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Friday, April 11, 2014

The 25 Best DIY Easter Ideas

The Easter Bunny may not be delivering chocolates to the Little Man this year... no probably some clothes and baby food. YUP... he's eating his veggies already! But just because the chocolate won't be hitting his basket this year, doesn't mean I won't be celebrating anways. Here's a list of the 25 best DIY Easter ideas out there... well at least what I think to be!

Alright... I think I've got my work cut out for me. We are having Little P's Baptism on Easter so I'm actually hoping to make some of these things and share them with you... probably after Easter - who am I kidding? 

Happy Easter Making!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

DIY Rhino Head | Pin Attempt

If you haven't seen the nursery you must check it out. This rhino head was the perfect DIY project for our budget and now hangs above Little P's crib - and of course, it was a Pin Attempt.

First you need to grab the instruction from over here: (diy faux rhino mount).
Then all you need is a talented hubby, some paint and it's yours! Or a hubby who will let you in his workshop. ;)

It's that simple.

In fact, I've been thinking about creating other animals to sell in the etsy shop. I have some designs put together for different ones, I just need to have the hubs test them out. If all is good, we need to find a way to flat package them and create instructions for assembly. Oh, and figure out who should be doing the painting - me or the customer?

Of course, I have to finish the other Etsy projects I have on the go right now... slowly but surely it will all come together. :)

P.S. this pin attempt was a success!

Friday, February 14, 2014

DIY Baby Footprints Heart | Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! While this year marks 12 Valentine's Days together, we're opting out of the typical chocolates, flowers and dinner. Instead we've decided to invest in ourselves and get each other a bowflex.

But... It still wouldn't be Valentine's day without a little something. So, I insisted we celebrate some DIY heart footprints from the little man.

This project was definitely a family affair. First, I placed Parker's feet on the ink pad while the hubs held him. Then he lowered him into position so I could place the little feet. We then did the other foot the same way. I then got out my stamp set and wrote out i love you, and improvised for the period with the tip of a pen. 

I just need to buy a frame and our perfect little Valentine has delivered us the best present of all! Happy Valentine's Day - I hope your spoiled with the time of family and friends who love you and maybe a little keepsake like the one above to remind you what matters most.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Top 10 Posts from 2013

I finally got an afternoon in to work on the blog... I am one happy lady! And, there's no better time to recap the top 10 posts from 2013 then now.

I was excited to look back and see the number of people who had stopped by on my many posts. Here are the top 10, starting with the most popular.

I can only hope to have even more great posts in 2014!

Friday, November 15, 2013

DIY | Fireplace Mantel

It's finally done! I've only been talking about it for the last year or so and here it is. Another DIY project... the fireplace mantel.

After finding it online over a year ago and putting it on my to build. pinterest board, it's finally here. At first it was on the hubby's to-do-list... but with just a week left until the baby shower, the brother-in-law came to the rescue.

You probably remember me talking about it (here and here). After searching for the original website it came from (Sweet Something Design), I found their plans on the fireplace facelift they did. Problem was, we didn't have an existing fireplace to cover up. So it was looking at those plans and this picture (oh I can only hope my Christmas mantel will look this good) that the BIL built my dream mantel.

sweet something design.

I'll try and explain as best as I can how he did it... really I'm not quite sure. But I have progress pics and he's available for hire (no lie.. just contact me for more info). So let's take a look and see what he did along the way.

First, him and the hubs cut a hole in the wall... it wasn't weight baring but I was still scared. Then he framed out the fireplace using 1x3s and 2x4s I believe... and then covered it all up with some MDF. The hubs made the grid at the top and then we painted it with like 5 coats of paint - pain in my butt!! But I guess you could say it was well worth it... and the dust we accumulated during the building phase!

Anyways, here's what it looks like today... all dolled up:

That's it! Another item off the list... the long long list. I can't wait to decorate it and share the pics with you for Christmas!!

Oh... did I mention that the hunny-do-list is only going to get longer? Yup, today was my last day of work and I'm off on maternity leave for a whole year! I think the hubs is slightly scared at the ripped apart rooms (or as I'd like to call them - projects) that he might come home to. I have so many ideas and I'm not afraid to test out his workshop. Anyways, that is it for now! Happy weekend everyone!

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