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Friday, October 4, 2013

I Won The Liebster Award...

Nanner nanner woohoo... Joyful in Chaos awarded me with the Liebster Award!

I had no idea this even existed. And there it sat, an email in my inbox... that I had won! I hesitated at first... could this be spam? Why would I get a blogger award... then I convinced myself to click. And there it was - my name was on the list. Me?


Here's what it is:

Liebster, (Leibste) meaning "kindest, dearest, beloved, cute, endearing" in German.

The Liebster Award is a blogger to blogger, peer award, used to highlight up and coming, smaller, lesser known blogs that are less than 6 months old and/or have less than 200 followers. Liebster is an award that you accept with an intention of paying it forward. How awesome is that?!? {and what a surprise, too!}

When you accept your Liebster, you must pay it forward and nominate other bloggers that you would like to award.

So here are the guidelines for the award:
1) You must post 11 random things about yourself.
2) Answer the questions that the nominator set for you.
3) Create 11 questions for the people you nominate.
4) Choose 11 new blogs that you love and link them in your post.
5) Leave a comment on this post with the URL to your Leibster post so I can learn more about you

Awe... isn't that so nice. Here's 11 random things about moi:

1. My sign is Cancer.
2. I was on tv for figure skating when I was 12 or so.
3. I was supposed to skip grade 6 but chickened out.
4. I am addicted to cheese.
5. I hate being pregnant.
6. I hate vans and refuse to ever own one unless its an old school VW camper van.
7. I need my sleep - at least 8 hours - you have been warned.
8. I am still trying to find that "dream" job.
9. I am not like most women, I don't dream of shoes, I dream of jeans... Silvers to be exact.
10. I don't really have a favorite color or number.
11. I love surprises and trying something new - food, places to see, etc.

For more randomness about me, visit my about me page.

Now onto the questions from Jos:

1. What is your dream home?
Gah! What isn't my dream home... I absolutely love old homes for their character and new homes for their functionality. It must have a front porch and lots of roof lines. Here's one I'd take in a heart beat:


2) What is your favorite song and why?
Oh this is a hard one... I'm not really a song person -  but right now I really enjoy Some Nights (Fun), Calamity Song (The Decemberists), Somebody That I Used to Know (Gotye), Ho Hey (The Lumineers)... oh and my all time go to is New Orleans is Sinking (The Tragically Hip) and of course I can't forget our wedding song What a Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong). Sorry, I cheated - that was more than one. But really... I'm more of a movie gal.

3) What do you love most about being a momma?
Well, I'm only a momma to Bailey our cat. And well... the first baby is on it's way - possibly the only one - did I mention I hate pregnancy?

4) What's your favorite blog post & why?
Hmm... I'm not to sure about this one... I'm pretty proud of one I recently wrote. It had... wait for it... over 450 views, over 20 comments and over 125 downloads in less than two weeks. SCORE - that's pretty good for me! Check it out - Free Fall Printable!
5) What are your three favorite blogs & why?
Oh there are so many... but ultimately I choose to follow certain blogs more than others because of their style. They have ahhhmazing homes and pretty cool projects. Here are three I recommend you check out:

6) What tv shows are must-watch for you?
Well, now that there is no more Gossip Girl, 90210 or Dr. Emily Owens... I would have to say The Carrie Diaries and Hart of Dixie. And then... I discovered Pretty Little Liars and I'm hooked. All in all though, I'm a CW girl -  minus all the vampires. Oh and of course, I can't forget Love It or List It!

7) How long have you been blogging & why?
Oh about two years I think. And because I love it. It's a creative outlet - although sometimes I lack a little in that department and fail to blog. As well, I'm hoping it becomes a full-time business someday. (dreaming...)

8) "I'll ------------ if it's the last thing I do."
Go to New York City. I want to go there so bad!!! <--- bad enough it needed three exclamations.

9) Favorite decor find of all time?
Meh? Time changes this decision and I really don't have a lot of decor yet... still working on the reno phase of our home. But, I have a few "victorian" antique frames I scored from the hub's grandpa's barn. They are to die for.. I just haven't done anything with them yet. Oh, plus they were free.

10) Who's your favorite author?
Oh I wish I had an answer for this I just don't read anymore. As a kid I loved reading. As a teen I hated it.. I will blame this on teachers who made me read books I was interested in. Now, I love it but don't have time for it. Therefor, no favorite author.

