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Friday, February 14, 2014

DIY Baby Footprints Heart | Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! While this year marks 12 Valentine's Days together, we're opting out of the typical chocolates, flowers and dinner. Instead we've decided to invest in ourselves and get each other a bowflex.

But... It still wouldn't be Valentine's day without a little something. So, I insisted we celebrate some DIY heart footprints from the little man.

This project was definitely a family affair. First, I placed Parker's feet on the ink pad while the hubs held him. Then he lowered him into position so I could place the little feet. We then did the other foot the same way. I then got out my stamp set and wrote out i love you, and improvised for the period with the tip of a pen. 

I just need to buy a frame and our perfect little Valentine has delivered us the best present of all! Happy Valentine's Day - I hope your spoiled with the time of family and friends who love you and maybe a little keepsake like the one above to remind you what matters most.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Nursery | Our Home

Finally, I have had these pictures for at least a month! Here's what you've all been waiting for... the nursery reveal.

I still have a couple of "honey-do" items for the hubby - like a ladder to hang all of Parker's blankets on and a wall of "racks" to showcase the books we've been collecting and receiving from friends and family. Parker is so spoiled.

Because his clothes are so tiny, I chose to put his dresser in the closet with all of his clothes. I think a closet with shelves, drawers and a spot to hang would have been a better idea... his wardrobe is bigger than mine.

It's the little details and punches of colour that I love. The tickle monster kit actually has wooly mitts and a story book - I can already hear the shrieks of laughter. And the new football was a baby shower gift from my coworkers, all signed by them rather than a card.

I'll be sharing the rhino details soon on the blog. Thank you hubby for your craftiness... If only we had time - I would love to sell these in all different shapes on the etsy shoppe.

This bear looks so cute nestled in the corner. And of course, I put together all of the art that sits on the grey dresser - the dinosaurs were actually on lollipop sticks from his baby shower. I removed a few and made the large piece of art you see in the back.

I love the old football. And of course the many other little animals that are found throughout.

This Paddington Bear is very special to Parker - it was given to him from his Great Grandma!

Well that's the nursery - thanks for stopping by. Up next on the house tour is the "formal" living room. It's almost complete - just need to have some photos printed and hung and we'll be done. Oh and I will definitely put together a before and after for the nursery so you can see what was done.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Introducing Parker Rye | Baby

He's finally here. After a week and a half of no posts... This is definitely the best one to get back on track with. Born Sunday - December - 08, at 8lbs 14 oz 22 inches long, Parker Rye is more than we could have ever imagined.

Delivery was quite quick, just over 12 hours in labour and less than 40 minutes to get him out once I was given the okay to push. They said I did an amazing job for a first time mom and a baby of his size... But I couldn't have done it without my amazing hubby who was helping all along.

I have been blessed with the most amazing husband and now daddy, who's been more than I could have asked for before, during and after my labour. I don't know what I would do without him. 

Anyways, enough sappiness... Introducing our newest little family member who has us absolutely wrapped around his little finger!

These are just a few off my phone... Of course I'll be posting a whole lot more soon.

Monday, October 21, 2013

We're So Spoiled: A Baby Shower!

I have so much to show you... but first, the baby shower. We were so blessed to have such great family and friends that showered us with lots of goodies. And even more thanks to my mom who put this all together... we all had a great afternoon at my place celebrating the soon to be new addition.

Here is a peek at the decor... (thank goodness I get to screen my pics - I think I'm the only person in this world who doesn't have a cute preggers tummy... and just looks huge, yes I've finally exploded and everything seems swollen, including my face. I can't wait to have my body back!).

Yes, that's the mantel... still needs a coat or two of paint! Post coming soon.

The little booties are so cute... 

Mom spoiled me with some Etsy decor! <3

I can't thank everyone enough for celebrating with us and spoiling us like crazy. Now, let's just cross our fingers and toes that this baby decides to come early.

