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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Before and After | Nursery Wardrobe Makeover

Get ready for it... I'm pretty excited about this Ikea wardrobe. From the purchase, to stopping by and picking up some paint from The Sugar Post in Merrickville, ON, to putting it all together in place... Here's the before and after on one of my favorite projects to date!

Where to begin? We had the perfect little nook in our Nursery for a wardrobe and I knew exactly what I wanted. I searched Kijiji for a couple of months, but each one that was under $100 was always sold before I could snatch it up! Until, one day, it was like the heavens opened up and there it was. It's short too - perfect for our little guy. And even better, it came in at $60 dollars! I had already pinned the color I wanted and just had to find me some paint.

In my parts of town, milk paint isn't easy to come by. I thought I'd have to trek into the city to get some but something told me to Google it first. The hubs and I planned on spending a relaxing day shopping in the local towns, Merrickville especially - it's full of stores that a blogger would love. Okay any woman in their right mind would love this place. I searched up milk paint and there it was, The Sugar Post carrying Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint - sold! I dragged the husband out for the day and I fell in love.

The store was too cute! I will definitely have to do a blog post on it when I have a chance to go back and take some pictures of it's adorable setup. It's like a bloggers dream store - okay maybe like the store I could only hope of having one day. I'll definitely be going back for more.

As you can see, SNEAK PEAK.... the nursery is coming together. We picked up these cute little wooden figures from the local SuperStore. The painting is by my grandma. And, the iron owl was a gift we gave to my hubs' grandma in the past and she has downsized so we got to have it back!

Of course, the decor wouldn't be complete without a football and a little OshKosh stuffed bear. I can't wait to grab some newborn photos using these as props. 

Oh... I almost forgot. The hubs hates painting and let me tell you he loved using milk paint. We did two coats mixed evenly with water and a final with the paint watered down even more. I love the imperfections. We are supposed to put a final coat on it but I really don't want to. Oh ya, and the knobs were stolen from another dresser we recently did over. We changed the bottom drawer to only need one and these worked perfect. They were already distressed we just popped them on.

I can say I am in love. It's the perfect piece of furniture for the nursery - yes I will be sharing pics soon. Only a couple more details and the room will finally be done! Can't wait... the little guy is almost here. In the meantime, if you haven't already... you must go try using milk paint on something - you'll fall in love. Oh ya, and take a trip to Merrickville and stop by The Sugar Post - it's a must!

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It's Crib Time | The Nursery

At nearly 5 1/2 months and a belly barely starting to form... I think it may be time to start looking at getting some baby stuff. We have picked up a stroller/car seat combo and luckily had a few things dropped off from family. But really, we've got nothing. So... I finally gave in and made the purchase of what is the beginning of our nursery. The crib.

apartment therapy.

Actually, here's what it will really look like (it's in the mail):


With our dark floors and light walls, I'm just not too sure I can handle the oak color. But, that is what they had, it was on for almost 50% off, and I love the sides of it being solid. So... I'm left contemplating... should I paint it?

I'm thinking the color in the first picture is definitely gender neutral and adds that awesome modern touch to the room. I also have a dresser I picked up for free last summer that I want to paint dark gray and put numbers on it. (Sort of like the one in this post).

Oh, and did I mention. The hubby may just get a wardrobe added to his "to-build" list? We have the perfect little nook in the corner of the room, glass doors displaying kids toys and books would be perfect! And... let's not forget I have to do something about a chair. The one I bought for the nursery fits perfectly in the formal living room and I'm not sure I can move it now. ERR.

Anyways... back to my question. To paint or not to paint? What are your thoughts? Here are some more colorful cribs... maybe one of these colors instead?

apartment therapy.

apartment therapy.

apartment therapy.

Tell me what you think. Will I have my work cut out for me and is it actually safe to paint a crib? I'm reading it's okay as long as the paint doesn't contain led. Oh, and I will hopefully have some before pics of the nursery coming up and a little post on the few things we have so far. All you mommies out there... maybe you can give me your must have's when I get to it!

Oh yes, one more thing. Next week is the ultrasound... I think I've given into the hubby. We don't know what it is so far, so what's a couple of more months? My fingers are crossed the baby will show us on his/her own though! ;o)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The "Formal" Living Room | Real Life

Welcome to real life at our house. The other day when I told you I was living with minimal furniture upstairs... Well here's the proof...

Oh hello vacuum. I think you need to collect some of that dust in the next picture...

Oh I lied... there's one... okay two pieces of furniture...

