Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The "Formal" Living Room | Real Life

Welcome to real life at our house. The other day when I told you I was living with minimal furniture upstairs... Well here's the proof...

Oh hello vacuum. I think you need to collect some of that dust in the next picture...

Oh I lied... there's one... okay two pieces of furniture...

Our over-sized chair and an end table... enough for me to crash on when I get home and wait for the hubby. Oh and that partial wall in the first picture... that's where the fireplace mantel is going... remember? (The Future Mantel) And... that's all I have.

But, picture this... A white couch against the big wall. A leather bench under the window. Wood end tables made by the hubby. Oh and that wall you see... the little one beside the end table... I want the hubby to put a built in shelf/cabinet there... like yesterday's picture of one only not as wide.

Alright... that is it for now. Proof that I am normal like you... I don't keep things that tidy... I have a lack of furniture and I really need to sweep my floors. Oh and let's not forget... this is my second post this week... progress... YAY!

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