And, stay tuned... the wardrobe is painted and finished, the mantel needs more paint - but I'm ready to share it, and the nursery is almost done... and might I say too cute - I love how it's all came together! I also have some other updates I've been meaning to post. Happy Monday!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Little Man's Wardrobe

I'm going to apologize now for all of the baby talk... this definitely wasn't suppose to turn into a baby blog... but it's the easiest thing for me to talk about while it is so busy and, well, we're expecting the little man. 

This week is hectic, between work - we have our second largest tradeshow of the year, I was supposed to go (to Amsterdam) but I really shouldn't be flying. And well, it's Spencerville Fair time... and as some of you know, the hubs and I are on the committee so we're spending most of our week and weekend volunteering.

So, my only update I can give you is my crazy obsession with shopping. Not going to lie... little clothes are so cute!! I don't ever remember having great fashion when I was a kid... I mean if it was hot pink or purple I would wear it... but it wasn't all fashionista.

But... welcome to 2013... and Baby Gap... let's just say this little wardrobe was purchased a month or so ago and I still go in and hold up the little 0-3 Months outfits and giggle. They are just so cute. (Yes I bought every color in the striped shirts)

It's funny. At first the hubs was like, don't they just wear onesies for the first little while. I'm like they can... and of course he will where them sometimes (yes we do have some of those too)... but he's also gotta be on top of his fashion for visitors and going shopping. ;)

The shopping didn't stop there though. I went on OshKosh the other day and almost died. I was like hubs... I want, I want, I want. Well I managed to convince him that buying the next size up would be a great idea. So... the little man is now full fashion for at least 6 months! Isn't this stuff just so cute??

Okay... I think I'm having too much fun with this. I still need some shoes for the little man and some leggings.. I absolutely love those things, but I'm having a hard time finding boy ones at a great price! Anyways... for those of you who are wondering, we do have a registry list. YUP!!! And, I am ready to spill it.

My Registry.

For those wondering... it is located at - just enter my name and our list will pop up. I love this website. I can shop anywhere on the internet and add it to this registry. Some items are just generic and can be picked up pretty much anywhere and others are wishes - things I love and are unique and, of course, likely from Etsy. Anyways... that's it. I may just go back to shopping again... I now understand why mom's say their wardrobe lacks after having kids...

P.S. We are slowly getting the basement ready to move the office down and the nursery will be on it's way... I'm just going to instagram a whole bunch of pictures and post them, because it's taking me forever to get around to a post!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Word is Out...

We finally released the news... I wanted to hold on to it until after the maternity shoot photos, but that meant I'd have to delete things from my registry that would give away the gender. I apologize to everyone that has already heard but for those of you who haven't...

That means that promise for nursery updates can officially begin. I know I was supposed to post last week, and while it's pretty gender neutral/modern... I would have had to remove all of the clothes I have been buying. :)

Anyways, here I am... heading into week 28, month 7, trimester 3 (baby bump update soon)! YAY! I'm hoping it brings a lot more energy... not going to lie, I spent the weekend being lazy... once again. ERR... Bring on that energy... there is so much left for me to do! Anyways, here's to more posts and hopefully a great day back to school for all of the kids. :)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Baby Bump Progress! | 6 Months

Well... here it is. I feel huge - but I seem to be way behind in the belly department compared to most at this point. I'm not complaining... but I'm definitely afraid of what it will feel like at 9 months. I'm already suffering!!

What do we know so far? Well, most days, the baby only kicks a little... I say it likes to sleep like its momma. And well, we can't forget its daddy traits, it is also very stubborn! Once again we went for an ultra sound and it wouldn't cooperate. Needless to say, we will be going back very soon to get the pictures they weren't able to grab.

Oh... and what are we having you ask? Well, the hubs did give in and said let's find out. Jokes on us, little stubborn didn't give the best reveal and they "thought" they knew what it was. Well, "thought" wasn't enough for us... I googled what they showed us and it could pretty much go either way. So, needless to say, let's hope for a more cooperative baby on August 14!