Our over-sized chair and an end table... enough for me to crash on when I get home and wait for the hubby. Oh and that partial wall in the first picture... that's where the fireplace mantel is going... remember? (The Future Mantel) And... that's all I have.

But, picture this... A white couch against the big wall. A leather bench under the window. Wood end tables made by the hubby. Oh and that wall you see... the little one beside the end table... I want the hubby to put a built in shelf/cabinet there... like yesterday's picture of one only not as wide.

Alright... that is it for now. Proof that I am normal like you... I don't keep things that tidy... I have a lack of furniture and I really need to sweep my floors. Oh and let's not forget... this is my second post this week... progress... YAY!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

DIY | Dining Room Table Turned Desk

A few weeks back I shared my before and after dining room chairs. I believe I also mentioned something about the table and having a plan for it... well, here it is...

diy | dining room table turned desk

The hubby turned it into a desk in only 30 minutes - 30 minutes of freezing his butt off in the garage.... thank you hubby!! Anyways, here's what you need to do.

1. Grab a table like the one below.
{Please excuse the pic, the hubbies office isn't as nice as mine... ha!}

2. Next, he removed the legs, flipped it over and cut it to the desired size.

3. And Voila! Here you have it. Okay not quite yet.
After cutting, put the long strip back on and then measure the two end pieces.
Screw it all back together and you're done!

Now that's why it only took 30 minutes. Phew! I hope those instructions helped? Next time I'll hang around a little longer to get more pictures {my fault!}.

diy table from an old dining room table

What do you think? Isn't it cute. I quickly staged it for your viewing {isn't that what bloggers do?}, before shipping it back to my mothers to save her more space... and not to mention, it fits her quaint country styled home perfectly!


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Friday, January 4, 2013

The Dresser is Sold!

Okay, you know the dresser I asked you about painting a couple of months back (what oh what color should I paint?)... well it's SOLD! In all honestly, I just didn't think it looked right in our new house. The decor is completely different - modern - and I believe it should go in a house that suits it.

bye, bye bonnet chest.

Lucky for me, and the dresser, the new owner comes from an old stone home filled with antique furniture. His passion is collecting pieces that suit the home and investing in "real" furniture that gets more valuable with age. The reason I say real because it seems that most furniture these days is pressed board or veneer and doesn't last any longer than five years.

The sad part about losing my first antique treasure is that he confirmed that it is in fact from the 1890s, if not earlier. He also confirmed that they are very hard to find. So, while my good eye caught me a piece of history at a busy auction one Friday evening, it will now be treasured and loved even more by someone else. My investment back then turned out to be a good one and I am happy to say I didn't take a loss and your much sought after advice didn't go unnoticed. I want to thank everyone who offered up their colour suggestions - no worries, it will still be used. I have another dresser in the basement that I picked up for free... it needs to be finished and I'm pretty sure I've finally decided on the perfect paint colour. :o)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Before and After - The Master Bedroom

While we still finish a few details on the main floor at the new house, I think I can finally share the master bedroom before and after. We just got the curtains hung, which were nicely hemmed by my mother-in-law - they are from Ikea. :o) I will try and give you some details about where things are from and what not as we do the tour...

First up... this bed set is from Home Hardware Furniture. I believe it is the Bonneshire set?? Anyways, truthfully we hate it. For the amount we paid it hasn't been that good of a set and I don't think the hubby will let me buy another piece of furniture from HH as it has been nothing but problems. I won't bore you with the details, but maybe someday we'll have a homemade set that will make us a little happier.

Here's a first look at the before and after as you enter the Master - that little bed at the end is where Hank is supposed to sleep at night. Although he can sometimes be found on either side of the bed or even in the walk-in closet under the hanging clothes.

And here's a look from the end of the bed... as you can tell we still need to hang some pictures and get the ceiling painted.

This is a look from the bedroom into the master walk-in. And of course, Bailey joined us for this picture. One of the rare times I can seem to snap one of her as she seems to be camera shy.

Excuse the messy shelves & dirty laundry. :o)

And here's the before and after of the walk-in closet. Okay so not much was done. We only ripped down some of the wood panelling because the clothes were too heavy and pulled it away from the wall. The hubby decided to re-anchor the posts appropriately. I also wanted to let you see it as we may be turning it into an ensuite and walk-in. I'm still trying to figure out a layout that will work best... we want it to be a three piece ensuite with a shower only, but I also want a walk-in closet.

