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Monday, November 26, 2012

Free Giveaway: Pamper You and Your Tree

Just in time for the holidays, I'm teaming up with the Willow Wheat Spa to offer you a chance to pamper your fingernails and tree before the holiday rush.

All you have to do is like martha.anne and the Willow Wheat Spa on Facebook and then tell us quickly why you and your tree need a pampering. On December 11th, if you've done all three things, you'll be entered into the draw to win a pedicure and five hand-stitched ornaments!

That's it… that's all it takes! What are you waiting for, go tell us why and be sure to stop by our pages and like them today. (I knew I could make this Monday worth it.)  :o)

Monday, April 30, 2012

Fine Photos Final Logo & Other Such Things

Happy Monday!

Okay not really. For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you know that I absolutely don't mean that - Monday's make me want to work that much harder at martha.anne so that one day I can kick the day job... well at least a full-time one.

While I spent my Monday staring at a computer screen pumping out uncreative (well at least to me) pieces of marketing material, both online and offline... I dream of a beautiful home, cooking, being creative, making things... I dream of waking up and enjoying my work day at home in the most amazing office with my cat beside the computer and my dog at my feet... THEN, I realize I'm at work and reality hits me... and yet it's only 10am. UGH!

I know I'm not the only one that spends the work week dreaming away...


And, tonight I made a step in the right direction. The logo for Fine Photos has been completed and I have put the disc together... I will be dropping it off to one very happy client tomorrow after work! Here's what was decided on (after showing you the different logo designs presented):

And, that's my Monday. And of course, I had a very relaxing weekend, stayed in my pj's as much as possible and went for a second look at a very amazing stone home that we are looking at purchasing. Did I mention it was built in 1836? And, it's complete heaven.

Anyways, try and have an amazing work week! :D
I know I'll do my best.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fine Photos Logo Design

I mentioned yesterday how excited I was to get back to work (martha.anne) and that is definitely what I did. Before I left for Vegas, I was approached to do a logo for a local photography company. After discussing my logo package, I had to put the design on hold until I got back. The deal was, they would get three designs to choose from and after choosing one, they would have five edits they could make. I had them answer a survey about what they were looking for, amongst their answers - colors: black & purple, adjectives that describe the logo: cool yet elegant, attracts your eye, modern, flowing, classic/classy, AND feeling it will portray: professional, established and very creative. Anyways, I've heard back already and they love the designs I came up with. Of course, they chose my favorite, the one with the tree but, tell me below which one is your favorite…

1. The Tree

2. The Owl

3. The Vintage Sign

I will definitely post the final results when I'm finished. But for now, I'm taking into account her edits and making way for the final logo.

For more information on logo designs and other services, please see my pricing.

Friday, April 6, 2012

I'm a Terrible Blogger!!

Okay, I've got a few posts lined up that I've been wanting to write but I'm just a terrible blogger these days! Between looking at houses, people wanting to look at ours, Ryan's grandpa not doing well, our biggest tradeshow coming up for work and the holidays, I've been battling to even find sleep, let alone blog! So, I thought I'd at least pop on and say I'm sorry! I've been wanting to blog all week and haven't had the opportunity. We currently have four people wanting to see in our home, three of which called yesterday! It's been absolutely hectic, but I'm hoping it will all pay off and we'll get the home we've been looking at. Other than that, this week brings more chaos, I now attend the local fair meetings, putting in my year before being officially welcomed on to the board. Then, another stop to see family and grandpa, then it's off to Vegas. I've been trying to squeeze in some phone time with my bestie in BC, but I just can't seem to manage. As well, one of my good friends in town is looking for a girls day and I won't be able to squeeze it in. Err... I hope this is not signs of what to expect for the rest of my life! It seems that life gets crazier and crazier and there has been no time for martha.anne! Okay, so I've said my hi, filled you in on the super busy life and now I gotta go. But, I hope to blog this week... Actually, I need to - it's such a stress reliever and allows me to relax. In the meantime, happy Easter weekend... I hope you enjoy the time with the family, I know I will!

Monday, January 9, 2012

And the Renos Continue...

I think I forgot to tell you that over the XMAS break we decided that we were going to sell our house no matter what in Feb/Mar and that meant the renos would continue. I can't wait to have this house finished - all new floors were laid on the second floor over the weekend and my husband continues to finish the newly renovated laundry room. From there we have the second bathroom to finish and a few smaller details before we are done! I can't wait and I especially can't wait to show the pictures!! Even better, we may have found a house to buy - we decided not to build just yet - and we go to take a peek this weekend! I will definitely have to keep you posted on the outcome. Until then, I'll be working away and here's a sneak peak at what we've done in one of our rooms since we bought the house. :o)

The front entrance into the foyer...
(And our dog Dallas)
The door to the garage.
The hideous closet doors!!!

