Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ever Wanted a Fresh Start | Real Life

I know I can't be the only one that dreams of packing up and starting fresh somewhere far away? But I want to know someone who has... what was it like - scary, exciting? How did you decide where? What made you go?

Ask my husband how bad I am for wanting to always move. We had just finished moving into our new house and I was already on MLS (a real estate site) checking out what was up for sale in the area. But sometimes, I turn to him and say... "let's just pack up and move away". I mean besides leaving family behind... it would be so nice to have a fresh start, nobody in your business and especially no drama. And well let's face it... depending on the day... the husband is all for it too.

So that's why I wonder... what makes someone finally do it? It is such a gutsy thing to do. I mean it would be scary, but would it be as fun as I'm imagining? A fresh start. A completely new beginning - just me, the hubs, soon to be baby and cat... A girl can dream right?

I'm looking for your thoughts - have you ever just gone for it and started over? Or are you like me... always dreaming and slightly afraid of whether it's really the right thing? And, if you could just pack up and go where would that place be?


  1. Well experienced in this department and highly recommend it! I've spent my life moving from one location to another ... almost on a yearly basis. Whether it be for the adventure of it or to be closer to family, any number of reasons really. I get bored after a while & crave that new-ness. New places to see, things to do, people to watch :) My grandest adventure would be the move to Victoria from Ottawa. Packing up only what would fit into the limited number of luggage the airline would allow, the rest we opened the doors to our apartment & accepted any offer for what remained. We flew out to the island & lived some of the best years of my life. Never be afraid to follow your heart & dreams, embrace the adventure of it all! It doesn't matter where you go, they'll have everything you need.

    1. WOW! I am so envious. My husband actually has his mind set on moving to BC - so we'd be pretty much making the same jump you did from the Ottawa area. Thank you so much for sharing your experience, it's nice to be reassured that the adventure and fulfillment is well worth it!