Monday, June 24, 2013

A Weekend Away | Real Life

Enough was enough - we packed our bags and disappeared for the weekend and it was so nice! No drama, no phone calls, no reality... just the peace and quiet of a cottage. With the hubs only having every other weekend off in the summer, it seems every chance we have at a day to ourselves someone is looking or needing us for something. It's only June and we'd already had enough - so we rented a cottage.

It was our first time renting one and we were hooked. Nothing beats waking up and sitting looking over the water. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if we find a way to buy one in our distant future. We were in love. No hustle and bustle, just relaxation.

Anyways, I snapped a few pictures from our tour to the 1000 Islands. Of course, I forgot my good camera so they are all with the iphone. But, I did discover the HDR setting halfway through so some are better than others. (These are all RAW photos.)

The view as we left on the boat.

Sailboats are beautiful - the hubs kinda wants one - not that big though!

The hubs learning how to use a fly fishing rod.

The view from our cottage.

1000 islands tour - dream home.

One more time - by the cottage - the colors are breathtaking.

I went back to work today feeling like I haven't been there in a while. It was nice. I don't often feel that refreshed after a weekend. And, sorry to everyone at my work but I really didn't miss it. I loved that time with the hubs and enjoying life. I can't wait for my year off with the baby enjoying everything and everyone around me and not spending my days in a cubicle.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ever Wanted a Fresh Start | Real Life

I know I can't be the only one that dreams of packing up and starting fresh somewhere far away? But I want to know someone who has... what was it like - scary, exciting? How did you decide where? What made you go?

Ask my husband how bad I am for wanting to always move. We had just finished moving into our new house and I was already on MLS (a real estate site) checking out what was up for sale in the area. But sometimes, I turn to him and say... "let's just pack up and move away". I mean besides leaving family behind... it would be so nice to have a fresh start, nobody in your business and especially no drama. And well let's face it... depending on the day... the husband is all for it too.

So that's why I wonder... what makes someone finally do it? It is such a gutsy thing to do. I mean it would be scary, but would it be as fun as I'm imagining? A fresh start. A completely new beginning - just me, the hubs, soon to be baby and cat... A girl can dream right?

I'm looking for your thoughts - have you ever just gone for it and started over? Or are you like me... always dreaming and slightly afraid of whether it's really the right thing? And, if you could just pack up and go where would that place be?

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Feelin' A Little Chubby! | Real Life

Oh the awkwardness of a growing baby bump. Here's a quick post to show you the progress on it... I say it's just "chubby" but others insist it looks like a bump...

You can decide:

I won't complain at the barely there bump... although, catch me on the right day and it certainly sticks out a little more. It all depends on when and what I've been eating. But I've been googling like crazy to see how I compare to others... and it looks like I'm not as big as most :o)

While it's still "smaller"... truthfully it's a pain. And the acid reflux/heartburn is killing me. I'm sure it will be worth it though. Oh and did I mention... I have yet to purchase maternity clothes - I'm sure that won't last much longer!!

(Photos courtesy of Instagram - I should have stood up straighter in the second one!!)

Friday, June 7, 2013

It's "Favorites Friday" | My Latest Pins

Wow it's been a long time since I've done a "Favorites Friday"... I think I should really be a seasonal blogger. Every day this week I told myself I would take pics around the house... you know the real life ones... and I have yet to do it. LAZY - I blame the baby!

Anyways, I needed to get on here and say hi and show you a few of my favorite pins lately. I won't do the Nursery ones though, I have like a million (okay not really) and I really should do a whole post on the plans for the nursery! :o)

Anyways, it's Friday! YAY! The weekend has commenced and it's time to have some family/me time to do whatever. Before I do though, here are five out of some of my favorite pins lately. (Be sure to follow me on Pinterest).

1. This saying/surf board. Oh I wish I had a beach house... (text.)

crush cul de sac.

2. How to paint faux marble - say what?!? Ask my husband how badly I wanted Carrara Marble in every room of the house - okay just the kitchen and bathrooms. And I got a big no! Not because of price, but because every person we talked to professional or not kind of laughed and said it's not realistic. They won't stand up to the wear and tear and are just there to look good. I pleaded that all of the magazines have them and I'm still working on possibly getting them in the bathroom. If not... I'm definitely doing this! (feelin' crafty.)

in my own style.

3. This outfit... although I'm not sure I could keep it that white and well it probably isn't as cute on someone with a pregnant belly... even though my belly is non-existent still. (They tell me I will wake up one morning and wham! Four months... and still waiting.) (my style.)

matte & sequins.

4. Yum, Yum! Doesn't this look delish? I must make this soon... but perhaps with fresh raspberries? I think the hubs would be on board for this one too! (food & drink.)

cookin' for my captain.

5. This kitchen. Oh so white and lovely. The woods, the grey and the white are a perfect balance. And that sunlight... I picture a wall of glass french doors. (dream home.)


Now go party, relax... enjoy your Friday night! I think homemade pizza is on the menu and I'm not sure what else! Have a great weekend...