Anyways, that's the baby update. Gender: unknown. Traits: stubborn and likes to sleep a lot. Oh and there might be a full head of hair if you believe in the old wives tale about acid reflux, it may only hit every once in a while, but when it does it's deadly!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It's Crib Time | The Nursery

At nearly 5 1/2 months and a belly barely starting to form... I think it may be time to start looking at getting some baby stuff. We have picked up a stroller/car seat combo and luckily had a few things dropped off from family. But really, we've got nothing. So... I finally gave in and made the purchase of what is the beginning of our nursery. The crib.

apartment therapy.

Actually, here's what it will really look like (it's in the mail):


With our dark floors and light walls, I'm just not too sure I can handle the oak color. But, that is what they had, it was on for almost 50% off, and I love the sides of it being solid. So... I'm left contemplating... should I paint it?

I'm thinking the color in the first picture is definitely gender neutral and adds that awesome modern touch to the room. I also have a dresser I picked up for free last summer that I want to paint dark gray and put numbers on it. (Sort of like the one in this post).

Oh, and did I mention. The hubby may just get a wardrobe added to his "to-build" list? We have the perfect little nook in the corner of the room, glass doors displaying kids toys and books would be perfect! And... let's not forget I have to do something about a chair. The one I bought for the nursery fits perfectly in the formal living room and I'm not sure I can move it now. ERR.

Anyways... back to my question. To paint or not to paint? What are your thoughts? Here are some more colorful cribs... maybe one of these colors instead?

apartment therapy.

apartment therapy.

apartment therapy.

Tell me what you think. Will I have my work cut out for me and is it actually safe to paint a crib? I'm reading it's okay as long as the paint doesn't contain led. Oh, and I will hopefully have some before pics of the nursery coming up and a little post on the few things we have so far. All you mommies out there... maybe you can give me your must have's when I get to it!

Oh yes, one more thing. Next week is the ultrasound... I think I've given into the hubby. We don't know what it is so far, so what's a couple of more months? My fingers are crossed the baby will show us on his/her own though! ;o)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Feelin' A Little Chubby! | Real Life

Oh the awkwardness of a growing baby bump. Here's a quick post to show you the progress on it... I say it's just "chubby" but others insist it looks like a bump...

You can decide:

I won't complain at the barely there bump... although, catch me on the right day and it certainly sticks out a little more. It all depends on when and what I've been eating. But I've been googling like crazy to see how I compare to others... and it looks like I'm not as big as most :o)

While it's still "smaller"... truthfully it's a pain. And the acid reflux/heartburn is killing me. I'm sure it will be worth it though. Oh and did I mention... I have yet to purchase maternity clothes - I'm sure that won't last much longer!!

(Photos courtesy of Instagram - I should have stood up straighter in the second one!!)

Monday, May 27, 2013

We're Having a Baby!

I promised a whole post on the new addition to the family. First of all, let me tell you it's not easy keeping it a secret until the three month mark. Of course a select few knew before hand... you don't think I could go to Vegas for 10 days and avoid drinking without suspicion? But in general... nobody else knew. Parents and a couple of friends - that's it.

Anyways - here "it" is...

We figured the due date to be December 7... not by choice. While many people insisted I can't control these things.. I now realize they are right. But... I am very happy there is a baby no matter what the date is - which after my very first ultrasound, has been bumped up to November 30! YAY!

As for the past 3.5 months... things have been really good. I can't complain because I didn't spend any of it with my head in a toilet. I did have a two week period that I was on gravol because the nausea was so intense, but that is all.

