest board - to build. Don't tell the hubby though... he doesn't realize there's a honey-do list online for him too. :o)

Anyways, here goes. The five top pins on the secret "to build." board:

1. This mirror is to die for. I want, I want, I want. This would look fantastic in our foyer with a chair on either side. Gahh!

pin for your home.

2. I want built-ins so bad. I would put them everywhere if I could. Then again, I'm afraid that afterward I would regret them and find things "too busy". I've thought of putting some in the basement in two different rooms. I know for sure I want them in the living room upstairs on a small wall separating the living space from the stairs. The dark background finishes them off perfectly. Dreaming.

a thoughtful place.

3. Of course this mantel is on the honey-do-list. I wrote about it here. And, I thought it would have been done by now. But, when we move down to the basement - game is on. This bad boy will be in the living room. Oh. My. This mantel and the built-in above... Heaven.

sweet something designs.

4. These numbers are amazing! When we redo the exterior of the house... yes ask me, what part of the house aren't we going to redo at some point? Anyways, what was I saying? Oh yes... these are perfection.


5. This barn door is where it's at. And... it's going in the basement. Or at least something similar. If you haven't heard... I wrote a little about it here and I shared the full plans here.

unknown - pinterest.

There you have it. A little sneak peak into the world of my secret Pinterest boards. I also have a board called "stuff." and another called "products & blog.".  Now that I confessed... your turn - what are your secret boards?

Monday, December 3, 2012

A Little Bit of Life… On a Monday

I'm back. Phew, what a week. I had one HUGE assignment for school due for Friday, Christmas hours to get in for work (so I can enjoy a nice long week or so off) and an exam to study for. Unfortunately, the exam wasn't sent to where I was supposed to write it, so that's still on my plate for this week. But… I managed to get the house decorated, the tree up and a little family time in. I CAN FINALLY RELAX. And, that's because anybody that knows me, knows I am probably not studying for that exam I still have. Oh… the joys. Anyways, Christmas is upon us… I'm starting to get super excited and the house is starting to get that warm and fuzzy feeling. I can't wait.

The Etsy Shoppe... is still sitting there… with products in it though. Okay, no new ones. But, I did manage to get in some experiment time with earrings last week and continue to work at those. As the husband says, I was a little late with the Christmas decorations (although I do battle that the stars can be used year round). He says I should be working on Christmas in the summer and working on Summer now. So… hmm… While I do agree, I need a plan. Besides, I only posted those ornaments so I could finally say the Etsy Shoppe is open… I need to work at it though. Something I will be doing in the coming weeks as I should have more time. :o)

Anyways, I can't make this all about me. Well, I sorta have to… but I will post something that is definitely a little more interesting. While I've been busy, I've still managed some Pinterest time… who doesn't have time for Pinterest? Here are a few of my latest pins… Hopefully you can appreciate them too.

White is Heaven (A Little Pinterest)






Alright, off I go. I hope to be sharing some Christmas decor with you this week and maybe a free photo card design you can use to send to the family!! So… don't send out your greetings yet… I'm hoping to get a couple made up soon… one with a spot for the family pic. And, be sure to enter my giveaway, I've joined up with the Willow Wheat Spa.

Okay… that's a wrap on another Monday… I'm a happy camper again. :o)
Talk soon.

Monday, November 19, 2012

A Couple of Free Printables

One blog post last week, more this week - promise. While battling the flu and finishing assignment two for school, I definitely didn't make it to the blog… or the craft pile. But enough is enough, this girl has got to get her butt in gear. People are already decorating for Christmas and my table is full of ornaments I need to get sold! So, it's Monday, a new week and a new opportunity to just go for it. While I plug away at getting things in order, here are a couple of free printables I stumbled upon on Pinterest while cooped up on the couch last week. I absolutely love them!

Printables: Foxy Bookmarks (Lonnie Jacobsen)

Printables: Foxy Bookmarks (Lonnie Jacobsen)

Printables: Foxy Bookmarks (Lonnie Jacobsen)

These printable foxy bookmarks by Lonnie Jacobsen are absolutely adorable... and come in two fun colors - orange and blue (click here to get them). I think I need to print them off and finish reading the 50 Shades of Grey series. Yes, I'm that pathetic... I haven't had time to finish reading them yet and I'm dying to know what happens. Shh... don't tell!

DIY Paper Popsicle Memory Game (Eat Drink Chic)

DIY Paper Popsicle Memory Game (Eat Drink Chic)

When I saw these on Pinterest I fell in love. I may not have any kids yet, but I'm definitely printing them off and keeping them around for the nieces and nephews - they are adorable. These colorful printable popsicles are from Eat Drink Chic and can be downloaded here. Perhaps a great stocking stuffer for the little ones in your life?

All of this excitement and I forgot to say… Happy Monday! (I'm trying to be optimistic) Okay, how about - Yay to it almost being over! :o)

Have fun with these great freebies. Talk soon - promise!

Friday, October 12, 2012

It's "Favorites Friday" | Food and Such

Another "Favorite's Friday"... and since I've been so lazy at blogging this week, I knew I had to get something out to you. The truth is, I'm actually sitting here doing some "emergency" work for the corporate career, waiting for an email to get back to me so I can finish it up. So, I thought what better time to fill the empty pages of my blog... which, did I tell you I have 2050 views on!! Yay! Now if I could get people to write back to me I'd be super excited! Until then, it's a pretty lonely space filled with my babbling... :o)

Okay, one more thing before I cheat my way through a post... because I'm definitely sharing some Pinterest pics... <sorry!> Anyways, I was thinking of selling jewelry. I've done it before at my friend's spa (check it out - The Willow Wheat Spa) and I did well. I would order it in and instead of owning a store, she let me "rent" (free) some space to sell it. It was a way to fulfill my dream of having a store... by like 1%. Anyways I've been thinking for a while and searching the internet for some great pieces and have came across some more I'd like to sell, only this time I'm thinking of selling it online - more like a virtual store. So, what do you think? I will share the pics of them in a blog soon, I promise... and maybe you can let me know what you like / don't like. And hey, what the heck, maybe it will blossom into a beautiful thing... and I can finally work from home!

Okay, enough rambling, here's my favorites for this beautiful friday... which might I add had the quick appearance of snowflakes... Err! Here goes. My five favorite recipes I must try soon on the "food & drink." board, and might I say, I tried to choose the healthy ones:

Buffalo Chicken Rolls (recipe)
can you stay for dinner.
Baked Cheddar-Broccoli Rice Cups (recipe)
daydream kitchen.

Butternut Squash Stuffed Shells (recipe)
proud italian cook.

Sweet Potato Cauliflower Soup (recipe)
manifest vegan.

Triple Chocolate Chunk Muffin (recipe)
healthy is always better.

Let's eat. Of course I couldn't forget dessert... and they're made with apple sauce and greek yogurt... so go nuts! Okay just have one... anyways, everyone have a great weekend out there - try to stay warm.