11) What's your favorite "homemade" gift?
Who doesn't love homemade? I can't think of a specific thing that was given to me that I absolutely adore... but if you don't do homemade... I'm okay with Etsy gifts too. Oh and Rice Krispie Treats... who doesn't like those? Check out Mallow & Co. for some different kinds.

That is it. I did it. Now it's your turn... I am going to elect these fine ladies:

Maggie @ The Love Nerds
Linda @ Paper Seedlings
Rebecca @ Beurrista
Heather @ The Unsophisticated Kitchen
Megan @ Megan to Momma
Amy @ Up Mommy Creek
Mosby @ Simplicity is Key
Katie @ See You There
Holly @ My Own Kind of Beautiful
Jessica @ My Bag of Sunshine
Allie @ Mama G, Three and IV

Here are my questions for you:

1. If you could have a three word sentence to describe your blog what would it be? Why?
2. What are your favorite pizza toppings?
3. What is the best place you've ever traveled?
4. If you don't have one already, what would be your ideal Etsy Shop?
5. If you could share any recipe with me, what would it be?
6. How did you come up with the name of your blog?
7. What is the best surprise you've ever had given to you?
8. If you could do anything or be anything, what would it be?
9. I am at home when I am "_________".
10. My favorite color scheme right now is?
11. What is your most random memory from childhood?

Congrats everyone! I look forward to reading your answers.
Please provide links to your blog post in the comments below.

**** Just so you know, if I couldn't find the followers on your blog - I went to bloglovin'... maybe I cheated a little.. but under 200 is under 200 right?****

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

You Must Read This...

I read this blog post today and almost died - hilarious.

bitchin sisters.

After a meeting where I was thankful nobody got killed by the raging pregnant woman - this worked. Lice is a four letter word. Pregnant woman radar went back to happy... well, as happy as a pregnant woman could be sitting in a cube for eight hours and life continued on as "normal". You must go read it.

Monday, March 11, 2013

My Sweet Savannah | Another Great Blog

Oh. My. You need to see this house. Okay and blog too. They say don't judge a book by its cover, but every time I stumble upon a new blog I instantly look for the "home tour". If I fall in love, I'm sold. Welcome your latest stalker! And lately, I'm stalking My Sweet Savannah. And she is definitely sweet enough to share her home with us. Take a peak:

front porch.


dining room.

living room.

girl's room.

boy's bathroom.

Isn't it amazing? I love, love, love everything about it! For the full tour - stop by here. As well, she has a giveaway on today for some canvas letters I am totally in love with. Go see - canvas letter giveaway.

burlap letter giveaway.

See. Aren't they amazing? Go check out My Sweet Savannah. And don't yell at me when you get lost in her blog for a few hours. :o) Oh.. and if you're bored make me some of those letters!! Okay that was bossy... please make me some of those letters?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cozy.Cottage.Cute | Another Great Blog

I've stumbled upon another great blog - Cozy.Cottage.Cute. Actually I have a list of them I'm waiting to share, but I couldn't resist this one. I love the way she writes, in fact, I have writer's envy... and her about us page is to die for, it definitely has me reconsidering mine!

Enough rambling... okay not yet... I've just started perusing and something keeps bringing me back to this dresser she created with numbers on it. It's absolutely adorable and I think it would look great in my office space for storage.

numbered dresser | cozy.cottage.cute

Isn't it adorable? Here's the before and after...

numbered dresser before & after | cozy cottage cute

I have a dresser in worse shape waiting for a makeover... I might just do this! Anyways, go check out Cozy.Cottage.Cute and let me know what you think about the dresser... is it cute or what?


Oh, before I forget... in other news, if you haven't seen my Facebook posts... the earrings are nearly ready. Okay, they are... I just need to take some pictures and post them on the etsy shoppe! Are you as excited as I am?

Friday, January 11, 2013

The Nester... Another Amazing Blog!

I love this blog. I stumbled upon it after pinning an amazing home office on Pinterest. It's rare that I actually click on the link that goes with the pin - I know that's horrible - but there was something about this office and now I'm glad I did. Take a peek:

nesting place.

nesting place.

nesting place.

Anyways, I read a few more posts and slowly started learning that she blogs about her house and creating the perfect nest. A lot of her decor is budget friendly and some even DIY.

nesting place.

nesting place.

nesting place.

I'm just getting started with reading through the nesters posts, but I definitely subscribed to her email updates and can't wait to hear more!! (You can visit her here.)

Did You Notice?

