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Friday, November 1, 2013

It's "Favorites Friday" | The Perfect Farmhouse

I don't need to say much other than it's Favorites Friday and this farmhouse is stunning. I know I normally pick five things for Favorites Friday... but this place is much more worthy than that! I won't even ramble... the pictures tell the whole story.

front porch.




living room.


craft room.

master bedroom.

guest bedroom.


There you have it. I mean what isn't to love. I'm trying to convince my mom that she should rip up her old carpet and expose the wood floors below. If they are in really bad shape than paint them like they have done in this home. The color on the floors with the neutrals on the walls is to die for! In love. Check out the full house tour over at Home Bunch!

Anyways, happy Friday - have a great weekend out there and don't forget you get an extra hour of sleep on Sunday morning! :)

Friday, September 13, 2013

It's "Favorites Friday" | My Dream Home Pinned

Wow it has been forever since I've done a Favorite's Friday... I guess that shows how lazy I've truly been... but I really am trying... so you must forgive me. :D

Oh and guess what? I know everything lately seems to be baby... well, not today! I've decided to share my dream home with you - the one I have on Pinterest. And, I can't say I'll only be sharing five pictures, we'll have to wait and see... because it's been forever and I've done a lot of pinning while I've been away.

Anyways, dream away. Here goes.

I don't need a huge home, just one big enough for our soon to be little family. But, it must have a wrap around porch... and some character. I will take one of these please... (maybe in a different color though).
better homes and garden.

Or, if I manage to have an unlimited budget... I'll take this one. We actually have our eye on something like this one in a town close by. It's for sale and well, the hubby works there. If he gets the promotion he's supposed to get in the next year or two and it still happens to be for sale... maybe it will be ours?  


And well, if we don't get that house... I will keep dreaming. Like this. If this isn't the perfect dining room... then I don't know what is. Okay how about that water front view in the background... GAH!!! A girl can definitely dream.

the enchanted home.

And this. Nothing screams at me more than a nice white and neutral bathroom... I wish we could do ours over right now!

home & garden design ideas.

And while this may be a little overboard... this mudroom will do just fine with a little one on the way. I'm sure he'll be nice and muddy a lot of times in our next 18 years. 

john b. murray architect.

Oh and when you enter the front doors to our house... you'll definitely see this great hallway. These arches are absolutely amazing... and dream worthy.


And, for those cold days that are fast approaching... this will do. What a cozy fireplace... I've always wanted a real one that is open (no glass door)... the husband, for one, says insurance won't allow it, and two, the house would be filthy!

simon design blog.

Oh and in case you're in love with islands like this girl... I'm sure this one will be perfect. Is it just me or does it look they could actually have two islands in this kitchen??? Oh my... I guess a girl can never have too many islands??


That's it for now... oh, but you should really go follow me on Pinterest. And... of course, have an awesome weekend!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A New Shoppe... How About Some Jewelry?

And we've already made it to Wednesday. That means the end of the work week is in sight and I've been dreaming about anything but working in the corporate world for the past few days. A couple of posts ago (It's "Favorites Friday" | Food and Such), I mentioned that I was interested in venturing into a little online shoppe - other than my Etsy one - which I do have some pieces ready to add to. :o) Anyways, I'm thinking of selling jewelry... but first I wanted to see what you thought. There is a lot to choose from, so I want to start off with costume jewelry and slowly add some silver pieces. Here a few of the pieces I was thinking:





All very affordable - everything I've shown here is under $50! Any thoughts? Let me know below in the comments and hopefully I'll be selling them soon. Anyways, another busy night, trying to wrap up Assignment 1 of my university course and of course, watching Survivor. Talk soon!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Life in Grace… The Perfect Kitchen!

A kitchen that feels like home. Have you ever remodeled a home and then found something you thought would have been better? Ahh… that's what happens when you stumble upon so many ideas. Well, I have finally found the kitchen that feels like home. If we were ever to build a home in the country, this would be the kitchen.

Life in Grace - The Kitchen, Her Highness

Life in Grace - The Kitchen, Her Highness

From Life in Grace…. The mix of colors and countertops makes it feel as if it's been there for ages. I am absolutely obsessed with every little detail, the built in hutch, the dining bar with wood countertops and the oversize island. I'm pretty sure I'm in heaven. I'm not quite sure how I stumbled upon Edie's blog, but I just couldn't stop exploring once I had. And, I ended up seeing two more of her kitchens, not so much a favorite like the firsts, but definitely still worth sharing! The character she puts into them makes them feel like home every time.

