Friday, March 15, 2013

The Secret Pinterest Board | Favorites Friday

It's been forever since I've spoke the words "favorites friday" - I feel so proud of myself. {insert cheesy grin} Now, don't get too excited - or do. I'm going to expose my favorite pins on my "secret" Pinterest board - to build. Don't tell the hubby though... he doesn't realize there's a honey-do list online for him too. :o)

Anyways, here goes. The five top pins on the secret "to build." board:

1. This mirror is to die for. I want, I want, I want. This would look fantastic in our foyer with a chair on either side. Gahh!

pin for your home.

2. I want built-ins so bad. I would put them everywhere if I could. Then again, I'm afraid that afterward I would regret them and find things "too busy". I've thought of putting some in the basement in two different rooms. I know for sure I want them in the living room upstairs on a small wall separating the living space from the stairs. The dark background finishes them off perfectly. Dreaming.

a thoughtful place.

3. Of course this mantel is on the honey-do-list. I wrote about it here. And, I thought it would have been done by now. But, when we move down to the basement - game is on. This bad boy will be in the living room. Oh. My. This mantel and the built-in above... Heaven.

sweet something designs.

4. These numbers are amazing! When we redo the exterior of the house... yes ask me, what part of the house aren't we going to redo at some point? Anyways, what was I saying? Oh yes... these are perfection.


5. This barn door is where it's at. And... it's going in the basement. Or at least something similar. If you haven't heard... I wrote a little about it here and I shared the full plans here.

unknown - pinterest.

There you have it. A little sneak peak into the world of my secret Pinterest boards. I also have a board called "stuff." and another called "products & blog.".  Now that I confessed... your turn - what are your secret boards?


  1. That mirror...swoon! Great pins!

  2. That mirror is gorgeous! We are working on a sliding barn door for our basement bathroom. I finally got the husband on board so I need to move fast before he changes his mind :)