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Friday, January 18, 2013

The Ensuite Has Started...

It's not much to show you, but we have started. All of the pine has been removed and we have moved the clothes. Here's what it looks like for now... (I'm sort of pouting because I miss my shelves already!)

(See what it looked like before: Before and After - The Master Bedroom)

I drew up a plan for the layout:

And, here are some ideas of what things will look like...

I would like the shower to look like this one or no wood and just glass. The white subway tile would be perfect to keep the space light and airy.


The sink will look like this one... maybe. I'm still trying to decide if it is too minimal or just right for the size of the space. If we go with this design, I would like both pieces of wood extended to make a counter space area.


The closet will be a walk-in with lots of hanging space and built in storage. I would like some shelves and drawers, along with this great jewelry space:


The door between the bathroom and closet will be a pocket door - a must to save space. But, the door that enters the ensuite is currently a lot bigger than a regular door opening. Instead of framing it in, I really want a barn door - either like this one or one with just one big door.


Eek! So excited. Estimated date of completion... December 2013... {laughing out loud} Okay, seriously - hopefully by the summer. And, hopefully I don't stumble upon too many other ideas in the meantime to change my mind.