Pillows from Home Sense

Okay, back to the details. Here's a peak at one of the presents Santa dropped of this year. These pillows are from Home Sense... I'm slowly trying to make the house a home and get details in every room. One thing you'll notice everywhere in our house is that the walls are very empty.

I Love Hydrangeas

I scored this pottery from Joann Fabrics on sale plus an additional 50% off. You'll see a few of these through the house when I finally do the reveal. The throw was either a wedding gift or a first home gift - I have lots of these too. And, the hydrangeas are from our wedding. I've dried them and managed to get a few to make it from the cape cod. They are one of my favourite flowers.

Okay and since you could see into the closet and just one of my obsessions... clothes. Here's an even closer peak at one of my weaknesses - scarves. I scored four new ones over the holidays alone! Everyone who knows me knows I love scarves and I'm usually seen wearing one, especially during the colder months.

That is it. A peak inside the master bedroom and the future ensuite/walk-in. I guess we'll both have to wait and see what happens there. As for pictures, I hope you enjoyed them. I'm trying to do a better job and get better lighting as well as more creative than I did at the last place. :o)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year, Happy New Table!

Happy New Year! Wow, what a great vacation and lucky for me it isn't over. While most people venture back to work today, I took the rest of the week off. It's great to be at home doing nothing, but I know it's going to be even harder to go back to reality when Monday roles around. Until then, I will remain lazy and enjoy the company of friends and family.

Christmas was great as always and I was definitely spoiled by great company, good food and of course the big jolly guy - Santa. New Years was spent quietly enjoying Lobster, Scallops and Periwinkles, watching movies and enjoying each others company (the hubby and I). We aren't big on the party scene and it was a great way to end a fantastic year for both of us. And, we did manage to stay up past 12:00 which is always a bonus. :o)

Anyways, what I'm really here for today - the new dining room table... it is DONE! Of course, it is chair-less, but there it sits waiting to be enjoyed and man am I in love. Before I took a vacay from all of reality including the blog, I posted a sneak peak at the new dining room table. And just a few days later, while we both stumbled through a nasty flu, the hubby finished it. Here it is:

martha.anne - diy pedestal farmhouse table

martha.anne - diy pedestal farmhouse table

martha.anne - diy pedestal farmhouse table

As promised, here is where you can find the original plans - Ana White: Triple Pedestal Farmhouse Table. The hubby altered the plans to make it smaller with only two pedestals and he did a fantastic job. Ringing in at around $70, the table is made out of spruce and pine and was finished in Early American stain. I'm in love.

Anyways, although the vacation was great and much deserved, it certainly is great to be back and slowly facing reality again. I will enjoy another few days before going back to work though. And in that time, I will be sharing the before and after on the master bedroom!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Sneak Peak at the New Dining Room Table

Well we made it. Good news - the world didn't end. Bad news - there is a crazy snow storm and lots of snow. Back to good news - we'll have a white Christmas. YAY! Okay, enough of the good news, bad news… As promised, I have a sneak peak of the new dining table for you. It's almost there… just a fee more pieces, some stain and then assemble time. Oh, and we may want to go find some new chairs - I'm thinking a little antique spot in the area that has a whole barn loft full. Anyways, here it is, made by the hubby himself - if he only knew his list is about to get that much bigger. :o)

What do you think? I will reveal the final and full details on where to get the plans when it's ready. Best news is... the plans are free! Oh, and did I mention that this table is estimated at $1000+ in stores and was built for just over $70. At first we thought it was $100 but then the hubby realized he had bought some extra wood. WooHoo!

designed by. martha.anne

Anyways, because I may not be around until after Christmas? I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and All the Best for 2013! From our family to yours (including Hank & Bailey).

Monday, October 1, 2012

I May Be Obsessed with Ana White

So… the verdict is, new foyer floors! While the hubby was away, I slaved throughout the day! :o) 
And I'm sure glad I did - it looks great! Plus, while he put trim up yesterday, I managed to get end tables, lamps and decor up to the main floor. A long with some other furniture… Slowly but surely, things are coming together. Which brings me to today's post… Ana White! Have you heard, seen, attempted? If not, she has an amazing website filled with free plans for furniture. Which, are quickly filling the honey-do list for when the renovations are over! Here are a few of the musts for our new place:

The Perfect Dining Room Table?
Okay so I'm really starting to like our bar style dining room table again, but I also absolutely love this one. I'm thinking we build it and see which one looks better and then sell the one we don't like? Okay I don't know if the hubby would like the idea of that... so tell me what you think. Bar table (Before and After - The Kitchen & Dining Room) or this beauty, the Fancy X Farmhouse Table?