And beautiful blue...

Even the trim matches ;0)
New doors, floors and paint! (Minus the trim)

Trim is starting to be put up...

And the only photos I have at the moment of it finished!
(My wedding)

And the finished room!
I will get you more soon... and better pics of the foyer as well. 

Happy Monday!

Friday, January 6, 2012

It's "Favorites Friday"!

As promised in my Happy New Year's Post... here are my five favorite projects from 2010 - 2011. I have done a lot and helped a lot of businesses start their marketing ventures. I love the design business and can't wait for the projects to start this year - but more importantly, as noted, I really want to get the business up and running online and my product line launched!

For now, here are my five favorite projects from 2010 - 2011 at martha.anne:

O'Cuisine Catering Logo 

Prom Photo Book

Willow Wheat Spa Gift Certificate

Willow Wheat Spa Photo Card Coupon

Horseback Riding Photo Session

Thanks again for all of your support out there!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Me and My Pins

Hello Monday!
With a very exciting week ahead of us, here's a quick note to say hi and let you know that I'm getting super hyper for Christmas!!! We still don't have a tree up but I did put my homemade quilted tree skirt around the dresser leg in our living room and hung two stockings from the knobs. I also pulled out a few of my favorite decorations and set them up around the main rooms of the house!! hehe I may have cheated!! :o)

Anyways, I'm sure you guys are just as excited as I am right now... so I'm just going to give you a quick time out with a link to my Pinterest account! Go ahead, follow me, like me, obsess over my obsessions... do as you please! It's just me and my pins. In the meantime, I'm outta here!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fabulous Free Fonts!

Being in the design world and having my own company, I love to find new and inspiring fonts. Recently, well I lied, about a month or two ago while I was building this blog and a new logo for martha.anne, I stumbled across kevin & amanda's website. It is full of awesome fonts and they can be used by anyone - just make sure you read their terms! Here's a few of my favorites!

Go on over and stock up - they're awesome!

Friday, December 2, 2011

It's "Favorites Friday"!

It's time for another Favorites Friday. This week, I decided to go with my five favorite websites for furniture, nothing accessorizes a great room and design better than some great furniture. It may not be as great as spending a Saturday browsing through a fantastic store and discovering all of the great items that will fit in your house, but it's the next best thing to help you get away. Go ahead, take a peek and perhaps redesign a room or two.

Have a great weekend everyone and Happy Shopping!

Friday, November 25, 2011

It's "Favorites Friday"!

It's Favorites Friday again, and as promised, I have came up with another list of my favorite things. This week I decided to pick my favorite places I have traveled. I have only been within Canada and the U.S., so this list isn't too comprehensive - but still great getaways for a weekend trip. I insist you visit one next time your looking to escape or get away!

2. Mont Tremblant, Quebec

3. Burlington, Vermont
Burlington, Vermont

4. Old Montreal, Quebec

5. Bar Harbor, Maine

And that's my list for "Favorite Fridays". Have a great weekend everyone, I can't wait for tonight - I'm going to pick up my niece and have her for the whole weekend - Christmas presents, shopping and cooking are on the menu, amongst some relaxation. It's been a while since we've had her spend the night at our place, so I'm definitely excited!! Hope your weekend is just as fun!

Friday, November 18, 2011

It's "Favorites Friday"!

I'm going to start a trend for Friday postings. As a new blogger, I'm hoping I'm not committing myself to too much here. If all goes well, every Friday or so, I am going to provide a list of five. Whether it's five websites, blogs, pictures, ideas.... anything that inspires or excites me. So here goes...

This week is going to be my Five Favorite Pieces of Furniture
(courtesy of

1. An old crate end table.

2. A glass hutch for the bathroom.

3. An antique finished dresser.

4. An old armoire for storage in a main room.

5. Old dressers with lots of drawers - two together is fabulous!

And that's my list for "Favorites Friday", I hope you come back next week to see more. Oh yes, and have a great weekend everyone - I think we'll be putting up the Christmas lights outdoors!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Meet My Husband.

I'm a little late posting the blog tonight, but this one will be quick. The other day while I was at work I received an email with the picture below. Of course I laughed. This is my husband, Ryan, who hates his picture being taken by the way. Doesn't it look like he's having way too much fun?

Well I envy him. He is an assistant superintendent at a golf course in the area and loves his job. In fact, he doesn't even consider it work and gets excited to go! Now, that's what a career should be. Maybe I'll make that dream come true too someday, a little store in a well toured town. Oh I am still dreaming... :o)

Anyways, if I don't get a chance to blog tomorrow, Happy Friday and have a great weekend!!