Monday, April 15, 2013

Oh... Hey There!

Oh I missed you. I missed life. I'm back home now relaxing after a hectic week in Vegas. This year was a little better with just 70 hours in one week put in. And... today I'm taking it easy. 

A photo with the girls... one of our best but I think we look a little tired still.
(Photo quality provided by Instagram)

Tomorrow I'll return to work for a part day - because the carpet is coming!! YAY! Then I can reveal the basement progress again. Oh and get back into my routine of proper blog posts.

But, for today... it's just a quick hi. I'm back, I was in and out of a sleep coma for 24 hours after landing, but now I'm starting to bounce back and get ready to return to normal life.

Chat again soon - promise!

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