Fancy X Farmhouse Table

The Most Amazing Console.
So, I brought up a dark mahogany dresser on the weekend and put it at the landing at the top of the stairs. I love it there, but I really love both of these consoles. Maybe I could put one in the dining room with the Fancy X Farmhouse Table... hmm, once I can decide which one I want more (if not both), I will find somewhere for to put it (them), just because I love them! Which one do you think is nicer... or should I aim for both?

Printer's Console

Printers Triple Console Cabinet

Okay, how about another hutch?
Alright, I really can't decide which I love more. Then of course there is Patrick's Jelly Cupboard. It looks like an antique and something I can put all of my "show-offs" in... you know, the stuff you absolutely would love to display but have no where to do it. Again, dining room, landing... or even bedroom. Wouldn't it be perfect full of homemade quilts and linens? Take out the chicken wire, add some glass and this piece is pretty perfect for me - oh, especially if we could make the bottom shelf a drawer instead... I wonder if the hubby could figure that out for me?

Patrick's Jelly Cupboard

Oh the furniture is endless... I've found an amazing coffee table, master bed frame, dressers, and more. The honey-do list keeps growing the longer I search through this website. Don't blame me or tell your honey-doers that I was responsible for sharing. But, be sure to take this Monday evening to explore and pick out those perfect pieces for the home!

Talk Soon!

Monday, April 9, 2012

I'm Dying for a Dream Home

If you follow me on Pinterest, you will notice quickly that most of my pins are in the Dream Home or For the Home boards. I am addicted to houses and can only hope to one day own something so amazing inside. Right now, we continue to push buyers through our home and hope for an offer! On the other hand, we have found the perfect country home, located on 1.6 acres, brick and a large outer shed (currently used for bands to put on shows) that my hubby wants for a wood shop and antique restoration area! Oh I'm in heaven. Inside the home boasts three sets of stairs! There are old original wood floors, at least 10 foot ceilings, original huge trim and more. Did I mention there is a clawfoot tub in the upstairs bathroom and built in cabinetry in the dining room? The character is endless and it is essentially the perfect property for us. And, even better, it comes in well under our next house budget! That means a dream kitchen will be going in shortly after purchase... Ahh... to dream. The bummer, we have to sell our house before they will accept an offer! So, now we play the waiting game and I continue to dream. So, here are a few of my latest pins that will work perfectly in this home we hope to soon call our own.

Bright, Bold & Beautiful

The brick wall in the house is red, but I absolutely love what they have done here with the brick. The way they have framed it, it looks like a piece of art. The house has the exact same character. I love the dining room table as well, and wouldn't mind having one!

Palm Design Group

The colors in this bathroom would be perfect for the upstairs bath. The floors could be updated up there so these would definitely work. It is a large bathroom so the lighter colors will make it seem huge! I would love to put in a large vanity in this color. The best part about this house is nothing has to be done right away, so we can take our time and find the perfect things to transform it into the house we've always wanted.

Jenny Steffens

Oh tray ceilings.... I'm in love. And guess what? No it doesn't have tray ceiling, but it does have beams running run way across the kitchen ceiling! Yay! That means we can either turn it into the ceilings in this picture, or into the ones in the first picture above. Either way, it would look fantastic. Oh and not to mention, this kitchen would look just fine. ;o)


If there's something I love about an old home, it's the mudroom. It seems that country homes know how to do it right and I would love to put some amazing storage like this in the house. Of course, that would be the main entrance we would use, so function is a must. I love how the shoes store behind the doors, it's functional and holds amazing character at the same time.

Pottery Barn
Furniture. I have a list already rolling out for the hubby and this would be a must. I originally wanted a dining room table that would be round like this one, but I think I'd love it for the coffee table instead. Along with a coffee table, a bed frame, dresser, dining room table and even the kitchen dining table are on the list of to do's for this woman's hubby! He is so excited to possible have this huge woodshop and I'm ready to give him a huge list of projects to enjoy it!

While I keep dreaming of the possibilities, keep your fingers crossed that it can one day be ours! The character is absolutely amazing, but I'm actually looking forward to concentrating on the blog, making the Etsy Shoppe products, finally having a garden again and picking up our antiquing love we once had! So, fingers crossed it will soon be ours. In the meantime, have a great week out there and be sure to follow me on Pinterest!