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Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Dresser for a Vanity | I Need Your Help

Alright, so we ended up buying a dresser to use as a vanity in the bathroom renovations. The problem is I'm stuck - remove the top and build a thicker one, what colour should I paint, should I keep the handles?

Here's what it looks like:

Here's the sink we're going to be using:

And here's where I'm sitting with decisions.

I think I'll keep the knobs - who can compete with those big wooden things - perfection! I will either paint them the same colour as the dresser or white and I'll sand them a bit to show wood through.

Dresser/Vanity Top
As for the top, I'd like to say I'll keep it, but should I sand it and stain it again? Different colour?

Oh and the vanity itself. I'm looking for a punch of fun... here are a couple of colours I was thinking... what do you think? (You can see the floors in the second picture and we'll be keeping the same grey walls and adding white wainscotting)

the colour on the walls in this picture. via.
the second colour. via.
misted fern or aegean teal. via.
And pretty much most of these. via.

Or, maybe one of the other many colours I have pinned over on my paint. board? Go dark or go light? How much colour is too much? And did I mention, I think I'm going to add a punch of colour in the laundry closet too?

What do you think I should do... I'm stuck!

Monday, March 25, 2013

A Sneak Peak at the Basement Colors

Here I am behind on my blogging again. Crappy me. I'm telling you - work is hectic! So, while I work away... here's a sneak peak at the new basement colours. Remember the layout (here) - take a guess and tell me in the family room / office, where do you think these colours are going?


Remember we have wood barn doors going in and the red couches will be moving down there. Hopefully it will all be painted soon... in the meantime, keep guessing. :o)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Before and After | The Dining Room Chairs

I have chairs! Okay so you may have snuck a peak at them in the DIY Prendant Lighting with Lampshade post the other day... but here they are up close and personal.

When the hubby built the new table, we were left with an eight-seater bar table. Without hesitation, my mom volunteered it to her home. We thought why not? We were done with it... but we get to keep two of the chairs for our island... and the deal was made. I'm not sure if she actually won out of this situation though. When we dropped off her table, she was left with two sets. So, I insisted we take her old one. Well, at least the chairs. I figured if we painted them up they would do just fine at our new table. So we did just that. (As for the table, the hubby is turning it into a desk!! Stay tuned for that post... it's a project still sitting on the back burner.)



What do you think? Not bad? We are still getting used to having a "normal" height table and everything seems so tiny... or the space feels huge. I'm not too sure yet. Anyways, I'm saving my pennies for two wing back or upholstered chairs for the ends, like this one:


And when I say saving my pennies I mean it. Can you believe that these chairs are $400 each?? I mean obviously I'm not getting them, but I even saw other ones I like that are $1000 each... do people really pay that much for one dining room chair??

Oh to dream...

Anyways, those are the dining room chairs... we're still trying to decide if we like them.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Before & After | Black Painted Railings

As promised, our very first before and after from the new house. It's not much but it's better than nada.

When we first moved into the house, the floors were an oak laminate and the banister matched. As we changed the floors over to maple hardwood, the banister looked hideous. So… we made the decision to paint it out - sorry to all you oak lovers!

At first, we thought we may be able to sand down the large spindles and rail and re-stain it to match the floors and take the rest of the spindles and paint them white. But, the more we looked at, the more we realized how much work it would be and it may not even work out. So… after about a week of searching and debating, I said… it's going black:

And man are we happy we did it. It looks awesome! I may not have huge confidence in my design skills but maybe I should start. It looks rich, it matches well, it's WAY BETTER than the oak and it will stay clean (something white wouldn't offer).

I can finally say I love the foyer and entrance. Okay, I lied. While we may have the lights, paint and floors switched, we still need to change out the closet and garage doors.

In the far future, I would love to see a solid glass back door and painted wood on the walls. Like so:


And, perhaps we could change out the glass in the front door… I despise the frosted rippled stuff that is there now. Anyways, that's it… that's my first reveal. Let me know what you think… is black better than oak?

P.S. I apologize for the poor pictures... I really need to take more time on those. :(

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What Oh What Color Should I Paint?

I need your help! I have this antique dresser that I used to love, but now in the new place I just don't feel the same about it. I have one last hope at rescuing my love for it before I sell it to a new home - change the color. It looked perfect in the cape cod foyer, the green color, dark woods and then this dresser. It's actually a deep purple outdoor paint that is used on decks and allows the grains to show through... but it usually looks more like brown. Here it is, remember?

Well, in the new place it just doesn't fit in. Although it nestles perfectly in between the wall and closet in the spare room, or should I say our nieces room. Here it is now, you can definitely see more of a purple color:

Now here's where you come in. I have very light grey walls and I want to do something that will add a punch of color to the room. Although, I may have to change the chair you see in the corner of the picture above. Here are the colors I was sort of thinking:


talk of the house.


martha stewart.

So, here you have it. A light creamy white, yellow or pale turquoise? I was also thinking maybe a darker shade of grey, or number 3, 4, 9 or 10. There are  just way too many colors to choose from. I even thought a nice lime green may look good. ERR! I'm helpless. So, do me a favor, write a quick response below and let me know what color I should choose. Please help restore the love I once had for the beautiful antique dresser.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Paint, paint and more paint!

I can't seem to get past all of this painting. While our house slowly comes to a finish, I find myself painting more than usual right now and I hate it. No seriously. I absolutely detest painting right now... but I must push forward. And, I must confess, I have already picked out my paint colors for the next home. Yes, I have no problem wanting, just doing. And since I'm strapped for blogging time these days, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite paint colors and schemes:

Dining Room.

via Pinterest

Formal Living Room.
via Pinterest

Mudroom & Laundry Room.
via Pinterest

Kitchen & Adjoining Family Room.
via Pinterest

Master Bedroom.
via Pinterest

Boys Bedroom. :o)
(If we ever decide to have children.)
via Pinterest

I've already got a file on my desktop full of images and notes for the next place. Yes, we have picked a place... we're just in the middle of getting final information before making our first offer! Very exciting, but even more exciting is moving on to the next chapter of our lives and selling our major accomplishment. The hard work has been completely worth it and I know I'll miss our place when the time comes, but it was a great first home... Yes, picture are to come - soon! I promise.