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Friday, September 21, 2012

Yes! I'm Back...

After a summer off from blogging… I'm back. I hated leaving you guys behind for a few months, but it was something I had to do. And now, looking back, I'm glad I did - the past few months have been nothing but chaos! It started out with the sale of our home and ended with a totally gutted new house. It's been long, fun, stressful and just plain tiring. And… I'm glad I'm back. I've got many things to gear up for, including a product launch before Christmas. That's right, I'm putting it in words so it happens, this girl is finally going to get her etsy shoppe up and running.

But, before I dive into that, here's a recap of what happened over the summer and the posts you will enjoy soon!
  • We sold our house. It was a long process, and a horrible one, but it finally happened. (I still need to share the cape cod renos with you!)
  • We bought a bank repossession. That means we also gutted the whole first floor, including kitchen and made it all new… can't wait to share!
  • Dallas passed away. Yes the cute dog you saw opening her Christmas present extra early passed away on my birthday. One of the worst days of my life, it was just another of the many things that would go wrong this summer. Not to mention I cried for days… but she is now someplace special watching over us.
  • We spent endless days and nights working our butts off. And, lots of decisions were made, floors, windows and even a brand new kitchen.
  • We threw a Surprise 60th and Retirement for my mom - as well as surprised our niece with a yard full of balloons and a "honk for the new teen" sign for her 13th birthday!
  • I have put my University Course to the side and now must cram an entire course into two months… my fault but I had no way of fitting in to my schedule.
  • I've decided to cut out processed food from my diet… that means I've been trying my hardest to eat natural foods only and to skip out on the white refined sugar junk. It actually isn't that hard. But it also means that I will be trying a lot of interesting recipes in the near future. And, once and a while, I will need a cheat treat.
  • And, we ended the summer with an extra long weekend away. Finally some rest, relaxation and alone time.
It's been quite the summer and I can't wait to share in on the full details of every event. For now, I'm just glad to be back at the business and working towards another dream. We will still have some renovations in our future - we have a whole other floor. :o) But, we are likely taking the winter off, which means… I'm here to focus on the other things I really enjoy.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Dallas Gets An Early Christmas Present!

What a quick week, but we're all ready for Christmas now!! I know I missed a few posts and I'm not going to do my "Favorites Friday" posts, but I am going to share some family moments with you. Dallas, our dog, received an early Christmas present tonight and I'd thought you'd get joy in seeing the pics!! Here you go...

And because I'm probably not going to be back on here for a few days, happy holidays out there - Merry Christmas!! Enjoy your time with your friends and family. I wish you all the best for the New Year... And hopefully I'll be back before 2012!!!