Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Word is Out...

We finally released the news... I wanted to hold on to it until after the maternity shoot photos, but that meant I'd have to delete things from my registry that would give away the gender. I apologize to everyone that has already heard but for those of you who haven't...

That means that promise for nursery updates can officially begin. I know I was supposed to post last week, and while it's pretty gender neutral/modern... I would have had to remove all of the clothes I have been buying. :)

Anyways, here I am... heading into week 28, month 7, trimester 3 (baby bump update soon)! YAY! I'm hoping it brings a lot more energy... not going to lie, I spent the weekend being lazy... once again. ERR... Bring on that energy... there is so much left for me to do! Anyways, here's to more posts and hopefully a great day back to school for all of the kids. :)

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