Life in Grace - Painted Kitchen Cabinets: Retro Turquoise Style


Life in Grace - Lake Cottage Kitchen: Before and Afters

I was curious. So, I kept exploring. Honestly, I could sit at home and blog surf all day, while dreaming of the perfect home. Waking up in the morning, going for a fun, opening up the email and blogs, then writing and crafting for the afternoon, of course while baking and getting ready for supper. A girl can dream can't she! :D

Anyways, I've been side tracked by my dare to dream life… back to Life in Grace. Here are a couple of more rooms I absolutely adore.

Life in Grace - The Sultry Master

Life in Grace - The Girls' Room

Now, I must get back to renos, work, school and the real life.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Yup... It's a Pinterest Post

Happy Monday!! If there is such a thing... I've been lala land and you guessed it, today's post is another Pinterest post, brought to you by my "dream home." board. Of course, I could post a million +1 pictures in this post, but I'll try my best to leave it to my latest faves.

Before I take off into dream land, what's new? Well, summer weather has arrived, so lots of outdoor work, boating and enjoying time on the patio. As well, lots of BBQing... I absolutely love the BBQ! And, the house is still being viewed constantly, okay so it seems, but honestly I don't think I've ever cleaned a house as much as I have this one in the past month... plus the animals are constantly shedding, so it really doesn't help. As for house purchasing, we're on the fence. We do have an offer in on a house but are continuing to look just in case. Of course, not much else is new, work continues to be work. I'm hoping to spend a little more time with you guys and my blog than I have been neglecting. It's just so hard to pull out the computer instead of enjoying some quiet time outside. But, I will do my best :)

Okay, so that's what is new with life. Nothing too exciting! Here is a glimpse of where I could spend the rest of my life... oh to dream. The dream home:

A master bedroom that is to die for.

decor pad.
A family room that is cozy year round.
decor pad.

A modern twist on a dining room.
(maybe make the table a little wider)

a thoughtful eye.

The dream kitchen.


The most peaceful bathroom.

better homes and gardens.

That is it for now. I will continue to dream that our next place can turn into half of what I absolutely love. Of course it will take lots of work to get character put into most houses around where I live. But, I'm on a mission to do just that. If we can't find it, we'll have to create it. It will all depend on where we end up! Have a great week...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Pinning Attempt...

Okay here's the deal. There are so many things I always want to do, try, make, etc. And now that I'm addicted to Pinterest, the list is ever growing. So, I made myself a deal... I want to attempt one new pin every week. This is going to be quite the challenge, but totally worth it! Last week, I successfully did this by trying out this fabulous cinnamon roll cake recipe, which I shared last week! Hmm... I think this is a great goal to have... kind of a new year's goal, but a goal to make sure I fully enjoy life and take moments to do those things I want, after all, Pinterest could more or less be mistaken for my bucket list, okay and dream/wish list.

Anyways, be sure to follow me on Pinterest! I'm on a mission to find this weeks pin. I will let you know next week what it was and how it went. In the meantime, go make the cinnamon roll cake recipe, it was absolutely delicious!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I'm Dreaming of a White Kitchen.

The heart of the home - a big beautiful white kitchen. When looking at a house it's all about the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry room. With so many ways to design and make all of these areas masterpieces to share with the world... yes even the room with your toilet.... I can't help but to obsess over a white kitchen. So, here are a few I've found lately that have me day dreaming...

White Kitchen with Coffer Ceiling
White Kitchen with Butcher Block Top Island
White Kitchen with Gray Walls
White Kitchen with Subway Tile
White Kitchen with Dark Wood Island

And there you have it... some of the greatest white kitchens out there! Now I must go and dream a little more! Be sure to share links to your favorites kitchens in the comments below!

Monday, November 28, 2011

It's Monday... How About Brunch at Saks?

Like most people, I hate Mondays! It's the beginning of another week in the corporate world, the beginning of limited sleep and the beginning of rushed nights - making dinner, cleaning around the house and trying to work up the energy to come and post, let alone, make some more items!

So, to escape my Monday blues, I wandered on over and had Brunch at Saks. Okay, so not literally, as I live in Eastern Ontario, nestled in the countryside and can't seem to find a Saks Fifth Avenue in sight! But, my wandering eye did venture on over to the Brunch at Saks blog, where I perused the blog of Annemarie - reading up on contemporary and classic elements of home decor, fashion and entertaining.

I won't say to much more, but go and check it out! I'm definitely placing it on my must read list for future entertainment and day dreaming.

Hope you have a great week!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Favorite Ways to Reuse a Pallet...

So, you've probably noticed the latest trend hitting the internet - ways to reuse a pallet. Well, I must admit, I have found a few designs that I absolutely love! Now, if only I can convince my husband to make them for me so I can find a place to put them :o) Here's a few of my faves:

Okay, so there you have it. A few of my favorite things to do with a pallet. :o) Once again you caught me dreaming... I must go now and think of making some more products for my Etsy Shoppe, as I need to get it opened soon! 
Have a great night out there.