Monday, October 1, 2012

I May Be Obsessed with Ana White

So… the verdict is, new foyer floors! While the hubby was away, I slaved throughout the day! :o) 
And I'm sure glad I did - it looks great! Plus, while he put trim up yesterday, I managed to get end tables, lamps and decor up to the main floor. A long with some other furniture… Slowly but surely, things are coming together. Which brings me to today's post… Ana White! Have you heard, seen, attempted? If not, she has an amazing website filled with free plans for furniture. Which, are quickly filling the honey-do list for when the renovations are over! Here are a few of the musts for our new place:

The Perfect Dining Room Table?
Okay so I'm really starting to like our bar style dining room table again, but I also absolutely love this one. I'm thinking we build it and see which one looks better and then sell the one we don't like? Okay I don't know if the hubby would like the idea of that... so tell me what you think. Bar table (Before and After - The Kitchen & Dining Room) or this beauty, the Fancy X Farmhouse Table?

Fancy X Farmhouse Table

The Most Amazing Console.
So, I brought up a dark mahogany dresser on the weekend and put it at the landing at the top of the stairs. I love it there, but I really love both of these consoles. Maybe I could put one in the dining room with the Fancy X Farmhouse Table... hmm, once I can decide which one I want more (if not both), I will find somewhere for to put it (them), just because I love them! Which one do you think is nicer... or should I aim for both?

Printer's Console

Printers Triple Console Cabinet

Okay, how about another hutch?
Alright, I really can't decide which I love more. Then of course there is Patrick's Jelly Cupboard. It looks like an antique and something I can put all of my "show-offs" in... you know, the stuff you absolutely would love to display but have no where to do it. Again, dining room, landing... or even bedroom. Wouldn't it be perfect full of homemade quilts and linens? Take out the chicken wire, add some glass and this piece is pretty perfect for me - oh, especially if we could make the bottom shelf a drawer instead... I wonder if the hubby could figure that out for me?

Patrick's Jelly Cupboard

Oh the furniture is endless... I've found an amazing coffee table, master bed frame, dressers, and more. The honey-do list keeps growing the longer I search through this website. Don't blame me or tell your honey-doers that I was responsible for sharing. But, be sure to take this Monday evening to explore and pick out those perfect pieces for the home!

Talk Soon!

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