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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

And the Winner is...

Alright let's do this the fair way. I've taken all of your names in order that you commented/shared and put them in the list below. The number beside your name belongs to you. :)

Here you are:

1 - Kim
2 - Sandra
3 - Anonymous ("xoxo")
4 - Anonymous (Sara's mom)
5 - Anonymous (lover of red)
6 - Ginger Bergemann
7 - Emily Thompson
8 - KHBride
9 - Katie from Katie's Nesting Spot
10 - Holly Lefevre

Bonus Share Entries:

11 - Kim
12 - KHBride

Did I tell you... you guys are the best! And, I'm not just sucking up because some of you may hate me after your number wasn't chosen. No worries, I'm sure my nice little self will have another giveaway soon! Promise!

Alright folks. Here it is... if you were numero 5.... you are the lucky winner! See:

Thanks random number generator thingy majiggy. And, thanks to everyone who participated - I definitely felt the love. :o)

Alright... number 5... it's your turn to step up. (Who the heck is number 5?)

Number 5
Anonymous: "I like the red star the best or the red A" - You are the winner.

Please contact me ( with your deets and the pair of earrings you would like from the shoppe. Yup you can pick any pair you want!

If you didn't get a pair and want some... you can shop here! Or, tell me a specific letter you want, a color you have in mind and I can send you some cool options and make some for you.

Now... what to giveaway next?

Monday, February 11, 2013

Win! Clay Stud Earrings | Giveaway

Okay, I was going to wait until Valentine's Day to do this giveaway, but I just couldn't. You guys are just so darn cute and I kind of got excited after listing everything on the etsy shoppe yesterday that I had to do it now.

Here's the deal. If you win, you can have any... and I mean any pair of earrings that are listed in the shop, including a stamped initial of your choice. But you have to show me some love. (Oh and when I say any, I mean any ONE pair.) Deal. Deal.

1. Okay, here's where you show me how much you love me, or hate me, or just put up with me to get a new pair of earrings. Comment below, tell me what you're favorite pair is, tell me that Monday's suck or just say hi. Anything will do. But you MUST comment below.

2. Want a second chance to win? Go to Facebook and share my status... or just share it because you want to help a sister out and spread the word. The post will be something about this contest... that's the one.

Here's what you could be receiving in the mail (or you could pick a different pair?):

Comment - get an entry. Share - get an entry. Tell me how much you love me, get another entry. Just kidding. Go to it and please tell your friends.

Spread the love - it's (almost) Valentine's Day for goodness sake! And, you have two weeks to enter - so I'm closing this dealio on Feb 25 (2013) and will randomly select a winner from those who have commented below. (If you shared on Facebook - bonus entry, but you MUST comment below!)


YAY! I was featured:

nap-time creations

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More the Merrier Monday

Monday, January 28, 2013

The Earrings are For Sale!

Alright, here's the deal. The earrings are ready and they're for sale. They just haven't hit the etsy shoppe yet because we are heading away on vacay soon! Translation... I don't want to list them, get a whole bunch of interest, and then have to shut down the shoppe for the week we're away.

What does this mean for you?

You get first dibs and a little bit of a deal if you want to buy from the first batch (or two) before they make the store.

Here's a snapshot of the what the earrings look like (see the ones for sale here). If you see a pair you MUST have, let me know... email me, comment below... Facebook me? If you see two pairs that you must have... even better for me for you... you'll get a deal.

On Etsy they are going to sell for $8 each plus shipping OR two for $14 plus shipping. If you buy before they go into the Etsy Shoppe (you have approximately 2 - 3 weeks)... you can get them $8 each plus shipping OR two for ONLY $12 plus shipping. (Shipping in Canada is $2.50).

So what'ya say?

They will be sold on a first come first serve basis... and while I'm away... a delayed response may occur - SORRY!

Keep in touch with my Facebook page as I will post the ones for sale in the Album - First Come, First Gets Earrings - Pre-Etsy Opportunity. When you pick and I respond... we will chit chat and I will invoice you through PayPal and then they will happily land in your mailbox.

If I don't hear back from you within 48 hours... I must surrender your selection to other folks.

Okay, deal... deal.

1, 2, 3... go shop!

Oh and thanks for supporting martha.anne and kinda making this thing a reality! :o)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Introducing... Clay Stud Earrings!

They aren't available in stores yet, but on the weekend I put together these bad boys - clay stud earrings. I'm still working out the kinks, but I want to know what you think??

clay stud earring by martha.anne

I've been wearing them every day since... And I must say.... I'm in love!

sporting the new clay stud earrings (M's) at work

I have original clay studs, cutout clay studs (which are one of a kind or limited addition) and soon to come... that will hopefully work... clay stamped studs.

a tray full of earrings and wanna be earrings

All the little cutouts you see, amongst the earrings on the tray, are waiting to be made.

I've been making new ones every day for the past three days. Oh and if you ask the hubby, I'm also dreaming about them. Last night I insisted in my sleep that we go to the craft store so I could get more glue for my earrings.

Just waiting on the jewelry varnish to arrive and then I'll add them to the etsy shoppe. Oh... And maybe even give away a pair (stay tuned).

Happy Tuesday! :o)

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pin Attempt - Paperclip Earrings

Once again, I find myself apologizing for the lack of posting, but I promise it wasn't my fault! :) It was Saturday morning when I decided I would finally make that pin attempt, paperclip earrings, happen. But, as I went to upload the photos and start my blog post I found we had no internet, not to mention no phone! You could imagine our panic, with our house for sale and the contact number our own... but no phone in service! For those of you that live in Canada and know our main telephone service provider, you also know that things don't get fixed quickly. It was late Sunday before we had phone again, and tonight before we had our internet - not impressed! But, that being aside, I am proud to say I finally did that pin attempt I promised, paperclip earrings, and I'm pretty sure I failed! :o/

Originally I found this idea on Pinterest, but it belongs to evie s. and belongs to her post: Art from Everyday Objects: Paperclips + String. Here is the picture of what they should look like:

Paperclips + String
Awesome aren't they? Well, here's what I did. 
First, I started out with some paperclips, earrings and yarn. 

I bent the paperclips into triangles and put them on the earring hooks. (I should have stopped here).

Don't they look great.... for now. 

Did I mention that I had a little friend batting around at the string as I worked away...

And of course, my moral support to my side, convincing me I can do it. :o)

Okay, so I got side tracked. After many, many times wrapping the paperclips with yarn I gave up. I liked the way they look, but I couldn't figure out how to knot them.... As you can tell the one on the right is a little better than the left, that's because I started to give up.

HAHA... there you have it. I was really disappointed by the fail, but now I just laugh. I know I probably wouldn't have wore them, but still... If you can figure out how to finish the string, without losing the look or it coming undone, let me know!!! Leave your comments below. Now, you must stop laughing, my next pin attempt will hopefully be a success!!

Nice to be back, hope you're having a great week out there.