Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What I Call My Home Office

As promised last week, when I revealed the 5 best home offices... Here's what my current office looks like.

the dining room table

what you don't see - the piles of stuff on chair seats

my supplies - in the storage room downstairs

where my computer used to be

Ain't she purdy? HAHA Actually "she" is driving me insane. My family and friends would be saying, I can't believe her house actually looks like that. And that's because they know every time they walk into my house you might see a little mail on the island, some dishes in the sink... and the odd hairball from the never ending shred fest my cat has going on. Other than that... spick and span. I'm a neat freak!

What the heck happened?

Well, I got pregnant, had Little P and it all went down hill. Okay, in my eyes in all went down hill. In everyone else's there like it's not even messy... well except for that so called dining room table office.

But, I need to be near the little man. He usually takes sporadic naps throughout the day - no telling when he'll crash. But when he does it's usually in the "booby pillow" on the couch and I'm not moving him. You know... let sleeping dogs lie.

So... the dining room table it is. But, I'm thinking of moving... duh duh duh. Not downstairs where it's supposed to actually be... YET! But, to the master closet that is supposed to turn into an ensuite someday... (see here)... we're really behind on this project. But, there's a tonne of room in there for an office and I'm pretty close to the wee one if he decides to wake up in the middle of WWII screaming for his life.

All I know is I need to get this mess out of the dining room... I'll keep you posted.

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