Food... food has been a problem. Most of you that know me, know that I pretty much ate a salad every day for lunch. And until last week... I didn't really even attempt it. I love pizza and Subway, oh and McDonalds was on the menu a couple of times. I even ate Subway two nights in a row. This little bean and I were very picky for the first three months. Carbs - something I don't eat a lot of became my best friend. And while I packed back the food, I was lucky enough to avoid gaining any weight in those first three months. YES! Zero pounds. Now... I've been avoiding the scales so I'm not sure I can still say the same. :o)

Anyways, that's pretty much it. Nobody really tells you that you'll wake up and it feels like your stomach is stretching and muscles are ripping. Or that when you empty your bladder your stomach will still feel like it's been bursting at the seams. So far, I am still in street clothes, although I suspect that will end very soon. But, the uncomfortableness already has me dreading the next six months. So, let's just hope it comes pretty soon! Oh... and the battle is on if we'll find out the sex... I want to know but the hubby doesn't... I just don't think I can do all that green and yellow! EW! ;o)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Spring Fever...

Spring Fever... it has me doing everything but working on the blog and business! Err... this happened to me last year and I put the blog on pause for the summer! Well I can't this year... You know, I think this would be much easier to do if I could make this my full-time job! :D

by ViniciusNovelli @ deviantART

Anyways, I have a million... okay, like 10 posts I need to do and I will do them. Here's what we've been up to... and the updates I promise will be to you by the end of the summer (if I put that big of a deadline, I for sure can't fail).

1. We are putting a pool in!! Yup... the hubby is doing the work himself and I'm trying to help... but I'm not that great at it, well... because...

2. We're having a baby!! YAY!! This explains a lot of me being absent... especially since I fall asleep on the couch every night before 9 and don't wake up until 6... yup 9 hours of sleep every night at least! I'll do a full post and announcement on this soon - with all the deets.. okay not ALL the deets but the stuff you want to hear.

3. The basement is in progress and will be until Fall... but I must share some pictures!!

4. Speaking of pictures, we finally purchased an Ikea Ektorp couch and chair. Couch for the formal living room - YAY furniture... and chair for the nursery... I'm hoping to get a rocker/glider base for it and do a tutorial.

5. We are heading to the Picton wineries soon and I can't wait to share.. I will I promise... and maybe I'll even bust out the Niagara Falls pictures I haven't gotten around to yet. Anyways... can you guess who's DD and enjoying water throughout the trip??

6. We've been crazy busy... hanging out with family, doing Mother's Day, working outside, relaxing outside (okay that isn't really busy), having a weekend of bad luck and drama... long story and you know... life in general.

So, once again I'm apologizing for being a crappy blogger. I am going to make it up with a baby sonogram this week hopefully - first ultrasound is Friday. And lots of pics of what's going on in life in general... so please bare with me and my tiredness/busyness... well and hungriness...

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Me and My Pinterest... The Nursery

Just when I thought things would slow down... we got a puppy! I will be posting pics within the week! In the meantime, I thought I'd do one of my favorite posts, what's up on my Pinterest. The other day I posted on my personal Facebook, to get a puppy or not get a puppy... The response was actually not that surprising, many people said have a baby! The hubby and I have been married for two years and together for ten, so we are very used to people asking when the baby will be arriving. And, while there are no plans in the making (heck, we've got our whole lives ahead of us), I do have a Pinterest board dedicated to "when I have kids". So, until the day comes when we actually choose the baby rather than a puppy, here are a few nurserys that are to die for:

Blue Skies Baby Bedding.


Charm Home - Chase's Nursery.

Project Nursery.

Interior Design for the Bedroom.



Okay enough of the baby talk. While I do have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to when I have kids, it's still not time for anyone to get too excited. We are not onto the baby talk yet and don't plan to be for a while. And for those of you have been following my Pinterest for a while now, know that I have had that board the whole time... which I'm sure has been close to a year already. So, it's all in preparation for the day when we are ready. Until then, we will stick to our new puppy Hank, who I can't wait to show you and I'll try and be back tomorrow for a Favorites Friday, but just in case I get caught up in life, have a great weekend out there!