I've already changed a few things around the blog. The other day I wrote Hungry for Change and told you about my goal to start working on the blog... and so far I'm well on track. Here's what's new:

sign up for new posts.

view posts by favorite topics.

search the blog.

Not much... but definitely a step in the right direction. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Life in Grace… The Perfect Kitchen!

A kitchen that feels like home. Have you ever remodeled a home and then found something you thought would have been better? Ahh… that's what happens when you stumble upon so many ideas. Well, I have finally found the kitchen that feels like home. If we were ever to build a home in the country, this would be the kitchen.

Life in Grace - The Kitchen, Her Highness

Life in Grace - The Kitchen, Her Highness

From Life in Grace…. The mix of colors and countertops makes it feel as if it's been there for ages. I am absolutely obsessed with every little detail, the built in hutch, the dining bar with wood countertops and the oversize island. I'm pretty sure I'm in heaven. I'm not quite sure how I stumbled upon Edie's blog, but I just couldn't stop exploring once I had. And, I ended up seeing two more of her kitchens, not so much a favorite like the firsts, but definitely still worth sharing! The character she puts into them makes them feel like home every time.

Life in Grace - Painted Kitchen Cabinets: Retro Turquoise Style


Life in Grace - Lake Cottage Kitchen: Before and Afters

I was curious. So, I kept exploring. Honestly, I could sit at home and blog surf all day, while dreaming of the perfect home. Waking up in the morning, going for a fun, opening up the email and blogs, then writing and crafting for the afternoon, of course while baking and getting ready for supper. A girl can dream can't she! :D

Anyways, I've been side tracked by my dare to dream life… back to Life in Grace. Here are a couple of more rooms I absolutely adore.

Life in Grace - The Sultry Master

Life in Grace - The Girls' Room

Now, I must get back to renos, work, school and the real life.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Target Design by The Yellow Cape Cod.

As I logged into Facebook this morning, I received this blog post in my feed from The Yellow Cape Cod: Design Plan - Target Style. At first I thought there is no way this is going to look like a high end design with such a low cost, but I was fooled. A design made from Target, West Elm and Ikea.

Design Plan - Target Style

I adore the gray and white pallet with a splash of yellow. Of course, you could swap out the yellow for any color, but those yellow flower pillows are to die for. I think they add a splash of fun to a such a sophisticated design. I absolutely love everything about it and to tell you the truth, my husband is very lucky we only have Ikea in Ontario! :) So, for now I'll just share and dream. Go ahead and check out the post for yourself.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Beautiful Nursery.... From Jenny Steffens Hobick

I know I don't have kids or any plans for one in the near future, but I couldn't help but go gaga over Emma's Nursery by Jenny Steffens Hobick. Soft & cuddly, pale blue & cream, lambs & sheep. It's absolutely adorable with that baby feel in a modern cozy setting. Anyways, I'll stop bragging about the beautiful work she did and just show you a few of my favorite pictures she posted. (Be sure to go over and check out her Beautiful Nursery Post for yourself!)

A Beautiful Nursery by Jenn Steffen Hobick
This looks so cozy, I want one for myself.

Love this wardrobe!
Soft & cuddly, pale blue & cream, lambs & sheep.
Love the bag!

Okay... for all you expecting mothers out there, I hope you enjoyed these pics as much as I did... or even those of you who just love exploring through the cute baby ideas that are out there!! :o)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fabulous Free Fonts!

Being in the design world and having my own company, I love to find new and inspiring fonts. Recently, well I lied, about a month or two ago while I was building this blog and a new logo for martha.anne, I stumbled across kevin & amanda's website. It is full of awesome fonts and they can be used by anyone - just make sure you read their terms! Here's a few of my favorites!

Go on over and stock up - they're awesome!

Monday, November 28, 2011

It's Monday... How About Brunch at Saks?

Like most people, I hate Mondays! It's the beginning of another week in the corporate world, the beginning of limited sleep and the beginning of rushed nights - making dinner, cleaning around the house and trying to work up the energy to come and post, let alone, make some more items!

So, to escape my Monday blues, I wandered on over and had Brunch at Saks. Okay, so not literally, as I live in Eastern Ontario, nestled in the countryside and can't seem to find a Saks Fifth Avenue in sight! But, my wandering eye did venture on over to the Brunch at Saks blog, where I perused the blog of Annemarie - reading up on contemporary and classic elements of home decor, fashion and entertaining.

I won't say to much more, but go and check it out! I'm definitely placing it on my must read list for future entertainment and day dreaming.

Hope you have a great week!