Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year, New Us

Remember back in August when I wrote Life Has Its Ruts? Well, most of those changes are still goals we are trying to achieve moving into 2014. There are just certain aspects in our life that we are ready for changes in... And well, here they are:

1. Back in the summer, the hubs had been applying to different jobs near and far... Including one in The Hamptons at a very high end golf course. While he is still keeping his options open, we're hoping 2014 brings him the changes he's looking for in his career... Whether that's a change at his current location or something new all together, I guess we'll all have to wait and see what 2014 has in store for us.

2. A new addition to our family means new goals for me. Right now I get a full year off on maternity leave. But, what about after that? In an ideal world, the hubs wishes I could be a full-time stay at home mom. But welcome to 2014 where that isn't the norm. So, I have been tossing up a few options... Return to my current position, get my mortgage broker license and work from home or look for a part time position somewhere. In August, I had full intentions of getting my broker license as I have a job offer to be one. But I'll have to see where parenthood takes me and how I feel when I near my return to work date. 

3. This wasn't our goal in August as I was very preggers and didn't care so much, but the hubs and I are taking on a whole new lifestyle and want to lose weight and get healthy. We're investing in a small home gym and have had our first grocery trip with a goal of eating clean. I usually go through these phases but this is the first time the hubs is joining me and we can push each other to stick with it. I've even started a blog to track how things go... I might just share it later when I feel a little more confident. 

Anyways, that's the three biggies for us and 2014! Do you have anything you're hoping to make happen?

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