Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Progress in the Basement!

I so don't feel in blog mode this week. There's just so much going on. Job changes (not for me - darn it!), renovations, surprise shindigs (I will share the invites soon) and I'm debating taking on another business adventure in tea. That's right... you heard me right. Tea. Anyways, while I plough through another week in the cube, this is what we've been up to.

A quick before and after of rough plans... I didn't really feel like measuring it out or putting on all the details... but you get the idea.

As for the progress... excuse the pics... nobody said renos were pretty (even to capture)?

Before (Wood ceilings, dark walls... enough said.)

Destroy (Bye bye dungeon.)

Rebuild (Look how bright it is... yes those first pictures were taken in daylight too!)


Okay, no voila. We are trying to hire in a mudder (mudder not a word... as if?) to do the final coats and then it's paint, lights and floors. We will be in there by spring and then a whole lot of stuff will happen. Like furniture purchasing - hopefully? I'm dreaming of a white couch for upstairs. (I don't have kids... I can dream in white!)

That is it. I have so many posts waiting to be shared with you so I will do my best to get motivated and back on here again tomorrow night. Besides there's been a new addition to the etsy shoppe... take a peak if you'd like. I will definitely do a post about it soon.

Until then... I'm going to think about tea again.


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    1. Thanks Shannah... It feels like the last month has taken forever!

  2. Whoa. I'm always so amazed at what a little white & light can do! If those wooden ceilings would have been painted white (and the walls not burgundy?), it would have been a bit more charming. I love white planked ceilings. Your before is the palette my husband would have chosen with dark walls and honey-colored wood. I'm with you. Looks so much brighter already. You've done a really great job so far. Can't wait to see it done. Oh, and mudder isn't a word? I would have been none the wiser. hehe

    Have fun dreaming about tea...

    1. Thanks! I want the space to feel like a main floor. At first I tried to convince the hubs to let me paint the planks white too, but he insisted the gaps and knots wouldn't turn out right. So we ripped them down... don't worry, I have plans for that wood. And, now I'm glad I did... white is always better! :)