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I'm martha anne. A twenty-ish something, married with a little guy. Anyways, I'm not really good at writing these, so here's some random things that I tried to make a little interesting.

1. I'm like twenty-ish something. Some days I can't remember if that's 26 or 27... but I'm in my 20s.

2. I'm married to my high school luva.
high school lov•er [hahy skool luhv-er] 1. dating since an extremely young age. 2. attending high school at the time of love falling. 3. cuteness and cuddles over and done with by twenty. just kidding.
3. I, I mean we, have an English Bulldog Hank (the Tank). In all honestly, he has really bad gas and a face only a mother could love. See.  

*Update - Poor Hankers passed away a few months back - the hubs and I swear we shouldn't have another dog after losing two within a year.

4. We also have a cat. She hates people... therefor, I will not introduce you.

5. I tend to say I when I should say we, or mine when I should say our. For instance, my house. My car. My dog. My cat. Mine, mine, mine. Correction, ours.

6. My husband's name is Ryan. He has a cool job on a golf course (he actually went to school for that!) and well lets just say he actually loves his job. What gives? Anyways, you no longer know him as Ryan (or as I would like to call him - Ry - but I don't because it seems awkward and motherly). From this day forward he is referred to as the husband, other half, hubby, hubster, hubs, hubbalicioius... just kidding about that last one. But he is no longer Ryan.

7. I still have my wisdom teeth, therefor I am quite wise. In fact, I was supposed to skip grade 6 but I chickened out.

8. Along with the wisdom comes my love of math. You may now call me a geek. Actually, I prefer nerd.

9. My all time favorite clothing store is Banana Republic. Represent.

10. WE <---- see that right there. Bought our first house at 22, flipped it and moved on. Secretly I would flip houses for a living. Okay, not secretly... a lot of people know I would and know my love for houses.

11. I blame my love of houses for being a peeping tom. If it's dark and lights are on and blinds are open, chances are, I will look. {sorry} Wait... that sounds bad. I will only look into kitchens and living rooms. Geesh.

12. I have at least three different business ideas in my head at one time that I am serious about. And probably ten more that may be unrealistic. Shark Tank here I come...

13. We are expecting our first baby this November (2013). Exciting, scared, okay petrified... but I know it's going to be an amazing addition to our life.

14. Speaking of pregnancy... I absolutely hate being pregnant. I didn't get the huge belly (well yet - I'm just squeezing into month 6) and I can't imagine having one. It's been an absolute pain in my butt!

15. My married last name is a name I always wanted to name a girl. It's a cool name. If you know me you will understand. Otherwise, we will not speak of this name as there are creepers in blog land.

16. My one thumb is extremely longer than the other. Check it out... totally cool:

I apologize for showing you my thumbs. Thumbs are ugly.

17. Last summer I ate an endless amount of poutine. My belly thanked me.

18. I love Footloose. The new one. I wish we danced like that and had good old fun. But, let's face it, I can't dance. Give me a few drinks and I might think differently.

19. Speaking of drinks my favorite is a Caesar. Google it. While you're there, google Poutine, because I know you're still stuck back on number 17.

20. Sometimes I just want to pack up, move far away and start a whole new life. An adventure.

21. The hubs is a big family man... he doesn't agree with 20.

22. The wall is going to mud itself. <---- the husband told me to write that. I'm supposed to be in the basement slapping mud on the walls so we can start painting. Boooooring!

23. I swear a lot... it's getting better... but the husband still calls me a sailor sometimes. I hate being called a sailor. Boo husband!

24. Even though I was pretty good at English, I use my brackets (regular, curly, straight) completely wrong. I think of it as decor for my writing.

25. I'm starting to ramble. If you haven't guessed it, I talk a lot.

26. If you must know more, contact me!

27. This is an odd number. I have a thing against odd numbers so I can't end this here.

28. I can end it here though. The End.

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