Monday, May 27, 2013

We're Having a Baby!

I promised a whole post on the new addition to the family. First of all, let me tell you it's not easy keeping it a secret until the three month mark. Of course a select few knew before hand... you don't think I could go to Vegas for 10 days and avoid drinking without suspicion? But in general... nobody else knew. Parents and a couple of friends - that's it.

Anyways - here "it" is...

We figured the due date to be December 7... not by choice. While many people insisted I can't control these things.. I now realize they are right. But... I am very happy there is a baby no matter what the date is - which after my very first ultrasound, has been bumped up to November 30! YAY!

As for the past 3.5 months... things have been really good. I can't complain because I didn't spend any of it with my head in a toilet. I did have a two week period that I was on gravol because the nausea was so intense, but that is all.

Food... food has been a problem. Most of you that know me, know that I pretty much ate a salad every day for lunch. And until last week... I didn't really even attempt it. I love pizza and Subway, oh and McDonalds was on the menu a couple of times. I even ate Subway two nights in a row. This little bean and I were very picky for the first three months. Carbs - something I don't eat a lot of became my best friend. And while I packed back the food, I was lucky enough to avoid gaining any weight in those first three months. YES! Zero pounds. Now... I've been avoiding the scales so I'm not sure I can still say the same. :o)

Anyways, that's pretty much it. Nobody really tells you that you'll wake up and it feels like your stomach is stretching and muscles are ripping. Or that when you empty your bladder your stomach will still feel like it's been bursting at the seams. So far, I am still in street clothes, although I suspect that will end very soon. But, the uncomfortableness already has me dreading the next six months. So, let's just hope it comes pretty soon! Oh... and the battle is on if we'll find out the sex... I want to know but the hubby doesn't... I just don't think I can do all that green and yellow! EW! ;o)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Spring Fever...

Spring Fever... it has me doing everything but working on the blog and business! Err... this happened to me last year and I put the blog on pause for the summer! Well I can't this year... You know, I think this would be much easier to do if I could make this my full-time job! :D

by ViniciusNovelli @ deviantART

Anyways, I have a million... okay, like 10 posts I need to do and I will do them. Here's what we've been up to... and the updates I promise will be to you by the end of the summer (if I put that big of a deadline, I for sure can't fail).

1. We are putting a pool in!! Yup... the hubby is doing the work himself and I'm trying to help... but I'm not that great at it, well... because...

2. We're having a baby!! YAY!! This explains a lot of me being absent... especially since I fall asleep on the couch every night before 9 and don't wake up until 6... yup 9 hours of sleep every night at least! I'll do a full post and announcement on this soon - with all the deets.. okay not ALL the deets but the stuff you want to hear.

3. The basement is in progress and will be until Fall... but I must share some pictures!!

4. Speaking of pictures, we finally purchased an Ikea Ektorp couch and chair. Couch for the formal living room - YAY furniture... and chair for the nursery... I'm hoping to get a rocker/glider base for it and do a tutorial.

5. We are heading to the Picton wineries soon and I can't wait to share.. I will I promise... and maybe I'll even bust out the Niagara Falls pictures I haven't gotten around to yet. Anyways... can you guess who's DD and enjoying water throughout the trip??

6. We've been crazy busy... hanging out with family, doing Mother's Day, working outside, relaxing outside (okay that isn't really busy), having a weekend of bad luck and drama... long story and you know... life in general.

So, once again I'm apologizing for being a crappy blogger. I am going to make it up with a baby sonogram this week hopefully - first ultrasound is Friday. And lots of pics of what's going on in life in general... so please bare with me and my tiredness/busyness... well and hungriness...

Monday, May 6, 2013

We'll Miss You Little Man

Some of you may have already heard - but for those of you who haven't... our little man Hank passed away on Friday night. Long story short he had choked and punctured a lung... passing on his own shortly after arriving at the vet. It's been a quiet weekend and we sure do miss the little man. He was only 10 months old and we had only had him for 6 of those. I know we won't be getting another any time soon, if at all - as he is the second one we had lost within the year. I'm just glad we had this time to get to know his devilish little personality and made everyday the best we could for him. His snores and grunts sure do leave the house feeling empty, but I know with the many health problems and visits to the vet, he will be able to run problem free now! RIP Little Man! <3

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Yay for May! | Etsy Sale

Because it's May and Mother's Day is coming up and because I've been so absent from blogging... Okay, just because. I am giving you 20% off at the etsy shoppe! Tell your family, tell your friends... it won't last forever. :o)

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