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Friday, September 13, 2013

It's "Favorites Friday" | My Dream Home Pinned

Wow it has been forever since I've done a Favorite's Friday... I guess that shows how lazy I've truly been... but I really am trying... so you must forgive me. :D

Oh and guess what? I know everything lately seems to be baby... well, not today! I've decided to share my dream home with you - the one I have on Pinterest. And, I can't say I'll only be sharing five pictures, we'll have to wait and see... because it's been forever and I've done a lot of pinning while I've been away.

Anyways, dream away. Here goes.

I don't need a huge home, just one big enough for our soon to be little family. But, it must have a wrap around porch... and some character. I will take one of these please... (maybe in a different color though).
better homes and garden.

Or, if I manage to have an unlimited budget... I'll take this one. We actually have our eye on something like this one in a town close by. It's for sale and well, the hubby works there. If he gets the promotion he's supposed to get in the next year or two and it still happens to be for sale... maybe it will be ours?  


And well, if we don't get that house... I will keep dreaming. Like this. If this isn't the perfect dining room... then I don't know what is. Okay how about that water front view in the background... GAH!!! A girl can definitely dream.

the enchanted home.

And this. Nothing screams at me more than a nice white and neutral bathroom... I wish we could do ours over right now!

home & garden design ideas.

And while this may be a little overboard... this mudroom will do just fine with a little one on the way. I'm sure he'll be nice and muddy a lot of times in our next 18 years. 

john b. murray architect.

Oh and when you enter the front doors to our house... you'll definitely see this great hallway. These arches are absolutely amazing... and dream worthy.


And, for those cold days that are fast approaching... this will do. What a cozy fireplace... I've always wanted a real one that is open (no glass door)... the husband, for one, says insurance won't allow it, and two, the house would be filthy!

simon design blog.

Oh and in case you're in love with islands like this girl... I'm sure this one will be perfect. Is it just me or does it look they could actually have two islands in this kitchen??? Oh my... I guess a girl can never have too many islands??


That's it for now... oh, but you should really go follow me on Pinterest. And... of course, have an awesome weekend!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

A Little Bit of Life… On a Monday

I'm back. Phew, what a week. I had one HUGE assignment for school due for Friday, Christmas hours to get in for work (so I can enjoy a nice long week or so off) and an exam to study for. Unfortunately, the exam wasn't sent to where I was supposed to write it, so that's still on my plate for this week. But… I managed to get the house decorated, the tree up and a little family time in. I CAN FINALLY RELAX. And, that's because anybody that knows me, knows I am probably not studying for that exam I still have. Oh… the joys. Anyways, Christmas is upon us… I'm starting to get super excited and the house is starting to get that warm and fuzzy feeling. I can't wait.

The Etsy Shoppe... is still sitting there… with products in it though. Okay, no new ones. But, I did manage to get in some experiment time with earrings last week and continue to work at those. As the husband says, I was a little late with the Christmas decorations (although I do battle that the stars can be used year round). He says I should be working on Christmas in the summer and working on Summer now. So… hmm… While I do agree, I need a plan. Besides, I only posted those ornaments so I could finally say the Etsy Shoppe is open… I need to work at it though. Something I will be doing in the coming weeks as I should have more time. :o)

Anyways, I can't make this all about me. Well, I sorta have to… but I will post something that is definitely a little more interesting. While I've been busy, I've still managed some Pinterest time… who doesn't have time for Pinterest? Here are a few of my latest pins… Hopefully you can appreciate them too.

White is Heaven (A Little Pinterest)






Alright, off I go. I hope to be sharing some Christmas decor with you this week and maybe a free photo card design you can use to send to the family!! So… don't send out your greetings yet… I'm hoping to get a couple made up soon… one with a spot for the family pic. And, be sure to enter my giveaway, I've joined up with the Willow Wheat Spa.

Okay… that's a wrap on another Monday… I'm a happy camper again. :o)
Talk soon.

Monday, October 1, 2012

I May Be Obsessed with Ana White

So… the verdict is, new foyer floors! While the hubby was away, I slaved throughout the day! :o) 
And I'm sure glad I did - it looks great! Plus, while he put trim up yesterday, I managed to get end tables, lamps and decor up to the main floor. A long with some other furniture… Slowly but surely, things are coming together. Which brings me to today's post… Ana White! Have you heard, seen, attempted? If not, she has an amazing website filled with free plans for furniture. Which, are quickly filling the honey-do list for when the renovations are over! Here are a few of the musts for our new place:

The Perfect Dining Room Table?
Okay so I'm really starting to like our bar style dining room table again, but I also absolutely love this one. I'm thinking we build it and see which one looks better and then sell the one we don't like? Okay I don't know if the hubby would like the idea of that... so tell me what you think. Bar table (Before and After - The Kitchen & Dining Room) or this beauty, the Fancy X Farmhouse Table?

Fancy X Farmhouse Table

The Most Amazing Console.
So, I brought up a dark mahogany dresser on the weekend and put it at the landing at the top of the stairs. I love it there, but I really love both of these consoles. Maybe I could put one in the dining room with the Fancy X Farmhouse Table... hmm, once I can decide which one I want more (if not both), I will find somewhere for to put it (them), just because I love them! Which one do you think is nicer... or should I aim for both?

Printer's Console

Printers Triple Console Cabinet

Okay, how about another hutch?
Alright, I really can't decide which I love more. Then of course there is Patrick's Jelly Cupboard. It looks like an antique and something I can put all of my "show-offs" in... you know, the stuff you absolutely would love to display but have no where to do it. Again, dining room, landing... or even bedroom. Wouldn't it be perfect full of homemade quilts and linens? Take out the chicken wire, add some glass and this piece is pretty perfect for me - oh, especially if we could make the bottom shelf a drawer instead... I wonder if the hubby could figure that out for me?

Patrick's Jelly Cupboard

Oh the furniture is endless... I've found an amazing coffee table, master bed frame, dressers, and more. The honey-do list keeps growing the longer I search through this website. Don't blame me or tell your honey-doers that I was responsible for sharing. But, be sure to take this Monday evening to explore and pick out those perfect pieces for the home!

Talk Soon!

Friday, May 4, 2012

It's "Favorite's Friday" | For the Home

Okay, yes this is another post about Pinterest, but I'm just totally addicted and there seems to be the best pins ever on their lately. So, I'm relying on my one board only, "for the home.", to help me complete this Favorite's Friday. And, to tell you the truth, I have pinned so many things there this week that you should really go check out the board for yourself (and the others). Here are a few of the latest five I have pinned...

Curious Details

Real Simple

Better Homes and Gardens

Savvy Sugar

Ballard Designs

Okay... there you have it... other than that, we had our offer accepted on the stone home last night. Now all we have to do is sell our house and the country dream is ours! I'm so excited right now - there will be a lot of paperwork going on this weekend and we'll be really pushing to sell our house as soon as possible. Keep your fingers crossed, I would love to move in June!

Have a great weekend! :D