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Friday, May 18, 2012

It's "Favorite's Friday" | DIY Fashion

So I thought I'd get another post in before I retire for the long weekend. And, since I haven't done anything from Pinterest this week (that is also because my lack of blogging), I thought I'd do this Favorite's Friday from my DIY Fashion board. So, before I close up shop for the weekend, here are five DIY fashion pieces that are on my to-do list:

1. Halter Top Tutorial
Talk 2 The Trees

Elsie Marley

Elsie Marley

Art With Ashley

Elm Street Life

There you have it! :D That should keep you busy for a while. Other than that, have a great weekend out there and for those of you with a holiday monday - enjoy!

Friday, April 27, 2012

It's "Favorite's Friday" | Banana Republic Style

I don't know if I've told you, but I'm absolutely in love with Banana Republic. Of course while I was away in Vegas and San Francisco, I was sure to stop by the nearest BR to get some new clothes. And, as I'm very excited to be back and writing another Favorite's Friday post, today I'm sharing my current five favorite items on the Banana Republic website - sale section (of course!). For those of you who know me well, I can always find a great deal and I usually only buy things that aren't full price. So, enjoy my style and take advantage of a great sale with these great items:

My fashion in a nutshell - or should I say the fashion I would love to purchase ASAP! Other than that, a busy weekend lies ahead. It turns out the old brick home we fell in love with before I left has been replaced with an even better old stone home. We go tomorrow for our second look, we've been pre-approved for the mortgage and we'll be switching to a realtor in the next couple of days to get our home sold. This is it, we've finally settled on the perfect home. Even better - there are absolutely no renovation musts when we move in! Can't wait to share more with you... in the meantime, have a great weekend out there!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

It's "Favorites Friday" | My Style

I'm a day late, but better late than never? I figured with the upcoming trip to San Francisco, I better get a few posts in before we leave - I know I'll be MIA from blog world while I'm gone. After all, it has been almost three years since we've had a week vacay together... so I'm definitely pumped. Anyways, for today's "Favorites Friday" I decided to dip into my Pinterest - My Style, and pick my five favorite fashion pieces. Wait no longer... this is exactly what I dream my fashion statement to be... (because we all know I don't own all of these!).

1. I love the grays. If you know me, you know I'm a neutral gal when it comes to fashion. I have very few colored pieces of clothing in my closet. I just love how everything compliments each other and the pearls are my favorite (aside from diamonds). I just need the shoes, the white scarf (I have like 40 scarves, but no plain white one).... I think I could managed similar items for the rest.

2. You can say I'm a very self conscious gal, especially when it comes to beach wear... But this bathing suit may just be my next... I absolutely love the lines and how cute it is, without revealing too much skin. I know when I get older I'll wish I rocked a bikini, but I just hate them!
Rey Swimwear

3. Want, need, love... this bag is absolutely amazing. I bet I could fit my laptop in it as well to take on business trips! The worn leather would match any outfit... now, I just need to find out where I can buy it! I'm definitely after an over sized bag for my purse... leather would be great.. but I'll settle for any great bag that can be worn year round.
A Life of Beauty and Grace

4. Very simple, yet something I rarely do. My husband loves the plain shirt and jeans look and I never do it. Again, I feel very self conscious in a t shirt, don't ask me why. The flip flops aren't my favorite, I'm more of a leather flip flop kinda gal, but that bag... ohh, I love. I'll take it in place of the leather one... I absolutely adore it.

5. Back to the neutrals. This look is timeless... and I want those shoes so badly!! I'm not a hoop earrings kinda gal, but I already have a similar belt and watch. I own a black bag and plenty of large neck sweaters, I'm pretty sure I could pull a similar look off with the items in my closet. Now the ring, I want a flat, silver tube ring so bad (without the designs)... but a trip to the jewelry store had them coming in at $800 plus. Eeks... I'll keep it on my wish list though... I absolutely love them!

