Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine's Day Favorites!

I'm back... from vacay that is! We finally went through with it and took off for a vacation to South Carolina. While I get all of the pics off of my camera and some work done around the Etsy Shop, I thought I'd share a few Valentine's Projects I'm loving... well, because it's almost here!

Of course, my last year's projects are perfect for any last minute ideas you need! Like these free printables...

Free Valentine's Day Printables

And this cute banner made from old newspaper... great to do with little ones as well!

DIY Valentine's Day Banner

And because it can't all be about me, here's a few I have found and love this year. (Of course I probably won't get around to making them... but it's nice to keep them in mind for when the little guy gets bigger)

Well, except this one. I was really hoping to do something like this this year... we'll have to see what the week brings.

chicken scratch.

And this is way too cute. I can't wait to put together Valentine's when Little P gets older. There are so many good ideas out there!

night owl.

And of course, this even cuter Valentine's Day Banner. This is just way too cute for a little girls room.

simple as that.

Alright... I'm getting back to work - well my kinda work that is. Watch in your email for this month's newsletter (you can sign up here) - you won't want to miss the great price changes I'm making to the Etsy Shop. While I was away I made a to do list and even came up with a new product. Hint - I went out and bought a sewing machine for it.

Stay tuned. The hubby's off for a couple of more weeks and I'm getting down to business.

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