Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Free Printable Christmas Photo Card!

Okay so here is Christmas card one of two. I have another one coming your way before the end of the week, with an empty space in it… Which means, you can put it over your favorite photo and personalize it… YAY! Actually, I'll make it with a white space as well so that you can just write your favorite message if you aren't the photogenic type. The only deal is… you have to come back in a couple of days to get it. It's kind of like Christmas, no peeking!

Until then, here's another freebie. And, I must thank Spoon Graphics for the free illustrated snowman and bird. It definitely made the card making that much quicker!

Free Christmas Photo Card (martha.anne)

Not to toot my horn, but I really love this card and I hope you enjoy it too. I'm actually thinking I might get it printed and framed…

In other news… I think I've convinced the hubby to build us a mantle. Stay tuned, I'll share more info about that this week… I must say - I've fallen in love and can't wait for it to be built.

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