Monday, November 11, 2013

Busy, Sick & Waiting for the Little Man

A whole week without blogging - I know! But, I have an excuse. I've been sick... for almost a week now. It's horrible, especially since I can't take anything for it really. Anyways, there's no better time than now to share with you some recent purchases... YES, I think I'm somewhat nesting. A couple of weekends ago I splurged on some items for the home. Take a look:

These lamps... to die for! Normally $120 each, we scored them for only $52 at Home Sense!

This owl... the hubs really wanted him so we got him. And, then there were these cute deer. They're already on the mantel just waiting for the rest of the Christmas ornaments to join them. I believe they were under $10 a piece. (Both were from Home Sense)

Oh and did I mention the hubs has always wanted candle holders like these. And, our dining room table could definitely use them - so we scored them for $14 to $17 a piece, if my memory serves me correctly. Also from Home Sense.

Then we stopped at Ikea and picked up a thing or two for organizing and two of these picture frames. They were $12 on sale from $25. Just waiting to choose some photos to go in them and they will be hanging over the couch in the formal living room by Christmas.

Oh.. one last thing! A while back... like a month or two. I meant to do a blog post on some new bedding. Yes we scored at Ikea with this great duvet cover - I believe it was only $25.

Alright... that's it for now. I created a list and I mean HUGE LIST of posts I have to get together for you. I'm working on them right now... and of course, the first is the mantel reveal in the formal living room. That room is slowly coming together and I'm slightly in love. Oh... and did I mention it's also because the hubby has been building me new end tables... reveal soon - promise.

And yes, the nursery is pretty much done. A couple more basics and I promise I will share. Now, I better go pack this thing they call a hospital bag... the little man is safe to come anytime now. Oh what the heck, here's his latest mug shot (weighing approx. 7lbs 3oz):

Isn't he cute? :)

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