Saturday, January 26, 2013

Our "Reno" List for 2013...

And beyond! (Don't tell the hubby I said so.) Although we'd love to do everything in one year, and that's what we're used to doing... we should must put the brakes on and spread these out over the next few years. Anyways, here's the list, big and small, that I decided to put together so we can really see what's ahead of us:

- fireplace mantel in the current future formal living room
- redo the family room in the basement (so we can actually have a formal living room)
- finish putting new windows in throughout the house
- put backsplash up in the kitchen (so I can FINALLY reveal it!)
- hire someone to paint all ceilings
- finish master ensuite / walk-in closet
- redo main floor bathroom
- redo / finish building basement bathroom
- redo two bedrooms in the basement
- rip apart backyard deck and make a stone patio
- create an outdoor kitchen (this is not my idea!! can you guess who wants this?)
- put in a pool and possibly hot tub
- put up a fence
- put a fireplace in, in the basement
- add storage shelves to the utility room
- add patio door in the foyer
- okay, put all new doors in the foyer
- landscape everywhere (this is definitely the hubby's job...)
- redo all house siding
- insulate garage

Oh my... the list is never ending... I think it's done now. PHEW! {wipes sweat from brow just thinking about what's ahead of us}

If you feel the urge to do any renovations, we can definitely spare a few. Come on over and I'm sure the hubby will grill you something nice on the smoker! And... I estimate the list to be done by 2018... anyone want to put in a wager?

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