Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wood Backsplash in the Kitchen?

I had an epiphany...

I was online reading some blog posts when I came across this picture.

the lettered cottage.

Lightbulb. Wood in the kitchen. Wood for a backsplash. Why not?

The large space above our stove has been sitting empty with pencil marked subway tile sizes... But the truth is I'm not sure a large wall of white is going to be that spectacular. I'm just afraid it will be way too much white.

look closely you can see the pencil.

And then it just dawned on me. Wood. Warmth. Natural. Edgy. And completely different than what people would expect.

I'm not ditching the white subway tile completely... Nope it can go over here above the mountain of dishes in the sink and behind the endless appliances that need to be put away. Oh and don't forget the bottles.

Now that's real life... Don't tell... but I usually have a sink like this!

A little wood, a little subway tile... The best of both worlds. Am I crazy? Here's what colour I was thinking for the wood...

this one. via skip to my lou.

or the colour on these cabinets. via repmagz.

I think I might. I think I might. What do you think... Go for it?

P.S. Sorry for the messy kitchen.


  1. Don't think I'd want wood anywhere close to my stove.......too hard to clean.

    1. Oh you're right... I'll have to see what kind of matte finishes there are out there! At one point I wanted culture stone... Could you imagine spaghetti sauce on that?? Eek!