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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Before and After - The Master Bedroom

While we still finish a few details on the main floor at the new house, I think I can finally share the master bedroom before and after. We just got the curtains hung, which were nicely hemmed by my mother-in-law - they are from Ikea. :o) I will try and give you some details about where things are from and what not as we do the tour...

First up... this bed set is from Home Hardware Furniture. I believe it is the Bonneshire set?? Anyways, truthfully we hate it. For the amount we paid it hasn't been that good of a set and I don't think the hubby will let me buy another piece of furniture from HH as it has been nothing but problems. I won't bore you with the details, but maybe someday we'll have a homemade set that will make us a little happier.

Here's a first look at the before and after as you enter the Master - that little bed at the end is where Hank is supposed to sleep at night. Although he can sometimes be found on either side of the bed or even in the walk-in closet under the hanging clothes.

And here's a look from the end of the bed... as you can tell we still need to hang some pictures and get the ceiling painted.

This is a look from the bedroom into the master walk-in. And of course, Bailey joined us for this picture. One of the rare times I can seem to snap one of her as she seems to be camera shy.

Excuse the messy shelves & dirty laundry. :o)

And here's the before and after of the walk-in closet. Okay so not much was done. We only ripped down some of the wood panelling because the clothes were too heavy and pulled it away from the wall. The hubby decided to re-anchor the posts appropriately. I also wanted to let you see it as we may be turning it into an ensuite and walk-in. I'm still trying to figure out a layout that will work best... we want it to be a three piece ensuite with a shower only, but I also want a walk-in closet.

Pillows from Home Sense

Okay, back to the details. Here's a peak at one of the presents Santa dropped of this year. These pillows are from Home Sense... I'm slowly trying to make the house a home and get details in every room. One thing you'll notice everywhere in our house is that the walls are very empty.

I Love Hydrangeas

I scored this pottery from Joann Fabrics on sale plus an additional 50% off. You'll see a few of these through the house when I finally do the reveal. The throw was either a wedding gift or a first home gift - I have lots of these too. And, the hydrangeas are from our wedding. I've dried them and managed to get a few to make it from the cape cod. They are one of my favourite flowers.

Okay and since you could see into the closet and just one of my obsessions... clothes. Here's an even closer peak at one of my weaknesses - scarves. I scored four new ones over the holidays alone! Everyone who knows me knows I love scarves and I'm usually seen wearing one, especially during the colder months.

That is it. A peak inside the master bedroom and the future ensuite/walk-in. I guess we'll both have to wait and see what happens there. As for pictures, I hope you enjoyed them. I'm trying to do a better job and get better lighting as well as more creative than I did at the last place. :o)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Cape Cod... Before and After!

Finally! The hubby has been bugging me for months. When are you going to put the cape cod before and afters up? Although I've already shared the kitchen & dining room and the laundry room, here is the whole thing! I was going to do all separate posts... but we all know how long that is taking. So here goes, bare with me and what may be my longest post yet!

The Foyer

The Second Bathroom

The Laundry Room

The Kitchen & Dining Room

The Living Room

The Family Room

Oops! I forgot to take after pictures of the family room. :o)

The Master Bedroom

The 2nd Bedroom

The 3rd Bedroom

The Main Bathroom

There. Finally, something that has been on every one of my blog to do lists since forever! What a huge relief and I am certainly glad I could finally share the before and after. Now, I need to keep working away at the lists - today I actually went to the post office to get pricing for my items. Yay! Happy hump day... we're getting closer to the end of another work week!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Life in Grace… The Perfect Kitchen!

A kitchen that feels like home. Have you ever remodeled a home and then found something you thought would have been better? Ahh… that's what happens when you stumble upon so many ideas. Well, I have finally found the kitchen that feels like home. If we were ever to build a home in the country, this would be the kitchen.

Life in Grace - The Kitchen, Her Highness

Life in Grace - The Kitchen, Her Highness

From Life in Grace…. The mix of colors and countertops makes it feel as if it's been there for ages. I am absolutely obsessed with every little detail, the built in hutch, the dining bar with wood countertops and the oversize island. I'm pretty sure I'm in heaven. I'm not quite sure how I stumbled upon Edie's blog, but I just couldn't stop exploring once I had. And, I ended up seeing two more of her kitchens, not so much a favorite like the firsts, but definitely still worth sharing! The character she puts into them makes them feel like home every time.

Life in Grace - Painted Kitchen Cabinets: Retro Turquoise Style


Life in Grace - Lake Cottage Kitchen: Before and Afters

I was curious. So, I kept exploring. Honestly, I could sit at home and blog surf all day, while dreaming of the perfect home. Waking up in the morning, going for a fun, opening up the email and blogs, then writing and crafting for the afternoon, of course while baking and getting ready for supper. A girl can dream can't she! :D

Anyways, I've been side tracked by my dare to dream life… back to Life in Grace. Here are a couple of more rooms I absolutely adore.

Life in Grace - The Sultry Master

Life in Grace - The Girls' Room

Now, I must get back to renos, work, school and the real life.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Yup... It's a Pinterest Post

Happy Monday!! If there is such a thing... I've been lala land and you guessed it, today's post is another Pinterest post, brought to you by my "dream home." board. Of course, I could post a million +1 pictures in this post, but I'll try my best to leave it to my latest faves.

Before I take off into dream land, what's new? Well, summer weather has arrived, so lots of outdoor work, boating and enjoying time on the patio. As well, lots of BBQing... I absolutely love the BBQ! And, the house is still being viewed constantly, okay so it seems, but honestly I don't think I've ever cleaned a house as much as I have this one in the past month... plus the animals are constantly shedding, so it really doesn't help. As for house purchasing, we're on the fence. We do have an offer in on a house but are continuing to look just in case. Of course, not much else is new, work continues to be work. I'm hoping to spend a little more time with you guys and my blog than I have been neglecting. It's just so hard to pull out the computer instead of enjoying some quiet time outside. But, I will do my best :)

Okay, so that's what is new with life. Nothing too exciting! Here is a glimpse of where I could spend the rest of my life... oh to dream. The dream home:

A master bedroom that is to die for.

decor pad.
A family room that is cozy year round.
decor pad.

A modern twist on a dining room.
(maybe make the table a little wider)

a thoughtful eye.

The dream kitchen.


The most peaceful bathroom.

better homes and gardens.

That is it for now. I will continue to dream that our next place can turn into half of what I absolutely love. Of course it will take lots of work to get character put into most houses around where I live. But, I'm on a mission to do just that. If we can't find it, we'll have to create it. It will all depend on where we end up! Have a great week...

Monday, January 23, 2012

Love It or List It

Based is Toronto, Ontario, Love It or List It is my absolutely favorite home show. The only default about it is I wish they had more episodes!! I'm addicted to the designs and seeing inside all of the homes. If I were to choose anyone to design my home, it would be Hilary Farr and her crew! Anyways, enough said, if you haven't caught it yet, be sure to look for it. Until then, here are a few of her designs... (and a little peak at heaven!)

Barrett Family

Dan & Rich

Shaver Family

Coughlan Family

I'm totally obsessed. Now, if only there was way to get them to come to where I live. :o)
Anyways, Happy Monday!