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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Before and After | The Dining Room Chairs

I have chairs! Okay so you may have snuck a peak at them in the DIY Prendant Lighting with Lampshade post the other day... but here they are up close and personal.

When the hubby built the new table, we were left with an eight-seater bar table. Without hesitation, my mom volunteered it to her home. We thought why not? We were done with it... but we get to keep two of the chairs for our island... and the deal was made. I'm not sure if she actually won out of this situation though. When we dropped off her table, she was left with two sets. So, I insisted we take her old one. Well, at least the chairs. I figured if we painted them up they would do just fine at our new table. So we did just that. (As for the table, the hubby is turning it into a desk!! Stay tuned for that post... it's a project still sitting on the back burner.)



What do you think? Not bad? We are still getting used to having a "normal" height table and everything seems so tiny... or the space feels huge. I'm not too sure yet. Anyways, I'm saving my pennies for two wing back or upholstered chairs for the ends, like this one:


And when I say saving my pennies I mean it. Can you believe that these chairs are $400 each?? I mean obviously I'm not getting them, but I even saw other ones I like that are $1000 each... do people really pay that much for one dining room chair??

Oh to dream...

Anyways, those are the dining room chairs... we're still trying to decide if we like them.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Great Steal - My New Oversized Chair

A few years back, before our house fire, I had the most amazing oversized chair. My husband (then boyfriend) had picked it up at a yard sale. It was perfect. You could snuggle up in it for hours on end. Then I lost it. Ever since then I've been looking for one but they are way too expensive, ranging anywhere from 500 to 1200 dollars. But, my search has ended. Thanks to Kijiji, my husband picked up an oversized chair for me today for only 100 dollars!! Here are a few of my favorites that just didn't make the budget...
Home Hardware Furniture
Chair and a Half $499
Home Hardware Furniture
Chair and a Half $1120
Home Hardware Furniture Oversized Chair $1360

And here's the one my hubby brought home for me tonight...

A great steal! I love when things work out this way, usually it means a lot of patience... but it certainly pays off. Well, off to do more renos - and possible sneak in a few minutes on the computer to find great things.

Oh and before I forget, that is a Christmas Tree in the background. I know we didn't put one up this year (Our Christmas Tree 2011), but we ended up picking one up on boxing day. Yes, it is still sitting in our other living room waiting to be stored away before the house goes up for sale. Good news, we won't have any excuses as to why we are Scrooges next year! Have a great night out there...