Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Introducing... Clay Stud Earrings!

They aren't available in stores yet, but on the weekend I put together these bad boys - clay stud earrings. I'm still working out the kinks, but I want to know what you think??

clay stud earring by martha.anne

I've been wearing them every day since... And I must say.... I'm in love!

sporting the new clay stud earrings (M's) at work

I have original clay studs, cutout clay studs (which are one of a kind or limited addition) and soon to come... that will hopefully work... clay stamped studs.

a tray full of earrings and wanna be earrings

All the little cutouts you see, amongst the earrings on the tray, are waiting to be made.

I've been making new ones every day for the past three days. Oh and if you ask the hubby, I'm also dreaming about them. Last night I insisted in my sleep that we go to the craft store so I could get more glue for my earrings.

Just waiting on the jewelry varnish to arrive and then I'll add them to the etsy shoppe. Oh... And maybe even give away a pair (stay tuned).

Happy Tuesday! :o)

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