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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Help! Where Should I Put These?

I need your help. With these.

paintings by dawn snell.

A couple of weekends back, my mom invited us over for din din, and let's just say I left with more than a full belly (full of lots of yummy stuff). I kind of snuck into the basement and rummaged through some paintings my grandma had painted - yes my grandma was an artist and it's kind of weird when I go to someone's house and her paintings are all hanging there cool on their wall and I'm like "my grandma painted that". Okay, so that's happened like twice in my life... but I was proud!

Actually, I'm kind of envious of her talent... and her art... and the places her art has been. (Darn art that left me behind.) Anyways, since she passed away a while back, I'm kind of sad I never got to learn from her. (you can't see it but my bottom lip just stuck out realllllllly far!) Enough shenanigans... here's what I scored:

the cat by dawn snell.

I call it the cat painting. When I was little... like 8 years old... my grandma took me down the hallway in her house and said I could pick any painting. The walls were filled. I remember her telling me the stories behind them and I ended up choosing this one. I really don't remember the actual name of it or the story but I've always loved it! From here on in we will call it: the cat who ate everything? Okay, just kidding.

lyn bicentennial by dawn snell.

When I brought this one up from the basement and begged to take it home, my mom told me it was painted for the Lyn, Ont. Bicentennial... whatever that is? Someone local want to fill me in? Anyways, I remember this painting growing up as a child and was ecstatic to see it tucked away in the basement.

a bird and owl painting by dawn snell.

And then their was the owl and the bird. The End. Because really I don't have a story for them and just thought they were pretty cool. So I took 'em. 

That's it for now. There were more but a child shouldn't be so greedy! Your turn. What kind of room would work for each? I'm listening... we have an unbearable amount of empty walls that need to be filled. Fill 'em up!

In other news...

I spent the day dreaming of a store I want to open. 

It would have at least one brick wall and wood floors, big glass windows at the front. I would showcase all of my soon to be lovely products (I'm working on a new decor one... or two) and products from local artists and hand crafters. I would call it... Well I'm not sure I should say. 

1. Because you might steal my ingenious idea. Right. And. 

2. The more I think of the name the more I debate the fact that it may be dorky. 

Welcome to the nerdy world of me. Did you know I probably have about 10 business ideas or more tucked up in that brain of mine. Is that normal? Or is it from the lack of use of creativity that seems to be bursting at the seems... Brain, why you no shut off? 


Monday, February 4, 2013

Finally... Something On The Walls!

If you seen the before & after of the master bedroom, you will remember me saying (at least twice) that our walls are very empty. Well, a weekend or two back, the hubby changed that and hung some pictures! YAY! {insert applause here}

I am so excited and at the same time, I feel like I'm not in the right home. We both keep saying how weird it is to have something on the wall.

All three paintings are from the Group of Seven... the hubbies favorite artists. In the last house they hung in the living room, but I felt that they would fit better above the bed here. So, there they are. I really like them and I am definitely glad that is where we put them.

Now, if I could only decide on what to do in the rest of the house, maybe some large pictures or picture collages? Do you have a preference?