Wednesday, February 26, 2014

So... Here's What's Been Happening...

I promised I'd tell you about the changes we have been thinking about making since last summer (here and again here). Well... we've been making a few.

1. The hubs changed jobs. He decided to go back to the golf course he was working at before. The offer was there and where he was just wasn't fitting at the moment. He's still not sure if he's settling down as he and his workplace have left the deal open for him to give them a year. If he decides to leave again they are 100% behind him. YES you heard that right... they actually want to support his career. They have so much respect for his talent that they are willing to take their chances to have him for just a year. I envy the relationship and career he has - one he loves!

Which brings me to my next point.

2. I mentioned that I'm not sure where I'll be going when maternity leave is over. Well, confession time. I'm thinking of taking my mortgage broker license but I'm a little scared. A. It's commission only. B. I need to take some courses and get my butt in gear for this spring so I can test it out before maternity leave is up. C. I'm still researching it and finding out how much I can make on the side while on maternity leave. And. D. Did I mention it's commission based only??? YUP. That scares us just a little. Although, the average income in Ontario is really good... I'm still not convinced. They say I'm a prime candidate with my marketing background... but I'm still scared. So... this week I'm doing all the research I can and next week... I'll either take the plunge or I won't.

What do you think? Do you use a mortgage broker?

I mean this is a great career choice because I can do it part time while working my current full-time job. But, if it were to work out down the road... like after a few years of knowing how I'm going to do... I could make it full-time and work from home. (LOVE!)

Alright... changes are happening. We're cracking down on this thing we call life. Tell me... made any scary changes lately or looking to push past your level of comfort? How did you make that decision to just do it?

Oh and just because I can... here's an adorable pic of the Little P Man.

Now I've got some research to do!

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