Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Life Has Its Ruts...

I'm back... and I'm spending today catching up on my blogging before going back to work tomorrow. I have so much to share - baby updates, nursery progress, our quick weekend getaway, recipes and well life in general. I'll be sharing those over the next week or two, today it's just a quick hello.

I know these are probably my most boring posts - oh yippee.. nothing exciting to look at or learn!?! I promise the more exciting blog will return full force come fall - well hopefully being pregnant/having a baby won't slow me down.

So what's new? While summer has been fun and kept us busy, the hubs and I are making a lot of decisions. A lot of things have happened this summer that have us questioning a few new beginnings. I know, I know... a baby will bring lots of that. But pretty much every important part of our life, besides our home and us, has been affected this summer. Ever felt like the harder you tried to do things right in life, the worse things got? Its like that - UGH! I can't say too much as this stuff is better left offline where it belongs, but it feels like we're stuck in a rut and I just wanted somewhere to get a little of it out.

I can tell you this... I will keep you posted on things as we make our decisions. There are some pretty exciting opportunities that lie ahead as we decide what's best for us and, of course, the baby. We are pretty independent, and as I've been told multiple times before, way ahead of our time (age)... so I know we'll make the right decisions. Enough of the sap talk, hopefully we'll have some exciting news soon... I am about 90% positive that you will hear about one change before the end of summer. :o)

Until then - sorry for the lack of info, I'll make up for it in the days to come, with lots of more exciting stuff. Let me just say thanks for having an ear and not asking what this is about. Everyone needs a chance to get things out and sometimes the blog world is perfect! ;o)

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