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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Progress, Progress, Progress!

It's everywhere... and I mean everywhere when I say it. We've been super busy these past couple of weeks getting ready for... well, everything!

I don't have pics yet, but the basement has been fully organized, one bedroom setup, the other partially. The storage room is organized! (Of course, we have lots of renos left down there... but it looks good for now!) All of my crafting stuff and office has been moved down and the nursery is well underway. Trust me - I spent a good hour the other day caulking all of the trim - BORING!!!

We've also started the furniture for the nursery - I know, about time! Here's a peak... I'm thinking of doing a dresser (we picked up a free one last year) painted like this... only I had the red and white paint purchased and now I'm thinking something else... I guess we'll both have to wait and see what I decide on.

design mom.

We also bought a little Ikea cabinet/wardrobe off of kijiji that is the perfect height for our little guy as he gets older... and I got to try my hand at milk paint for the first time. Let me tell you... my hubby HATES... and I mean HATES painting and he loved this stuff... Here's a sneak peak at the color.

miss mustard seeds milk paint.

Oh, and did I mention the mantel is well on its way to being finished! I came home from work last night and the b-i-l had been working away all day on it! Yes he knows how to break into our house... and I'm so thankful he does. The excitement to be able to decorate... I'm so simple sometimes! :)

night photos suck.

Well... that's pretty much it for now. Rumor is my mom is having a baby shower at my place this weekend for family... so we're going to be busy, busy, busy wrapping up all these projects in time!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

It's Finally Happening!

Before you say anything... I know what you're thinking. They haven't even finished the nursery and here they are building a fireplace mantel... (oh please don't remind me). Truth is, the mantel is a must before any baby showers or baby visits or Christmas (sorry I had to say the word) takes place. HA - my priorities are a little bonkers these day. But the hubby is on it so I'm not going to say no!

This beautiful mantel is from - sweet something designs.

Do you remember last year when I wrote about the future mantel? Yah, I think we had intentions of building it in the New Year... technically it's still the new year... right? Well, it's finally happening. Last night I taped out the outline to get an idea of size... (Please forgive the picture, I took it with my phone at night so I could get this post written ASAP!)

Anyways, I have to ask... is it too big? Here are a few photoshop attempts to get an idea... again, horrible pictures but you get the idea. (The original is at the top and then I have distorted it a bit to get different sizes.)

sweet something designs.

Okay, what's you're vote? Let me know how big you think the mantel should be and hopefully we can get it started this weekend! (Did you notice I said we... I really doubt I'll be doing any part of it other then painting...) Anyways, I think #1. I had it taped out that big but I was doubting it as I stared at it last night - but now I'm confident that the room can handle it.

For better lighting on where it will be, check out the "formal" living room post I did a while back. I just realized we have two other pieces of furniture in there and I've never shared the update. I'm starting to realize how lazy of a blogger I am in the summer. :)

Okay, comment away and hopefully I'll have a beauty to show you soon!!