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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Little Man's Wardrobe

I'm going to apologize now for all of the baby talk... this definitely wasn't suppose to turn into a baby blog... but it's the easiest thing for me to talk about while it is so busy and, well, we're expecting the little man. 

This week is hectic, between work - we have our second largest tradeshow of the year, I was supposed to go (to Amsterdam) but I really shouldn't be flying. And well, it's Spencerville Fair time... and as some of you know, the hubs and I are on the committee so we're spending most of our week and weekend volunteering.

So, my only update I can give you is my crazy obsession with shopping. Not going to lie... little clothes are so cute!! I don't ever remember having great fashion when I was a kid... I mean if it was hot pink or purple I would wear it... but it wasn't all fashionista.

But... welcome to 2013... and Baby Gap... let's just say this little wardrobe was purchased a month or so ago and I still go in and hold up the little 0-3 Months outfits and giggle. They are just so cute. (Yes I bought every color in the striped shirts)

It's funny. At first the hubs was like, don't they just wear onesies for the first little while. I'm like they can... and of course he will where them sometimes (yes we do have some of those too)... but he's also gotta be on top of his fashion for visitors and going shopping. ;)

The shopping didn't stop there though. I went on OshKosh the other day and almost died. I was like hubs... I want, I want, I want. Well I managed to convince him that buying the next size up would be a great idea. So... the little man is now full fashion for at least 6 months! Isn't this stuff just so cute??

Okay... I think I'm having too much fun with this. I still need some shoes for the little man and some leggings.. I absolutely love those things, but I'm having a hard time finding boy ones at a great price! Anyways... for those of you who are wondering, we do have a registry list. YUP!!! And, I am ready to spill it.

My Registry.

For those wondering... it is located at - just enter my name and our list will pop up. I love this website. I can shop anywhere on the internet and add it to this registry. Some items are just generic and can be picked up pretty much anywhere and others are wishes - things I love and are unique and, of course, likely from Etsy. Anyways... that's it. I may just go back to shopping again... I now understand why mom's say their wardrobe lacks after having kids...

P.S. We are slowly getting the basement ready to move the office down and the nursery will be on it's way... I'm just going to instagram a whole bunch of pictures and post them, because it's taking me forever to get around to a post!