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Friday, March 21, 2014

It's "Favorites Friday" | The 5 Best Home Offices

I need to get a new home office. Truth be told - I've taken over the dining room table. 1. So much more convenient... Little P is either playing or having a snore fest right next to me and well everything is right around me. And well 2. I'm not sure I'm ready for the basement life of an office... creative people need light... lots of light... and lots of I dunno. But I'm sticking with the excuse that creative people hate basements and need light.

Anyways, I really don't have a choice. I'm going to the basement and moving little P and everything with me... minus the kitchen and couch. The only thing I have to decide is how I'm going to make it work. And well, since it's Favorite's Friday, I thought I'd round up five of my favorite spaces on Pinterest that I've been looking at while I design this workspace I'll hopefully be working permanently from in the future!

1. I adore this home office and it looks like it's the farthest thing from a basement. But I need a large working space like this just because I always have so much on the go. via buzzfeed.

2. I don't see windows! This home office looks perfect for limited space. via pinterest.

3. Bright and airy, I love the sophistication of this home office. The colour palette is to die for. via ballard designs.

4. I love the shelving/cubbies in this home office, I could sit all day staring out the window... I mean getting work done! via fieldstone hill design.

5. This one may be simple, but with so much stuff to store the shelving would be perfect. Plus I'm thinking a huge table is going to be a must to fit a sewing machine, computer and more. via pinterest.

And just because I can, here are couple of storage pics I've been swooning over.

via livejournal & les petites emplettes.

And here's my dream office. board with even more ideas I'm loving.

Oh, and you know, if I find a few minutes in my days next week, I'll take some pics for you and show you what my current "office" and storage space looks like. I really can't find anything. And you should have seen the dining room this week when I was testing out my quilting skills for the first time.

HMMMPH. Are houses ever big enough?

Happy Friday!