Tuesday, February 26, 2013

And the Winner is...

Alright let's do this the fair way. I've taken all of your names in order that you commented/shared and put them in the list below. The number beside your name belongs to you. :)

Here you are:

1 - Kim
2 - Sandra
3 - Anonymous ("xoxo")
4 - Anonymous (Sara's mom)
5 - Anonymous (lover of red)
6 - Ginger Bergemann
7 - Emily Thompson
8 - KHBride
9 - Katie from Katie's Nesting Spot
10 - Holly Lefevre

Bonus Share Entries:

11 - Kim
12 - KHBride

Did I tell you... you guys are the best! And, I'm not just sucking up because some of you may hate me after your number wasn't chosen. No worries, I'm sure my nice little self will have another giveaway soon! Promise!

Alright folks. Here it is... if you were numero 5.... you are the lucky winner! See:

Thanks random number generator thingy majiggy. And, thanks to everyone who participated - I definitely felt the love. :o)

Alright... number 5... it's your turn to step up. (Who the heck is number 5?)

Number 5
Anonymous: "I like the red star the best or the red A" - You are the winner.

Please contact me (martha.anne.info(at)gmail(dot)com) with your deets and the pair of earrings you would like from the shoppe. Yup you can pick any pair you want!

If you didn't get a pair and want some... you can shop here! Or, tell me a specific letter you want, a color you have in mind and I can send you some cool options and make some for you.

Now... what to giveaway next?

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