Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It's Crib Time | The Nursery

At nearly 5 1/2 months and a belly barely starting to form... I think it may be time to start looking at getting some baby stuff. We have picked up a stroller/car seat combo and luckily had a few things dropped off from family. But really, we've got nothing. So... I finally gave in and made the purchase of what is the beginning of our nursery. The crib.

apartment therapy.

Actually, here's what it will really look like (it's in the mail):


With our dark floors and light walls, I'm just not too sure I can handle the oak color. But, that is what they had, it was on for almost 50% off, and I love the sides of it being solid. So... I'm left contemplating... should I paint it?

I'm thinking the color in the first picture is definitely gender neutral and adds that awesome modern touch to the room. I also have a dresser I picked up for free last summer that I want to paint dark gray and put numbers on it. (Sort of like the one in this post).

Oh, and did I mention. The hubby may just get a wardrobe added to his "to-build" list? We have the perfect little nook in the corner of the room, glass doors displaying kids toys and books would be perfect! And... let's not forget I have to do something about a chair. The one I bought for the nursery fits perfectly in the formal living room and I'm not sure I can move it now. ERR.

Anyways... back to my question. To paint or not to paint? What are your thoughts? Here are some more colorful cribs... maybe one of these colors instead?

apartment therapy.

apartment therapy.

apartment therapy.

Tell me what you think. Will I have my work cut out for me and is it actually safe to paint a crib? I'm reading it's okay as long as the paint doesn't contain led. Oh, and I will hopefully have some before pics of the nursery coming up and a little post on the few things we have so far. All you mommies out there... maybe you can give me your must have's when I get to it!

Oh yes, one more thing. Next week is the ultrasound... I think I've given into the hubby. We don't know what it is so far, so what's a couple of more months? My fingers are crossed the baby will show us on his/her own though! ;o)

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