Friday, January 4, 2013

The Dresser is Sold!

Okay, you know the dresser I asked you about painting a couple of months back (what oh what color should I paint?)... well it's SOLD! In all honestly, I just didn't think it looked right in our new house. The decor is completely different - modern - and I believe it should go in a house that suits it.

bye, bye bonnet chest.

Lucky for me, and the dresser, the new owner comes from an old stone home filled with antique furniture. His passion is collecting pieces that suit the home and investing in "real" furniture that gets more valuable with age. The reason I say real because it seems that most furniture these days is pressed board or veneer and doesn't last any longer than five years.

The sad part about losing my first antique treasure is that he confirmed that it is in fact from the 1890s, if not earlier. He also confirmed that they are very hard to find. So, while my good eye caught me a piece of history at a busy auction one Friday evening, it will now be treasured and loved even more by someone else. My investment back then turned out to be a good one and I am happy to say I didn't take a loss and your much sought after advice didn't go unnoticed. I want to thank everyone who offered up their colour suggestions - no worries, it will still be used. I have another dresser in the basement that I picked up for free... it needs to be finished and I'm pretty sure I've finally decided on the perfect paint colour. :o)

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