Favorites Friday a day late, but I still managed. And, you've learned a little bit more about me and my style. Hopefully I get another blog post out to you before I leave. I'll even try and write a few to post while I'm away. But if not ... see you in a week or two and have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pin Attempt - Paperclip Earrings

Once again, I find myself apologizing for the lack of posting, but I promise it wasn't my fault! :) It was Saturday morning when I decided I would finally make that pin attempt, paperclip earrings, happen. But, as I went to upload the photos and start my blog post I found we had no internet, not to mention no phone! You could imagine our panic, with our house for sale and the contact number our own... but no phone in service! For those of you that live in Canada and know our main telephone service provider, you also know that things don't get fixed quickly. It was late Sunday before we had phone again, and tonight before we had our internet - not impressed! But, that being aside, I am proud to say I finally did that pin attempt I promised, paperclip earrings, and I'm pretty sure I failed! :o/

Originally I found this idea on Pinterest, but it belongs to evie s. and belongs to her post: Art from Everyday Objects: Paperclips + String. Here is the picture of what they should look like:

Paperclips + String
Awesome aren't they? Well, here's what I did. 
First, I started out with some paperclips, earrings and yarn. 

I bent the paperclips into triangles and put them on the earring hooks. (I should have stopped here).

Don't they look great.... for now. 

Did I mention that I had a little friend batting around at the string as I worked away...

And of course, my moral support to my side, convincing me I can do it. :o)

Okay, so I got side tracked. After many, many times wrapping the paperclips with yarn I gave up. I liked the way they look, but I couldn't figure out how to knot them.... As you can tell the one on the right is a little better than the left, that's because I started to give up.

HAHA... there you have it. I was really disappointed by the fail, but now I just laugh. I know I probably wouldn't have wore them, but still... If you can figure out how to finish the string, without losing the look or it coming undone, let me know!!! Leave your comments below. Now, you must stop laughing, my next pin attempt will hopefully be a success!!

Nice to be back, hope you're having a great week out there.

Friday, January 27, 2012

It's "Favorites Friday"!

A late night post, today was a "snow" day where I live (more like ice), but I decided to take the day off from work... well at least the corporate world work. But, I worked all day at renovations and right now our bathroom ceiling has been gutted and doesn't exist!! We are putting in all new drywall and a fan... after this there are only two more big projects (trim upstairs and new kitchen counter tops) and we're putting the for sale sign in the front lawn. Our goal is next weekend, but I keep telling Ryan that it's going to be at least another week! Anyways, I thought I better not leave you without my Favorites Friday post, so here goes. Today, I'm going to do my five favorite latest pins on  Pinterest. I know, another post from Pinterest but you don't understand, I'm totally addicted. Here they are:

1.  Open Shelves in the Kitchen
Photo Courtesy of Pinterest
2. Absolutely Amazing Family Room
Photo Courtesy of Pinterest
3. I Wish I Was Brave Enough - Black Wall
Photo Courtesy of Pinterest
4. Now this is an Eat in Kitchen
Photo Courtesy of Pinterest
5. Definitely Nothing to Do With Houses - I Love this Outfit!
Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Totally random, I must do my Favorites Friday posts off of Pinterest more often!! :o)
Have a great weekend out there!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

It's Monday... How About Brunch at Saks?

Like most people, I hate Mondays! It's the beginning of another week in the corporate world, the beginning of limited sleep and the beginning of rushed nights - making dinner, cleaning around the house and trying to work up the energy to come and post, let alone, make some more items!

So, to escape my Monday blues, I wandered on over and had Brunch at Saks. Okay, so not literally, as I live in Eastern Ontario, nestled in the countryside and can't seem to find a Saks Fifth Avenue in sight! But, my wandering eye did venture on over to the Brunch at Saks blog, where I perused the blog of Annemarie - reading up on contemporary and classic elements of home decor, fashion and entertaining.

I won't say to much more, but go and check it out! I'm definitely placing it on my must read list for future entertainment and day dreaming.

Hope you have a great week!