Friday, February 15, 2013

Free Ad Space... And Other Such Things. Life.

Sorry, I've been MIA! Did you have a great Valentine's Day? We of course, spent our Valentine's Day last week in Niagara Falls. It was beautiful and very quiet. Our favorite part of the trip was wine touring through Niagara on the Lake - what a beautiful place. And, of course we picked up ten bottles of wine as souvenirs... are they still considered souvenirs after you drink them?

Perhaps I'll do a post of pics that I took while there?

Anyways, if you care to read my babbling, here's a little of what's been happening... here's my excuse for ignoring you guys...

Free Ad Space for Me = Discount for You! {Cheesy Grin}

At the start of this year I said I'd try and work a little harder at this whole blog thing. So, I did. I am. Actually, I don't think I ever take time off... Marriage, what marriage. When the hubs looks at me and tells me to take a break... I say I'm working at retirement. HA!

Anyways, in my attempt, I've been partying (link style of course), blabbing (on others posts), getting featured (YAY me!) and... now starting to do some advertising. Say what? Except I'm still pretty cheap so when I stumbled upon Angie in the Thick of It... and I saw an opportunity... for free - I leaped!

Go check it out - HERE - I got a spotlight on the right side of the page and it has a discount for you. My nerdiness desperation paid off. YAY me! And of course, Angie's blog is pretty funny... so maybe read a bit of it while you're there!

Retirement here I come. (Right...)

New Basement... Say What?
So remember how I told you we were working on the ensuite, well... we kind of have A.D.D. when it comes to renos. We've moved on... well downward... to the basement. I will post (I promise) next week with some before pictures and a floor plan. We already put the money down for the carpet (which will go in the main area), now we just have to get our butts in gear and get it ready to be put down. Which means a barn door... yah that's right! I'm so pumped... I will share more later though. Here's a peek at the basement when we moved in...

The photo you are about to see is not for everyone. It may appear dim, eery, down right scary. The photographer does not take credit in any means. At this time, we are doing our best to fix the situation. In the meantime, look at your own risk!

This WAS our very scary basement.
Well, part of it. There are still two bedrooms, a bathroom,
our utility/storage room and another storage room.

My Giveaway... of course!

If you didn't realize I kind of have this giveaway thing going on and I've been trying to spread the word, you know, with fella bloggers and such...

When I first posted about the giveaway, I had some gadget magoo on the bottom that you had to fill in... well I deleted it. It was more of a pain in the butt than anything... and now, all you have to do is leave me a lovely comment. You do love me don't you? Pretty please.

Get to 'er... you can win some cool earrings here.


That's. Right. Life. Happened.

It's been hectic in our household! I blame last week's lack of blogging on vacationing. I blame this week's on laziness everything else. We had a Fair Meeting (and wouldn't ya know it, we were one night late... so we never really had it.) Appointments... I took a day off work just for appointments! Hank's last day of training... is he any smarter? Well, he certainly has us trained. ;o) And, well that seems like enough excuses doesn't it? It's been crazy, crazy, crazy. But, that's life and I wouldn't trade it... okay I would. I'd trade it for my couch, a movie and some snuggling. But I guess that has to be earned.

Well that's it. That's the end of this babbling session. This weekend is food cooking time, baking, earring making and hopefully some blog post writing. Until the next time, this post was brought to you by the letter M, signing off...

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