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Monday, February 13, 2012

25 Things Linky Party!

Alright here goes, 25 things about me... and I'm attempting to complete this in under five minutes...

1. This is completely random and that's why I love it.

2. I am so sick of renos right now, I don't want to lift another paint brush for a year.

3. But, I am loving all of the results and our home is coming together perfectly.

4. And, I will be lifting another paint brush sooner than I'd like, we are looking at a house right now! :)

5. My hubby sliced his arm open last weekend with a chisel.

6. It was because of renos and he was 1/2 a cm from slicing his main artery - it was completely gross, but we didn't have to wait when we arrived at the emergency room!

7. I am so done with winter and can't wait for spring.

8. I am also done with having a career and wish I could retire.

9. I could spend all day on Pinterest - finding great pins and being led to even better - amazing blogs.

10. This is not my first attempt at having a blog, I failed every other time.

11. One of my other blogs was based on me planning my whole wedding on a budget.

12. The wedding planning consumed my time and it was worth every minute.

13. I need a lot of variety and to use creativity daily, or else I get bored.

14. I love lists and this one is even better because it's not a to do.

15. I wish I could get people to comment on my blog - if you read this, please say hi below! :o)

16. I often wonder if people actually read what I post or if it's just spam bots patrolling the internet.

17. Yes I just used internet marketing terms, I am a marketer by profession.

18. I love traveling and want to see the world.

19. I could live in hotels for the rest of my life... and I don't think I would get home sick.

20. My favorite vacation was my honeymoon when we traveled through Maine and back into Canada.

21. I wish I could cook like a chef.

22. I want to learn how to use spices and make the most amazing meals from the simplest things.

23. I have an epicure wish list, as well as pampered chef.

24. I have been with my husband 10 years this summer.

25. Yes that makes us high school sweathearts.

This was a blast. I don't have a link list, but please feel free to post your 25 Things and link below in the comments!! (This was for Perfectly Imperfect)